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Chapter 98 The Successor of the Demon Dog

 The night I defeated Garondolf Baskerville.
 After much deliberation, I accepted the King's proposal and decided to take over the title of 'Baskerville's Demon Dog'.
 I was not so sure whether many bad guys would be freed from the yoke and let loose, or whether the head of the Baskerville family would get various privileges in exchange for taking on the role of a dirty dog, but more than that, I had an idea in my head.
 —Could I use the power of the Baskervilles to defeat the Demon King?
 With my various actions, the game is no longer constrained, and the behavior of the Demon King people is becoming unpredictable.
 I encountered Shinya in Margarita canyon and he used resurrection items, which was beyond the level that I could overcome with my knowledge of the game.
 In order to survive in the coming battles, game knowledge and routine items are no longer enough. New weapons and new means will be needed.
 The Baskervilles are the masterminds behind every criminal organization and outlaw in the Slayers Kingdom. It is rumored to have a thousand members.
 If I can use their power to fight against the Demon King's army, I may find a way to save the world from a different approach from that of Leon, a hero.
 It is not that I do not trust Leon's power, but... nothing is better than having more bullets to shoot through the enemy.
 "Although... well, being the head of the Baskerville family is not a very busy job either."
 I inherited the title of "Demon Dog" with such a motive, but being a don of the underworld is not so easy.
 The basic management of the organization is taken care of by those in charge of middle management. My job is to listen to their reports. Occasionally, I do audits on people to make sure that their reports are correct.
 There are also conflicts with traitors in the organization and outside organizations that reach out to me from outside the country, but these are actively handled by Urza and Nagisa — two mad dogs (Berserkers), so I don't have to do much work.
 Despite my desire not to involve them in the affairs of the Baskervilles, they seem to be in high spirits. They seemed to be enjoying this rare opportunity to compete against each other.
 One of the unexpected events was that Aeris' father, Viscount Centorea, a cardinal, came to the Baskerville family mansion to pay his respects.
 It seems that Viscount Centorea, who stands by the king as a cardinal, knows the truth about the 'Demon Dog', and on the contrary, he and Garondolf have been friends for a long time.
 It is very interesting how the friendship between the good clergyman called the 'Conscience of the Kingdom and the Lord of the Underworld' developed.
 'She is a careless girl, but please take good care of her. Please love her forever.'
 Next to the Viscount who bowed deeply like that, Aeris said to me, "How is it!" while she puffed out her huge chest.
 It's a mystery as to when the conversation started, but it seems that Aeris and I are engaged to be married, and the royal court has already been notified.
 I had been feeling a little uncomfortable about Aeris staying at the Baskervilles' mansion, but it seems that Garondolf and Viscount Centorea had already had an agreement.
 By the time I realized it, the outer moat had been covered. Aeris had established herself as a 'legal wife' and gained an advantage over the other women in the family.
 There was another controversy over this matter... but it is too exhausting to describe it, so I won't explain it.
* * *
 Anyway, I became the new head of the Baskerville family and went to school as a student.
 Wanko-sensei came to the classroom to give us an orientation for the new semester, and since there are no classes today, we were dismissed.
 Aeris seemed to have a talk with her female friends, and they went to a salon on campus for a girls' party.
 Apparently, some of them had already found out that she was engaged. She was shyly saying that she would say about the details of the engagement later.
 Nagisa was going to attend the after-school practice of the "Kenjutsu Club" again today, and she asked me to go back first.
 It seems that club activities have become a part of her life. Compared to the days when she lived only for revenge, she seems to be much more positive.
 The only one left is Urza...
 "Urza-chaaan! Let's go to the cafeteria together!"
 "No, let go of me, desu~no!"
 Arisa, the girl who is fond of Urza, and some female students dragged her to the cafeteria.
 It seems that Urza is treated as a pet by the girls in the class, and is taken to the cafeteria to be fed whenever the opportunity arises.
 "I'll buy you a new cake! Look, look, it's a cake with lots of blueberries!"
 "Uh, that's despicable, desu~no..."
 Urza doesn't seem to really mind, as she reluctantly goes along with them, even though she could have swept them off their feet by force if she had wanted to.
 For this reason, I was left alone after school on the first day of the new semester.
 Since there were always girls around me during the summer vacation, it might have been a long time since I was left alone like this.
 "But... I have an appointment to meet someone..."
 Yes, I have an appointment with someone.
 This person is Leon Brave.
 He is the protagonist of [DunBrave] and the only hero who can defeat the Demon King.

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