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Volume 2 Extra 1 Aeris Holiday (Part One)

Third person narrative.
The heroine's side of the story.

 At a church in the capital of the Slayers Kingdom.
 There was a long line at the church. Many people have gathered in the church, and those who could not fit in the church are overflowing outside.
 Inside the church, a woman is sitting on a chair, casting healing magic on the people gathered there.
 The people gathered in the church are all poor people in tattered clothes. Apparently, the healing is performed as a service for those who cannot afford to pay for the treatment.
 "Thank you very much! Oh, Saint!"
 "Yes, please have a safe trip home."
 Those who have been healed of their injuries and illnesses bow their heads repeatedly as they leave the church. Some of them even shed tears and offered prayers of thanksgiving.
 The woman who was referred to as a 'saint,' or some other such grandiose title, smiled wryly as she saw off the injured who were now well again.
 "I'm not the kind of person to be worshiped so much... but I'm in trouble."
 The person treating the injured in the church was a beautiful woman known as the 'Saint of Centorea' —Aeris Centorea.
 Dressed in nun's habit, Aeris sits with her soft blonde hair flowing down her back and a gentle color in her blue eyes.
 She is sitting on a chair with her back straight and graceful... and her figure is so beautiful.
 She was just sitting there, but her every gesture was so picturesque.
 Her hair like goldsmith's work. Eyes like blue diamonds. Her fine white skin reflects the pale light coming through the stained glass windows, shining majestically like a marble polished to the utmost limit.
 In addition, her style is first-rate. Her full breasts are full of motherly love, and if she were holding a baby in her arms, there would be no doubt that she is a holy mother.
 A perfect beauty. The incarnation of the inviolable divine.
 That was the atmosphere of the woman named Aeris Centorea.
 "Thank you, thank you..."
 "We are the fortunate ones. A real saint heals us..."
 Aeris's beautiful face twitches slightly as the old couple openly clasp their hands in worship.
 If it was just one or two people, it would have been fine, but all the people in the church were giving her the same respectful and adoring looks. She felt uncomfortable because of the pressure before she felt superior.
 "T-The next one, please. I'll take care of you right away."
 "Ohh, it's my turn... Thank you, Goddess!"
 "Let me see the wound. It's... a fracture. Such swelling is pitiful..."
 Aeris is bewildered by the adoration directed toward her, but she heals the wounded with her quick hands and magic.
 Previously, Aeris has served as a clergyman.
 As a church worker and the daughter of a cardinal, she has been helping the poor and needy who cannot afford to receive medical treatment.
 She had been respected for such a long time. But recently, she has been worshiped as if she herself were a god.
 "Absolutely... this is Zenon-sama's fault, too."
 Aeris sighs softly so that others do not notice.
 Aeris has been partying with Zenon Baskerville for about a year now. In the time since she has been working with Zenon, Aeris' skills as a healer have increased dramatically.
 Her skill proficiency has improved her magical power and healing power, and she is able to heal even the most seriously ill in an instant. She also changed her class from [Cleric] to [Saint], which is a high-level position, and is now worshiped as a real saint.
 (And... this ring is the most important one. Because of the "wedding ring" which is a proof of Zenon-sama's love, I've come to be worshiped by everyone more and more.)
 Aeris looks down at her left hand and sees a ring on her ring finger.
 It is an equipment item that Zenon lent to Aeris in the past, and ended up giving it to her as a gift.
 The accessory, which halves the magic consumption by magic, has made it possible for Aeris not to run out of magic power in a short period of time. This has spurred the people's worship of Aeris and helped to make her a goddess.
 (Geez... I'm being worshiped as a saint, all because of Zenon-sama. She trained me to be a real [Saint] and even gave me a ring like this. Really, my husband's love is so heavy that I am in trouble)
 Thinking this, Aeris gently kissed the ring on her left hand. Her expression does not show the slightest sign of distress, and her cheeks are dyed with happiness as she thinks of the face of the person she is thinking of in her mind.
 While treating the wounded, she occasionally said, "M-My husband, hehehe," with a bewitching smile, bewildering the people who come to see her.
 Despite such a beautiful and bewitching smile, Aeris has not lost any of her supporters.
 It is said that a mysterious new religion called 'Azure Religion' has recently emerged mainly among the poor.
 This religion supports Aeris and worships her as a messenger of God... If it were known that the meaning of the name 'Azure Sky' is not based on the color of Aeris' eyes but on another origin, even the most patient saintly woman would be shocked.
 "Thank you very much, O Saint!"
 "Yes, you mustn't get hurt anymore!"
 Aeris's shoulders slumped as she sent the last injured person of the day, a boy no older than a year old, out of the church.
 Although the ring has reduced the consumption of magic, it still takes a lot of mental energy to perform healing magic on dozens of people.
 The evening is already approaching, and the injured who came to the church leave the church in good spirits. This is the end of today's service.
 As Aeris stood up to go home, a man called out to her from behind.
 "Thank you for your hard work, Centorea-jou"
 It was a young man with a fresh face who approached her with a friendly smile.
 He was two or three years older than Aeris and was wearing a male priest's habit.
 "Ah, Priest Aislot-sama. It's been a while."
 Aeris bowed her head in greeting to the priest, whom she knew well.
 As she bowed, her full bosom swayed. The man called Aislot's eyes are drawn to them and narrowed... but Aeris raises her lowered head without noticing.

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