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Chapter 150 Morning Scenery

 Afterwards, when the two princesses woke up after a good night's sleep, Hadiss took a rest as well, and after a simple breakfast, we started the third day's attack.
 Shakuna, now fully equipped and ready to go, raises her right fist to the ceiling.
 "Come on, it's the third day of our exploration of the 'Tomb of the King'! Let's get fired up!"
 "Hmm, you've been in high spirits since early in the morning. I don't know what you're so excited about."
 "Here he comes, you lascivious devil! I won't let you do what you want!"
 "...You're really hyped up... Did a pink maggot come out of your head?"
 Shakuna points her index finger at me, and I shrug my shoulders in exasperation.
 I have some idea why Shakuna is so excited.
 It's called 'Dungeon High'. I guess she is in a high state of excitement after spending more than two days in a high level dungeon.
 It is better than being exhausted and depressed, but it is a little annoying.
 "I feel very refreshed. I feel like I can do my best for another day!"
 On the other hand, Ryuna, the little sister, looks refreshed for some reason.
 Her father was brainwashed by a mysterious man, and she is about to be sacrificed to a mysterious monster... but she looks as if she doesn't have any worries at all.
 "What's wrong with you too? Did you have a good night's sleep?"
 "Yes! I don't remember exactly... but I think I had a wonderful dream! My body and mind feel refreshed!"
 No, last night she was making obscene sounds like "ah" and "noooo".
 But, she has the gift of precognitive dreaming... Maybe she trained it in her dream without her knowledge...?
 "Really? I envy you, I had a very unpleasant dream!"
 Shakuna enters the conversation with a scowl on her face.
 "I had a dream that I was being violated by a very dirty, disgusting man! I wish I could die! I really hope I die!"
 "Hmm... But I had a wonderful dream. I had my beloved Onee-sama and I taking turns, and it felt heavenly. What could be so happy as being three in one in bed with the people you love?"
 "Hey... Aren't you sister's dreams linked? Are sisters capable of such a thing?"
 It seems that both of them were having lewd dreams together... but the content of the dreams seemed to be as close as they could get. It seems that both of them were being played with by a dirty man... or rather, they were being played with by me.
 They had the same dream, but their impressions were opposite. I hope it will not become reality.
 Anyway, I shake my head to get rid of my thoughts and turn to the last member of the party.
 "Did Hadiss get enough rest? It seems like you slept pretty late..."
 "Yes, no problem."
 A straightforward priest-knight replies shortly.
 Hadiss, who had been on guard until late, must not have had much sleep... but he did not show any sign of it, keeping his serious face tight.
 It was as expected of an old soldier...his behavior showed the experience of a seasoned knight.
 "Well then...let's get going. Today's goal is the 40th floor. As we don't want to spend the night in the demon's lair, we'll make it to the rest room no matter what it takes!"
 "Yes, of course! We'll fight them as hard as we can!"
 "We'll do our best. If someone get hurt, I will be there soon!""
 Thus, we started the third day of the attack on the 'Royal Tomb of Salomon'.
 We were all still in high spirits as we made our way into the dungeon, which was even more challenging than the 30th floor.

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