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Chapter 156 A Ring that Chooses Its Owner

 "We made it through 40 floors. I was afraid of what would happen when the monster house appeared, but... somehow we managed to get through it."
 I confirm the dissipation of the shapeless darkness, and my shoulders slump in relief.
 To be honest...I think this was the most difficult challenge I've faced since entering this dungeon. One wrong move and one of us might have lost a life.
 And yet, we made it through.
 We succeeded in defeating the boss monster without any casualties.
 "Good job, guys! You fought well, just as we had planned."
 "...It's a little unpleasant that you praise me so much. But I just do what I'm told. Of course."
 Shakuna crossed her arms and turned away.
 Her cheeks were faintly reddish, perhaps she was embarrassed by the compliment.
 On the other hand, her little sister Ryuna seems to be frankly pleased and smiles at me calmly.
 "Yes, I did my best. However...if Baskerville-sama hadn't given us the information about that monster, we would have been wiped out. I didn't expect the monster to use its evil eye there."
 "Well, it wouldn't have worked on Ryuna anyway... but I'm glad that nothing happened to you."
 Ryuna is blind. Her magic eye, which is activated by making eye contact with the opponent, does not work in the first place.
 Nevertheless... it is likely that Shakuna and Hadiss were in an abnormal state. So, the prior information was probably helpful.
 "Well...then, it's time for the reward and the meeting. Ryuna, you can open it this time."
 A treasure chest has already appeared in the center of the boss's room. It is the reward for clearing the 40th floor.
 "I-Is it all right if I open it?"
 "No problem..."
 "Ryuna, come here. Take my hand."
 "This is it? Okay..."
 Shakuna took the blind Ryuna and led her to the treasure chest. Ryuna gropes for the lid of the treasure chest and pushes it open.
 "Is this... a ring?"
 Ryuna pulls out a small jewelry item from the chest and tilts her head.
 It was a goldsmith's ring. The symbol of the zodiac sign Virgo is engraved on the base, and a white diamond sparkles in the light.
 "Ah. A ring that chooses its owner."
 I answered her question.
 The ring, which is a reward for completing the 40th floor, changes depending on the job of the person who opens the treasure chest.
 There are 12 kinds of rings. Each of them corresponds to one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and if a [Priest] or [Priestess] opens the treasure chest, the 'Ring of Virgo' will appear.
 The potency of each of the 12 types of rings varied, and each ring had a potency appropriate to its profession.
 In addition, there is an element of challenge in the game, such as the secret 'Ophiuchus (Serpent Bearer)' that can be obtained by completing the 12 types of rings.
 "You said you wanted a present, didn't you? You should be satisfied with it, right?"
 "Yes... if you don't mind, could you put it on my finger?"
 Ryuna gave me a ring.
 I don't think anything, but is she asking me to put it on her finger?
 "...Well, I don't mind."
 If I refused her, she seemed to be conscious of me, which created a strange atmosphere.
 I took the offered ring and took Ryuna's right hand in mine.
 "Is this good? Are you satisfied?"
 Then, without a pause, I put the ring on her index finger.
 A gold ring. A diamond jewel glints on Ryuna's index finger.
 "Thank you...I'm very happy."
 "I don't mind, but why are you so embarrassed?"
 Ryuna is beaming, her cheeks flushed with vermilion.
 It's just that I equipped her with a drop item. Why is she reacting so excessively?
 "I-I never thought you'd put the ring on her right index finger..."
 "Hmm? What are you talking about?"
 For some reason, even Shakuna, who was watching from the side, had a horrified look on her face, and Hadiss, who was a little further away, was also staring wide-eyed.
 "Hey, hey... I just picked a finger that looked easy to fit..."
 I thought I chose a safe, single finger so that a borrowed ring wouldn't be mistaken for a wedding ring like Aeris's...
 "In this country, when a man proposes marriage to a woman, he gives her a ring to wear on her index finger, you know?"
 "So, Baskerville-sama has asked me to be his wife. I'm very happy."
 "Hey, it's just a coincidence, isn't it? A wedding ring is supposed to be on the left ring finger!"
 I shouted and reached out Ryuna to take the ring from her hand, but she ran behind her sister's back to avoid being robbed.
 "Yes, of course. Well, you are a foreigner, Baskerville-sama, so you probably don't know this custom. But I will never forget the ring you put on my finger. No matter what happens, I will never forget it."
 Ryuna says this and holds the ring on her right hand with great care.
 I can't take the ring back now, and I look away from Priestess's beauty, which is beaming without hiding her fondness for me.

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