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Chapter 157 Sharing Bed

 After collecting the reward for clearing the boss room, we went to the rest room at the back of the room.
 The structure of this room, the safe zone, is the same as before. There is a bed, a table, and a simple kitchen where meals are served.
 I feel hungry... but more than that, I feel exhausted and I want sleep so badly with the feeling of escaping from reality.
 "Huhh... Sleep! I need sleep!"
 As soon as I reach the rest room, I lie down on the bed unhappily.
 Unexpectedly, I was forced to send Ryuna a wedding ring.
 Of course, I told her that I had done it without knowing it, and she agreed to it.
 But... Ryuna is smiling and in an eerily good mood, looking at the ring on the index finger of her right hand.
 Both Shakuna and Hadiss look at me subtly, and I jump into bed to escape from the embarrassment.
 "Tomorrow, we will finally conquer up to the 50th floor. You guys get some rest!"
 "W-Would you like to eat? I'll prepare it right away..."
 "Don't worry about food until I wake up. Let me sleep for now."
 Ryuna asks me like a new wife. However, I turn my back to her and pull the quilt over my head.
 I try to go back to sleep, but Ryuna keeps talking to me through the quilt.
 "Yes... Good night. I'm going to rest too. I've used up all my magic power and I don't think I can move anymore."
 Ryuna, too, has exhausted her magic power with healing and barrier magic. She must be exhausted from the continuous battles with the monster house and the floor boss.
 "Yeah, sleep, sleep. Just get some rest."
 "Yes. Well then, excuse me."
 Ryuna comes close to the bed in a graceful manner, rolls up the quilt, and crawls in.
 I feel a soft touch on my back. I wonder if she has put perfume oil on her skin... But I smelled something like jasmine.
 The warmth that envelops me is felt with a sense of security, and strengthens the temptation to enter the world of sleep.
 "............Wait, why are you sleeping in my bed!?"
 I jump off from the quilt, noticing something wrong even in my sleep.
 As I expected, Ryuna had crawled into my bed and was pressing her body against my back.
 Her waist is thin, but the bulge pressed against my back is surprisingly voluminous.
 "I-I'm sorry. I'm blind, I didn't notice it."
 "You lie! You've been hugging me tightly!"
 "I mixed up the dream and the reality. But in a dream, Baskerville-sama would've dragged me to bed and devoured me whether I cried or screamed..."
 "I don't care! Anyway, don't force a future sexual assault on me that hasn't even come yet!"
 "Hyaan! Geez... Baskerville-sama is really pushy. You're just like in a dream..."
 I kick her out of the bed, and Ryuna gets into the next bed with her eyebrows lowered in disappointment.
 But then, she lies down and looks at me smiling and in a good mood.
 "...Hey, I told you, didn't I? That ring is not a marriage proposal. I just didn't know the customs of this country."
 "Yes, I heard and I understand. What's wrong with that?"
 Since we first met, we have been strangely close to each other, but I feel that we have become even more over-communicative since I sent the ring.
 I feel that she obviously finds a special meaning in the ring...
 "Ggh... Ryuna voluntarily went to a man's bed...!"
 By the way... at a little distance from the bed, Shakuna was almost on her knees with her hands and knees on the floor.
 She has been damaged more than I imagined, seeing her sister doing the night-crawling act of sneaking into a man's bed.
 "...He even gave my Ryuna an engagement ring... is there no way to get her back? I'd rather attack him first and seize the initiative than let him take my sister away from me unilaterally..."
 "...Hey, don't you dare to do something terrible! You're losing your character."
 I made a small retort and closed my eyes as if to say, "Really, I don't care anymore."
 For the note, Haddiss is standing by the wall, looking on unconcernedly.
 While envying the priest-knight's ability to pretend to be someone else, I drift off to sleep.

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