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Chapter 160 The Road to the 50th Floor. Training?

 So began the journey from the 40th to the 50th floor.
 Naturally, the journey is not a safe one. The monsters we encounter are stronger and the traps are worse than ever before.
 But... the same is true for the increasing proficiency.
 Shakuna and Ryuna, in particular, have improved a lot.
 "Ryuna, cover me!"
 "I got it... Guard up! Rapid Foot!"
 Shakuna quickly runs through the dungeon passageway, receiving an auxiliary magic from Ryuna.
 Shakuna kicks the corridor wall, leaps, and slashes the head of the tiger-headed demon with her shamshir. As soon as she lands, she unleashes a lightning spell.
 "Stun Thunder!"
 Another demon faints in agony as it is hit by the lightning.
 The magic she unleashed was low-powered, but it could paralyze her opponent and temporarily block its movement.
 With this magic, the rhinoceros-headed demon stiffens to a standing position, leaving a gaping hole in its body.
 "Do it now!"
 "Okay! Leave it to me!"
 And then... this time, I quickly slash at it.
 With a slash of dark magic, I slash the rhinoceros head across the chest, killing it with a single blow.
 "Well, that's it. The enemy's dead. We have won."
 The battle is over.
 The fighters fight bravely. The demon monster is vanquished without us getting hit by a single blow.
 "Well done. You're getting better at this, aren't you?"
 Shakuna is a dancer and a magician who uses speed rather than power.
 The way she fought the other day was a masterful performance that even I could not help but admire.
 Considering that Shakuna is a descendant of a legendary hero... maybe she has more potential than Leon Brave, the main character of the series.
 "Of course! I'm going to catch up with you any day now!"
 Shakuna's face is full of joy in spite of her hateful words.
 It seems that she was happy to be praised so openly. It is hard to tell with her brown skin, but Shakuna's face was flushed with vermilion as if she was embarrassed.
 "You did a good job, Ryuna. You followed up appropriately."
 "Thank you very much, Baskerville-sama."
 Unlike Shakuna, Ryuna accepts the praise.
 It's all well and good to accept it, but what's the point of coming all the way up to me and looking up at me from below?
 "...What's with those eyes? What do you want from me?"
 "Don't you know... what I want?"
 Ryuna looked up at me and blinked expectantly.
 She looked like a baby bird waiting to be fed. The reflection of my face is reflected in her eyes, which should not reflect any light.
 Oh, I know it.
 This is what she wants, isn't it?
 I put my hand on her head as requested by Ryuna, though I turn my face away from her with a scowl.
 When I patted her head a little roughly, her eyes narrow and her face relaxes as if she is comfortable.
 She looked like she trusts me. Her soft face, as if she is surrendering everything to me, would accept me even if I hugged and kissed her right here and now.
 Yup, she is cute. Very cute, but... when she showed her affection in such a frank manner, I was embarrassed.
 "Geez... you two flirts with each other again!"
 When I look away, Shakuna is staring at me with her arms crossed.
 If Ryuna is a puppy, Shakuna is a capricious cat. She stared at me with her upturned eyes in frustration.
 "Onee-sama, if you don't mind, why don't you join me?"
 "What!? What are you talking about, Ryuna!"
 Shakuna waves her hands in panic at her sister's unexpected attack.
 "Hey... Let go of her! I'm not happy when my Ryuna is petted by a man like you!"
 "But... Baskerville-sama is very good at petting, you know? I'm going to get addicted to it. It's addictive, like a drug."
 "Addictive... Are you kidding me?"
 Shakuna asks suspiciously.
 On the other hand, Ryuna was really enjoying the feel of my hand on her head. She grabs my hand on her head and brings it to her cheek with an ecstatic expression.
 Shakuna came closer to me with a suspicious look on her sister's face, which looked pleasant, not jokingly.
 "What's the matter, you suddenly came close to me..."
 "Don't get me wrong! I just want to make sure that you're not doing anything strange to Ryuna! I'm only doing this for her sake!"
 Apparently, Shakuna also wants me to pat her head.
 Anyway, I put my other hand on Shakuna's head and pat her hair, which is the same color as Ryuna's.
 And then... for some reason, Shakuna's body shook.
 Her face became so debauched as if she was being pleasured, her eyes moistened, and her mouth opened and closed.
 "Hyaa... What... is this...? It feels really good...!"
 "Isn't it? Baskerville-sama's hand is warm in spite of its ruggedness, and it feel so good!"
 "...Wait why are you bragging about it? I mean... why are you making a dirty b*tch face? I'm just patting your head."
 Shakuna bites her lip in frustration.
 "I-I can't help it! I mean, why does it feel so good? If anyone is stroked like this, they'd be... ahh!"
 Shakuna lets out a gasp in mid-sentence.
 She wriggles her body wrapped in a dancer's costume and faints in agony, letting out a nasal voice.
 "Kuuuh... Huuf... Haan! I won't lose... I won't lose to you...!"
 "Haafuuu... Ah... it feels so good, Baskerville-sama..."
 "What's the matter with you guys? I really don't understand what are you doing..."
 I was rather seriously puzzled, and my facial muscles tightened.
 I tried to pull my arms out of their grasp, but both Shakuna and Ryuna held on to my arms tightly and wouldn't let go.
 I have no choice but to pat the sisters' heads and cheeks.
 "Mmmm... ahhh..."
 "...I see, so that's how it is. It's because of my training skills, isn't it?"
 I understood the cause of their writhing.
 Zenon Baskerville has acquired the [Training] skill as an initial skill.
 As a matter of course, I, who possessed Zenon's body, had also acquired this skill... but of course, I had grown to nearly 90 in proficiency as a result of the "battles" I had fought so far.
 I suppose that the effect of training this skill is to increase the damage of my caresses to women.
 "...Seriously? I've been careless."
 "Kuhhh... I can't lose... I can't lose... Hwaahhhh"
 "Ah... Baskerville-sama... you're so amazing..."
 Their charming voices echoed through the corridors of the dungeon.
 After that, we would continue to create pink air until a new monster appeared.
 Hadiss was looking at us with warm eyes... but I pretended not to notice his gaze.

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