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Chapter 161 Last Door

 "Now... let's get back on track in the boss's room. Come on, this is no time to play around."
 We almost got sidetracked in an unexpected direction on the way to the boss's room, but we made it there without incident.
 In front of us was a door with a hideous metal design. It is the door to the boss room, where the guardians of the 50th floor await.
 "It's been a long time... a really long time, really."
 I think I spent more time playing the game than fighting it, even if I say so myself.
 Even though the world of the dungeon was based on the eroge world, was it right for me to have taken such a dungeon with a careless attitude?
 "So, this is the 50th floor...we finally made it!"
 Shakuna gulps nervously.
 We have traveled all the way from the ground and arrived at the 50th floor.
 Our journey is nearing its end. Here lies our goal, the Scepter of Osiris.
 I was deeply moved when I thought about the events of our journey so far.
 Like a racehorse, the events that had taken place since I first stepped into this desert came back to me.
 I was attacked by sand bandits and kidnapped by a huge monster bird.
 I somehow managed to escape and jumped down to the oasis, only to come across the naked princess sisters bathing in the water.
 I win a duel with Shakuna, and then I end up marrying Ryuna by force.
 After entering the dungeon, a series of battles with demons ensues.
 Shakuna is caught in an erotic trap and becomes a nymphomaniac.
 Ryuna is strangely attracted to me, and even sneaks into my bed.
 Maafern sisters are getting closer and closer, and not only the outer moat but also the inner moat is almost filled...
 "...I don't have any good memories. It's almost like a joke."
 I dropped my shoulders in disappointment.
 All I can recall is the brown skin of the sisters.
 I felt like I was on a grand adventure that would take more than 100,000 words to write, but what was the point of closing my eyes and seeing only erotic scenes behind my eyelids?
 "Many things happened... I'll never forget the night when Baskerville-sama pushed me down and took control of me..."
 "Hey, you're falsifying my memory! I don't remember doing anything like that!"
 Ryuna says with a dreamy smile, and I reflexively give her a scolding.
 Even though she seems to be a blind Priestess or some other mysterious position... she has turned into an erotic girl in this trip.
 She has changed her character, which reminds me of some saints... In this world, is there a rule that saints and Priestesses have to be frustrated and have a surplus of sexual desire?
 "I'm sorry. I mistook it for a premonition, not a delusion..."
 "You just said delusion, didn't you? It's not even a premonition now, is it?"
 "It doesn't matter either way. It's a given that we'll get married."
 "It's not definite! Don't show me that ring!"
 She keeps flashing the ring on her index finger, the ring that was given to her as a reward for clearing the test, as if it's the engagement ring.
 Was she so happy? It's tactless of her to be so happy, but... it's not a gift from me, but a reward item that everyone all won together.
 "Enough already... Don't flirt all you want..."
 While Ryuna was looking at me, Shakuna was crossing her arms and pursing her lips.
 "Hey... Don't give up. She's your sister, right? Take responsibility and do something about it."
 "But you're the one who has to take responsibility, aren't you? I'm sorry, but I've seen how strong you are on this journey. I recognize that, so take responsibility and become our husband."
 I must have heard her wrong.
 I think Shakuna just said 'our' in a very sinister way.
 "No... it's just your imagination. Really, your eardrums are rotting. Don't think, feel..."
 As I try to pretend I didn't hear Shakuna's problematic comment, Hadiss taps me on the shoulder as if he's along for the ride.
 I turn around and see the face of an old soldier who looks like a father sending off his daughter to be married.
 "...I'm leaving Her Highness in your hand. I know I can trust you."
 "...Can we not have some kind of friendship at the last minute? It's a death flag, isn't it?"
 I regained my composure and slapped my cheeks from both sides as hard as I could.
 "Okay, that's enough of the fun. Now it's time for the real battle phase. This is the last boss battle in this dungeon."
 "Yes! Of course!"
 "Yes, we won't lose!"
 After all that's happened, I feel like we're finally united as one.
 Now that we are true friends, with Ryuna's auxiliary magic and Shakuna's dance buffs to boost our stats, we open the door to the boss room to take on the final boss battle.

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