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Chapter 162 Fallen Angel Verial

 Upon opening the door of the boss's room, there was the boss as we had expected.
 Waiting there was a humanoid demon wearing a clown-like mask. It was about two meters tall. In each hand, it holds a curved great sword, and its bloodshot red eyeballs are staring at us through holes in the mask.
 On its back grows dark wings like crows, and it is called 'Verial'. A fallen angel that is worthless, futile, and evil.
 It was the boss monster, the guardian of the 50th floor.
 "It's coming! Watch out!"
 Verial screamed a wail of lamentation, and slashed at us with two great swords, one on each side.
 I catch the attack from the right side with my sword. Shakuna catches the attack from the left side with both shamshirs.
 Velial's momentum is slightly weakened but that doesn't stop it.
 "Retreat! Shield bash!"
 But then Hadiss steps in forcefully.
 He tackles the fallen angel's torso with his large shield and sends its huge body flying backward.
 "All right... Let's counterattack, Shakuna! Gravid Slash!"
 "Okay! Stun Thunder!"
 I unleashed a slash with a debuff effect that lowers its speed, and Shakuna unleashed a lightning spell that causes paralysis simultaneously on Verial.
 The masked fallen angel is slightly frightened, but its eyes do not show the slightest sign of hostility.
 Its vacant, mournful eyes stare at us eerily, making a person with weak spirit stiffen at the mere sight of them.
 "Shakuna and Ryuna, get back! Hadiss, we'll hold them back!"
 The others give their approval.
 Ryuna moves away from the fallen angel, and Shakuna moves away to protect her sister.
 Replacing the two who had fallen back, Hadiss and I stepped forward to face Verial head-on.
 Velial has no weakness.
 It's just strong. Just fast. It doesn't have any special ability or unique attack like the previous boss monsters, but it is a pure strongman with no special weakness.
 But because it's simply strong, that is why this guy is a troublesome foe against whom no tricks will work.
 It was a boss monster that was the culmination of the skills and experience cultivated in the past battles, and a test of teamwork.
 "Don't give it any chance to counterattack! Keep on coming!"
 Haddiss and I circle around Velial and attack it incessantly.
 We maintain a diagonal position with Hadiss, with Verial in between us. By always having one of us take Verial's back, we fought while keeping our opponents at our mercy.
 Of course, Verial was not only beaten.
 It resisted, swinging its swords with both hands while emitting a cry of lamentation, and its slash sometimes hit our body.
 "I'll recover you... High Heal!"
 When we were hit and injured, Ryuna immediately healed us with healing magic.
 For the note, we were able to withstand the damage thanks to the buffs she had applied to our defense in advance, but without them, we might have been fatally wounded before we could recover in time.
 "Guard up! Rapid Foot!"
 "I'll cover you, Warrior Dance-'Alda Fares'!"
 Of course, Luna and Shakuna reapplied buffs each time the auxiliary magic wore off.
 Thanks to the Maafern sisters' continuous buffing in the back, we were able to fight with our abilities constantly improved.
 "Black Wolf Slash!"
 "Power Slash!"
 Haddiss and I are working hard, hard, hard to reduce Velial's strength.
 The fallen angel boss monster with no weak points can't even unleash a single reversal move, and it takes its time to be cornered.
 Still, Velial continues to resist.
 At present, we have the upper hand in the battle, but if we relax even for a moment, the battle could be reversed. Verial's great sword had such a sense of pressure and power.
 The battle was like a tightrope walker's race. The fierce battle, like a battle of the minds, made us lose all sense of time.
 Then, the battle continued for what felt like minutes or hours... Finally, the end of the battle against the tough demon came into sight.
 Verial suddenly throws down both swords and lets out a scream toward the ceiling.
 At the same time... its jet-black wings fall off, and shiny white wings grow in their place. Its cracked mask shatters into pieces, and it reveals its beauty, which could be mistaken for a heavenly maiden.
 The Mighty Angel Verial.
 This is a standard appearance of a boss monster. The long-awaited appearance of the second form.

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