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Chapter 170 Beyond the Limit

 The Immortal Butterfly—Bataks
 The Wise Warrior—Randallion
 Both the two demon monsters were formidable opponents.
 They were boss monsters that, if fought properly, would be hard to avoid.
 Furthermore, if they were to be fought simultaneously, they would be even more dangerous. If I made a bad move...or even if I didn't, I could lose my life.
 But... without the slightest bit of fear, I rushed toward the enemy.
 Wearing a jet-black aura, I slash at the butterfly-winged lizard in front of me—Bataks.
 Bataks sprays glittering scales from its butterfly wings. The scales are poisonous and sure to cause much damage if inhaled, but it won't work on me, who has the skill of [Abnormal Immunity].
 So, I jumped into Bataks torso while my whole body was covered with the poisonous scale powder.
 I slice off one of its wings with a single stroke of my sword.
 But Bataks is, as its name suggests, an "immortal butterfly". The wing that was supposed to be cut off immediately begins to regrow.
 "You're so annoying! Why don't you just die!"
 The regenerating Bataks resists and is showered with my merciless slashes.
 Bataks is cut into pieces by the rain of blades and falls to the floor with blue blood flowing.
 The immortal demon still struggles to regenerate its wreckage... but I unleash a crushing magic attack.
 "Advanced Dark Magic—Gehenna Flame!"
 A jet-black fire engulfs Bataks.
 While Overlimits is in effect, not only physical attacks but also magic attacks are strengthened.
 The power-enhanced dark fire suppresses Bataks' poor resistance and burns its body.
 'Gah! Gaaaah! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!'
 The immortal demon struggles in the black flames... but I ignore it and turn to the other enemy.
 As soon as I turn around, the other demon monster, Randallion, unleashes a magic attack on me.
 Combined Advanced Magic—Rainbow Missile!
 Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness, Void. The seven elements bullets are flying toward me at once.
 "Black Wolf Slash!"
 I cancelled the seven bullets coming toward me with my magic sword.
 The two bullets I missed gouged my shoulder, causing sharp pain, but I kicked the ground without thinking.
 I slash diagonally at the bull's head, which grew out of the magic circle.
 Blood spurts from the bull's forehead, but Randallion fights back with its magic.
 This guy creates a white magic circle that appears in front of it, from which a pure white blade is shot.
 Advanced magic of the light attribute—White Javelin.
 It was a weak point for me, being of the dark attribute... but I bit down and howled.
 "Advanced Dark Magic—Black Javelin!"
 I unleashed the dark magic.
 It was the counterpart to White Javelin, and Black Javelin shot out in front of me. The two types of javelin, black and white, collide head-on.
 This clash of opposing magical attacks causes the opposing javelins to annihilate each other.
 And the one who wins the fierce exchange of magic is the dark magic I shot out.
 The javelin that broke down the light magic pierced into Randallion.
 Then, a cry of anguish escaped from the bull-headed demon that grew out of the magic circle.
 "Just die already!"
 I slashed at Randallion with a vicious slash, dealing more and more damage to Randallion.
 Shakuna, who had been watching my fight from a distance, mutters in amazement.
 She was probably surprised to see me fighting an unexpectedly good battle when she had expected a hard fight.
 "Yes, he's strong. A little too strong."
 Next to Shakuna, Salomon is also murmuring with interest.
 "Only selected warriors can use the 'Overlimits', the soul's release. It doesn't surprise me that he can use it, but his strength is a bit unusual. It's more than I expected."
 Hearing Salomon's words from a distance, I was also amazed at the power coming from my body.
 When the Overlimits are in effect, my body's full potential is unleashed, and I can display my incredible power... but right now, I feel more powerful than ever before.
 I feel as if I am no longer myself. I felt like an omnipotent god.
 "Well... is it anger and the will to kill that boosts his power? Overlimits are a liberation of the soul, and his overlimits are clearly dark. It's as if his power is enhanced by the inflated negative emotions."
 "Thanks for the explanation! Ultimate Technique—Hell Flame Dragon Destruction [Goku enryuuha]!"
 Just before the remaining time of the Overlimits runs out, I unleash a powerful blow with all my might.
 A slash of black flame slices Randallion's deformity and burns it up with the black flame.
 At the same time, the overlimit is released, and the jet-black aura enveloping my body disappears.
 "Ah...you're alive too. I'm sorry I made you suffer for nothing."
 Bataks, who should have been engulfed in hellfire, came biting out from behind me.
 Even after being cut into pieces and burned by the flames, it still regenerated and attacked me, which is a fearsome regenerative ability.
 "But... it's about to the limit. I can see your bottom."
 I shove the tip of my sword into the mouth of the biting Bataks. Then, the sharp tip pierced through the throat and back of the neck of the giant lizard.
 Bataks struggles to escape the sword, but its whole body is covered with black scorch marks.
 Even its regenerative powers seem to have reached their limits. The immortal demon's life is about to end.
 "Here, I'll give you some experience!"
 I kicked Bataks' torso and sent it flying toward Shakuna.
 Shakuna let out a cry of surprise as the demon monster suddenly flew toward her, but she quickly pulled out her shamshir and thrust it at Bataks.
 Bataks' body shatters into pieces and disappears as black particles.
 Randallion has already disappeared too. So, peace returns to the boss's room after the two high-ranking demons are defeated.
 "I'm surprised...You really did it!"
 Salomon claps his hands.
 "Congrats! You passed without question. I'm stunned... no, I'm honestly impressed by your strength."
 "...I don't care what you did. Just give me the item. We're in a hurry here."
 I sheathed my sword and demanded my reward, heeding Salomon's blessing.

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