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Chapter 169 Anger and Murderous Intent

 Two figures appeared in front of me.
 It was a demon with butterfly wings sprouting from the back with a lizard body—'Immortal Butterfly' Bataks.
 And a demon with a bull's head sprouting out of a magic circle floating in the air—'Wise Warrior' Randallion.
 Both of them are intimidating boss monsters that are difficult to defeat alone.
 "Two bosses... that's impossible! The enemy just now took four of us and we were just barely able to defeat it, and we only have two!"
 Shakuna's body trembles with fear as she faces the two monsters that appear.
 The boss monster of the 50th floor, the 'Fallen Angel' Verial, was also a very strong enemy.
 And now, there were two demons of equal or greater strength. The situation was nothing short of a nightmare.
 So, Shakuna raises her voice at the unreasonable demands, and Salomon shrugs his shoulders as if troubled.
 "Well... I know I'm making unreasonable demands. But since I'm going to shortcut you through 20 floors, I'm going to have to make the ordeal so difficult that you'll have to deal with two bosses at the same time to balance the scales."
 "But... we can't do anything like this."
 "I'm not forcing you to do it. If you can defeat these two, I will give you the treasures of the 60th and 70th floors. This is the maximum offer I can make. Even I don't want the evil gods to come back."
 Salomon looks up at the ceiling and closes his eyes.
 It is my choice to undergo the trials. Or find another way. Anyway, he has completely given us the choice.
 Now, as I see it... if we can get the rewards for clearing the 60th and 70th floors, we have the best chance of winning.
 We should be able to defeat Rujanaga and Veinrune, break the ritual, and prevent Ryuna from being sacrificed.
 "If you don't go into the tiger's den, you won't get the tiger's cub, huh... or is it more like a demon's den?"
 "Hey... what are we going to do? Can we fight those demon monsters and win?"
 Shakuna pulls on my sleeve anxiously.
 She was ready to do anything for her little sister, but the intimidating presence of the two higher level demons seems to have made her cowardly.
 But I don't think she's a coward. After all, the aura that demons emit is something that causes a fundamental fear to human beings. No matter how stout a human being is, he or she cannot help but be crushed.
 "Okay, let's do this. Let's take them out and get the reward for clearing. I can't think of any other way."
 But still... I want to said no.
 However, if I had no other choice, I would have to do it, no matter how absurd the task was.
 Since I had no choice but to abandon Ryuna, I had no choice but to accept Salomon's request.
 "Well... okay. I'll fight too."
 Shakuna nodded her head, her face pale but still firm.
 Shakuna looked frightened by the higher ranking demon, but her love for her sister seemed to prevail. With trembling hands, she gripped the hilt of the shamshir to try to rouse her heart.
 "There are two opponents, so I will take one at a time. The one who kills the other first will join the other.
 "No... that's not necessary."
 "I'll kill these demons myself. You stay back."
 "Hey... what are you talking about!? You can't win by yourself!?"
 Shakuna comes at me with a valid point.
 "This demon is stronger than the fallen angel you saw just now, right? It took four of us to beat it just now, there's no way you can do it alone!"
 "Hey, Shakuna... you know I'm pretty angry about this..."
 "I'm angry at Rujanaga. I'm angry at Veinrune. Most of all, I'm angry enough to want to kill myself for being so stupid as to let a woman be kidnapped right in front of me!"
 I speak my mind in a quiet tone, biting my back teeth together.
 "I'm so angry that I'm going to get out of control...now I've got someone to take out my anger on. I will kill these monster as I please."
 Shakuna gasps and takes a step or two backward in fright.
 She looks more frightened than when she saw the summoned demon... Do I look that scary?
 "Heh... it's so deadly. I can't believe you're human."
 Salomon's eyes widen in surprise at my uncontrollable desire to kill.
 "However, my demon is not so weak that emotions can make up the difference. I don't think you can fight it alone, though, can you?"
 "So you don't listen to me. Fine, do what you want."
 Salomon smiled at me as I silently drew my sword, looking interested.
 I make Shakuna step back with a glance and face the two demons from a few meters away.
 The two bosses of the lower level of the EX dungeon are both formidable opponents. I cannot be sure that I can beat them even one by one. Still, I will do it.
 A strange voice like a threat is emitted from the demons's mouth.
 They don't seem to attack me. Rather, they seem to be giving up the lead.
 However, with my anger and desire to kill simmering like lava in my voice, I shout with all my might.
 "Demon or not, I'll kill you! Overlimits—Meisho Jigokuyori!"
 It's my second time today.
 A dark aura enveloped me as if the lid of hell had opened, and I transformed into my most powerful fighting form.

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