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Volume 2 Extra 5 Urza's and Levienna's Adventures (Part One)

 Shortly after Zenon was taken into the sky by a monster bird—the Falcon Pharaoh.
 His two companions left in the desert—Urza and Levienna—were in unprecedented turmoil.
 "Goshujin-sama has been taken away! It's a disaster, desu~no! It's an urgent situation, desu~no! Emergency, desu~no!"
 At the sight of Zenon Baskerville being taken away in the sky, Urza, a slave and a party member, runs from side to side in confusion.
 "S-Should I chase after him, desu~no!? Should I shoot down that big bird from below, desu~no!? I-If at this place I use magic............ but Urza can't use magic, desu~no!"
 Her beloved master is gone.
 Urza's red eyes filled with tears, and she ruffled her white hair.
 "But, but, but, first, I'm going after him anyway, desu~no! I'm going to hunt down that hateful bird that kidnapped Goshujin-sama and eat it as a roasted chicken, desu~no!"
 "Calm down, Urza-san!"
 Urza was about to run away with her emotions when Levienna, her companion, grabbed her arm.
 Levienna, dressed in a maid's uniform, grabs Urza with all her might. She struggled to keep herself from being dragged away by her ridiculous oni power.
 "Kuh... Please calm down! If we lose composure here, we can't see Zenon-bocchama again!?"
 "I'm worried too. But, let's calm down and think about what we can do now first."
 Urza's body relaxes under the persuasion of the matured and beautiful woman.
 She bit her lip and resisted the urge to go after her master.
 "...I'm sorry. Urza was wrong, desu~no"
 "Urza-san... You understand now, don't you?"
 "Levienna-san, what should Urza do? What should we do for Goshujin-sama, desu~no?"
 Urza looked up at Levienna with tears in her eyes.
 Levienna patted Urza's head as she finally calmed down and put her hands on her slender shoulders.
 "Urza-san... we are servants of our master. We are his property. We must do our best for Zenon-bocchama at all times."
 "Yes, desu~no."
 "Zenon-bocchama has been kidnapped by a monster bird. So, let's first look for a time machine to help us out of this situation."
 Levienna utters these strange words, causing Urza to blink repeatedly.
 Urza seems to have heard a crazy line...or is she mistaken?
 "Don't worry, we can definitely find it. Let's dig around here first."
 "Wait... Levienna-san!?"
 Levienna kneels down in the desert and begins digging in the sand with both hands.
 When Urza rushed to her, her eyes were vacant and completely lightless. It was as if she was daydreaming.
 "Don't worry, it's okay... everything will be fine. We can go back in time and start over. I read something like that in a book I read the other day during a break at work..."
 "Wait... Levienna-san!? Is it going to be all right, desu~no!?"
 "If the time machine doesn't work, we could reset and start over from the save point. Let's see... where was the last time I saved?"
 "L-Levienna-san... you're really tense, desu~no!? You must be crazy, desu~no!"
 Levienna seemed to be calm, but she was also in a state of confusion.
 Her master is dearer to her than her life. After all, the 'young master' had been under her care since he was a child. She also had pledged her loyalty even though he mistreated her for a time. But because he is now gone, she is completely out of balance.
 "Heheheheh...Yes, let's just mass-produce Zenon-bocchama. Then I can recover even if one of them is kidnapped. But I can't let Bocchama become bird food just because there's a spare...oh, I'm at a loss. What should I do?"
 "Noo! It's all over, desu~no! Goshujin-sama is gone, and Levienna has gone crazy, desu~no! Urza doesn't know what to do!"
 While they fuss like this, the scorching sun is still shining on them from above. If they stayed stranded in the middle of the desert for any length of time, they would lose all the water in their bodies and dry up.
 But still... they did not know what to do. With the loss of Zenon Baskerville, the absolute pillar of the party, the party has completely collapsed.
 If nothing is done, the party will really be wiped out. It is an unprecedented crisis that strikes the remaining members of the party.
 "Shut up! Shut up, you fools!"
 But... there was someone who gave the two women a warning.
 The person who shouted the words was unexpected. It was the leader of the Sand Bandits who had attacked Zenon and the others just a few moments before.
 The leader, who was saved by Zenon when he was about to be killed by Falcon Pharaoh, shakes his fist and gives a sermon to Urza and Levienna.
 "Didn't you hear what that man just said? That bastard was yelling for you to go to the capital while he was being kidnapped by birds! He was yelling all the way to the end that he's okay and not to worry... didn't you guys get his manly spirit?"
 "If the man you trusted said it's all right, stand tall! Can't you even trust the man you're in love with?"
 The leader's words pierced Urza and Levienna's hearts. These were the words they needed most.
 "I'm awake now, desu~no... if it's Goshujin-sama, being kidnapped by a bird is nothing to him, desu~no..."
 "Yes... I'm sorry for being so distraught. I'm a servant, and if I can't trust Zenon-bocchama, I'm not fit to be his maid..."
 "Hmph! It's all right if you understand!"
 The leader of the Sand Band sniffs and snorts.
 Then, he turns his back on the two women whose faces have been shaken, raises two fingers, and waves them smugly with a grin.
 "Well then... I'm going to go now, but you guys, be careful on your way to the capital. Give my regards to the man."
 With these words, the leader of the Sand Bandits leaves.
 His back as he leaves in a cloud of sand dust is filled with a sense of sorrow, reminding them of a hard-boiled man's way of life.
 Urza and Levienna look at the leader as he leaves. But, "Huh!" their eyes widened as they realized what was happening.
 "...Hey, don't run away, desu~no!"
 Urza jumped and kicked the leader.
 The leader's back is shocked, and rubs his face against the sand.
 "In the first place, we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't attacked us, desu~no! What are you criminal sand people doing looking like you're trying to sound cool, desu~no!?"
 "That's right! The fact that you attacked us is one thing, but... if you hadn't provoked that monster bird, the battle would have been avoided! You are the reason why Zenon-bocchama was kidnapped!?"
 "Stop, wait... at least, my life, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?"
 Following Urza, Levienna attacked the Sand Bandits' leader.
 The leader's wild screams echoed through the desert as he was lynched by the two women.

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