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Volume 2 Extra 6 Urza's and Levienna's Adventures (Part Two)

 After capturing the leader of the sand bandits, Urza and Levienna began their journey to the capital of the Maafern Kingdom.
 It was not out of mercy that they kept the leader alive. It is because they cannot operate the sand-dragon carriage without the man who is the 'monster tamer.'
 "...we will show no mercy if you escape. We will crush you right away."
 The leader sitting on the coach is moving the sand-dragon carriage with tears in his eyes.
 Urza, with her eyes half-closed, is sitting beside him, pressing the tip of her kanabou against the leader's face.
 "Goshujin-sama told us to go to the capital... If it was Goshujin-sama, he should be able to handle the birds by himself, desu~no... so, it's okay. It's all right. Everything will be fine, desu~no...!"
 "Uh, could you please stop pressing that club against me? It's been hurting me since a while ago...?"
 "Huh!! What did you say, desu~no!?"
 "Eeekk!! I didn't say anything!?"
 The sand bandit leader returns to the wheel with tears in his eyes.
 Then, pulled by the dragon, the carriage moves forward, drawing lines in the sand.
 As the leader has been questioned beforehand, it will take more than a full day to reach the capital of the Maafern Kingdom from here.
 No matter how impatient he was, the dragon's speed would not increase... Urza stomped his foot irritably on the driver coach.
 "Urza-san, I can switch with you if you like."
 Levienna peeked out of the window of the dragon carriage.
 She was in the air-conditioned car to avoid the desert heat.
 "Urza-san must be tired by now, right? I'll keep an eye on him, so please go inside and take a rest."
 "...Don't worry, desu~no. Urza is here, desu~no."
 Urza shakes her head at the concern of her friends. Her snow-white hair moves from side to side with her movements.
 "But... you've been sitting here for three hours, right? The sun is still high in the sky."
 "Urza has better eyesight than Levienna-san, desu~no... Maybe we can find Goshujin-sama if Urza is here."
 Urza said with an intimidating look to the sand bandit leader on the couch while looking frantically to the left and right for her master's figure.
 She thought that perhaps her master had escaped the monster bird by himself and was lying on the sand. Or he might be walking toward the capital as he had promised.
 Thought, it is impossible considering the direction from which the bird flew away... but still, she was looking for Zenon, clinging to the hope of a gleam of hope.
 "...I understand. Well then, please do."
 Levienna could not say anything more when her master was mentioned.
 Instead, she handed Urza a container of water.
 "Please at least drink some water. You're sweating a lot, right?"
 "...I'll take it."
 Urza takes the water bottle, puts it in her mouth, and pours the water down her throat.
 She was too worried about Zenon to do anything else...but it seemed that she had been sweating a lot and had lost a lot of water. Because the water poured down the back of her throat with a gulping sound.
 "Haah... it's thirsty, desu~no."
 "Oh, um... can I have some water, too? I'm thirsty..."
 "What, desu~no?"
 Urza raised her hand and gave the bandit's leader a blank stare.
 "What are you talking about, desu~no? You should bite off your wrist and drink your own blood, desu~no."
 "T-That's not possible..."
 "Urza-san, don't do that. Don't bully him too much."
 Levienna rebuked Urza for being so cruel.
 "I understand your hatred for the sand bandit, but if he falls, the dragon carriage will be stranded. Let's at least give him some water."
 "Levienna-san... but..."
 "Yes, you can drink this one."
 Levienna presented the leader with new water while Urza looked unconvinced. The leader accepted it as if he had met Gid in hell.
 "Thank you! I'm saved... Fubuoh!?"
 He put his mouth to the water bottle, poured out the liquid inside, and spat it out..... in a heap.
 "W-What the hell is this!? It smells fishy... is it water!?"
 "Oh, it's the body fluids of the monsters we killed on the way to this kingdom."
 "Cough... Cough... M-Monster's bodily fluids!?"
 Levienna's answer makes the leader's voice crack.
 What was in the container was the mucus of a frog monster.
 Zenon had collected it as a material item for making medicine and put it in his item bag, and Levienna offered it to him as water.
 "Levienna-san, can we use Goshujin-sama's item without permission, desu~no?"
 "It should be fine. I'm sure Zenon-bocchama took extra of this item, and he said it has an effect to recover his strength slightly even if he drinks it as it is."
 "Ah, that's fine then. And drink a lot, desu~no."
 Urza and Levienna conversed fluently, but the leader was not pleased to be forced to drink the viscous oily liquid.
 He became angry and tried to get up from the driver's couch.
 "Hey... I'll not care about you if you don't care for me enough! This is the end of our trip! Sand Dragon! Shake these women off!"
 "Ei, desu~no!"
 Chirp! A sound rang out in the leader's head.
 His face turned blue, and he fell back and sat on the driver's couch.
 "Ba... ba... ahh..."
 "Drive properly, desu~no. It's dangerous to stand up, desu~no."
 "I... understand..."
 The leader replied in a trembling voice to Urza and returned to driving the sand-dragon carriage while clutching his lower body.
 Along the way, they did not encounter any powerful monsters. Nor did the leader run away.
 Then, after a day's journey, Urza and Levienna arrived safely at the capital.
* * *
 Upon arrival at the royal capital, the leader of the sand bandits was handed over to the guards
 The leader, who had become a criminal for wreaking havoc in the desert, was about to be executed after a trial... However, he escaped from prison and disappeared before being executed.
 No one knows what happened to the leader, who managed to escape while being chased by the guards.
 But... in a desert town, there is a nightclub. It seems that a new waiter with a stern face has joined the club, where men dress up in women's clothes to entertain customers.
 He (she?) has a muscular body, wears a dress, and wears make-up on his square face. He (she?) became popular for his unusual service, which could manipulate monsters to bring drinks and dishes. Because of that reason, he was loved by the customers who were into men and liked them.

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