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Volume 2 Extra 8 Urza's and Levienna's Adventures (Part Four)

 "They're coming this way!"
 Urza and Levienna, who had noticed they were being followed, jumped into the back street and were followed by panicked, loud voices.
 They were followed by a group of men with the appearance of outlaws. They had brownish tanned skin, as men from the desert do.
 "Catch them, don't let them go... Whoaaaa!?"
 As the outlaw came into the back street, Levienna grabbed the lead man with her arm and threw him over.
 The man is thrown to the ground, unable to react properly to the "Tomoe-nage" (as in Judo).
 "Hey... you bast... Guho!?"
 "Kill, desu~no!"
 A kanabō is slammed into another outlaw's torso.
 It was, of course, Urza, the oni-girl, who wielded the rough, spiked kanabō.
 "Damn... they knew we were following them!?"
 "These women are so strong!?"
 They took out two of the outlaws by surprise, and the other three outlaws pulled out their weapons.
 They try to attack Urza and Levienna with knives, clubs, or something like that, but...
 "What will you do with such a 'little' weapon, desu~no?"
 "Do you know the word 'reckless'? Shall I teach you?"
 The outlaws' faces tightened as they heard the two women's words.
 Urza looked belligerently at the spiky Kanabō. Levienna, looking cold as if she were looking at trash, is holding a sword and shield.
 Compared to their weapons, the outlaws' equipment was as insignificant as a praying mantis.
 "If it's this..."
 "...Yeah, we don't have a choice."
 The men's decision was quick.
 They nodded and ran away from the back alley as fast as they could.
 "We can't let them get away!"
 "Search and destroy! Even though I'm a maid, I'm a member of the Baskerville family too!"
 The outlaws attempted to escape... but they could not leave the backstreets and were easily caught.
 Urza and Levienna beat the outlaws up, made them sit on the ground, and started interrogating them.
 "Well... then, let's see if you can answer us. Why did you follow us?"
 "...I'm sorry. Please don't be serious."
 "...It was just a thought. Really, really. It's our first time."
 With their faces battered and swollen, the outlaws apologized with their hands on the ground.
 The apology was full of emotion and desperation, but Urza said something frightening with her kanabō in her hand.
 "Don't talk about things I don't want to hear, desu~no! Next time, I'll crush your balls if you talk without permission!"
 The outlaws are crying out as they get down on their knees. They look as if they are being robbed and mugged. It is hard to tell who is the real bad guy.
 "I-I'll answer it! I'll answer it now! We attacked you two to... well, sell you out..."
 "Answer it clearly, desu~no! First of all, your ears, desu~no!"
 "I'll answer! I'll answer it! I was going to sell you two to the temple! I'm sorry!"
 The outlaw replies with tears.
 Selling... the disturbing word was no surprise.
 Even in the Slayers Kingdom, some criminals kidnapped women and children and tried to sell them. They were enemies to be defeated by the Baskervilles, who controlled crime.
 Urza herself had a terrible past, having been captured and sold into slavery in a foreign country. However, for her, it was a fateful encounter with an ideal master.
 "Temple... did you say? Are temples trafficking people in this kingdom?"
 What was surprising was the destination to which they were being sold.
 What does it mean to be sold to a temple, not a gang or a nobleman?
 "Well... this country wasn't like that in the past, but it suddenly became unsafe a few years ago..."
 "Yes, that's when the temple started buying people."
 "Especially children and women are bought at a high price. Even more so if they're beautiful like the girls."
 The men explain in hushed tones.
 Levienna listens to the terrified outlaws and ponders.
 "Could it be... that the trafficker is the Guru Rudanaga? Or that Rudanaga wants the slaves for some reason?"
 "I-I don't know... But the guru is the head of the temple, right? We don't have any connection to him..."
 "Yes, the priests who pay the money at the end, and I don't know who's in charge..."
 The men slump and look away.
 Urza clicked her tongue at the outlaws and raised her kanabō with one hand.
 "Tsk... they're no use to us, desu~no. Now that they are no longer of any use to us, we will crush them, desu~no."
 The men cry out. They look at Levienna with clinging eyes... but she shrugs and shakes her head.
 "You've kidnapped and sold people before, haven't you? Don't you think you deserve what you get?"
 Let the outlaws off the hook here would have been easy, but there was no guarantee that they would not strike again.
 Besides, both Urza and Levienna are members of the Baskerville family. They had neither mercy nor mercy for evil.
 "Well... you can rest assured we won't take your life. Isn't that right, Urza-san?"
 "Of course, desu~no! I heard that dogs become docile when castrated, so I'm going to rehabilitate all of you, desu~no!"
 "N-No way..."
 "Please, I'll do whatever you say!"
 The screams of men echo in the back alley.
 It was a lament encompassing pain, sadness, loss, and everything.
 Having lost something vital to them as men, they have grown quiet, just as Urza intended.
 Perhaps these men made an example of the others... After this day, the number of kidnappings and abductions in the capital decreased greatly.

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