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Volume 2 Extra 9 Urza's and Levienna's Adventures (Part Five)

 After disposing of the outlaws, Urza and Levienna found a place to stay close to the main street.
 They know from the previous incident how unreliable the security is in this kingdom. So, they chose an inn that looked as classy and safe as possible.
 The inn, which is reserved for a nobleman, is relatively upscale, both in terms of its appearance and price, but thanks to it, they can sleep soundly that night. No outlaws would come this far, maybe.
 "Well... we have finally arrived at the capital, desu~no. What are we going to do now? Levienna-san?"
 After taking a shower to remove the sweat from the desert, Levienna and Urza sit down on the bed to discuss their future plans.
 They are both wearing sleepwear that resembles a bathrobe. It is a fixture of the inn, and it has a floral scent, perhaps soaked in perfumed oil.
 The difference in style between the two women is clearly apparent in their clothes, which reveal the lines of their bodies. Urza's body was small and not at all convex, while Levienna's was surprisingly curvy.
 Although Urza and Levienna were dressed seemingly defenseless, their favorite weapons were within easy reach. They were ready to defend themselves even if an enemy should burst into the room.
 "Indeed... we still have to find out about the temple, don't we?"
 Levienna responded to Urza's question after thinking for a moment.
 "There is no doubt that the temples are the root cause of the deterioration of security in this kingdom. It seems that Goshujin-sama was right. The Guru Rudanaga is 'black,' and I believe he is the one who sent the bad guys to our kingdom."
 "Well... Urza doesn't know the hard stuff, desu~no. But if it's an enemy of Goshujin-sama, I'll crush them, desu~no"
 Urza replies to Levienna's explanation nonchalantly.
 She then takes a bite of the preserved meat from the item box and stuffs it into her stomach.
 She does not touch the innkeeper's food. Even though the inn seems to be a decent place for aristocrats to stay, this place is hostile territory for both of them. They had no intention of putting food prepared by untrustworthy people in their mouths.
 "What concerns me... are the rumors of human trafficking. It is strange that a temple is buying and selling children and women... and the evil aristocrats who used to misbehave in our kingdom have kidnapped children before too. I don't think it's just a crime for money..."
 Perhaps the temple is collecting children for some reason, kidnapping them from other nations, or trafficking them?
 What they are collecting children for... the reason is unclear, but the fact that they are selling, buying, or kidnapping them does not seem to be a very good use.
 "We must report this to Goshujin-sama. We can start a search at the temple tomorrow."
 "Urza can only fight, desu~no. So, I will follow Levienna-san's instructions."
 Despite the strategy meeting, Urza is not the type of person who can do anything with her brain. She does not argue with Levienna's ideas at all.
 Thus, the meeting was in name only. In effect, it was just a forum for Levienna's ideas.
 "Munch... Munch... do you want some too, Levienna-san?"
 "...I'll have some."
 After the meeting ended early, they looked at each other and continued chewing the dried meat.
 Anyway... the plan for tomorrow and the rest of the day was decided.
 They need to gather as much information as possible about the temple and the guru before their master Zenon arrives in the capital.
 But the two who spend the night at the inn do not know.
 They do not know that Zenon has encountered the kingdom's princesses and is traveling in a completely different direction from the capital.
 They do not know that in a place they do not know, their master is going to fight against the leader Rudanaga... and his men.
 Shakuna and Ryuna.
 Princess sisters of the Maafern Kingdom. Maidens of beauty, shining like jade jewels.
 With the arrival of these two powerful rivals, the women's battle for Zenon Baskerville's favor will become even more heated...
 However, the two had not yet imagined such a future.

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