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Chapter 5 Money, Very Important

 That night dinner was provided at the house of the old man whom I had helped during the daytime. The old man's wife and daughter thanked me many times. Never before had I been thanked so much by a human being. Surely they could see the horns on my head. And yet, they did not care.
 It seems that Kabirumba's story that "demons and humans have made peace" is true. It was the same in the farthest village. I am sure that the same scene will be seen in the places we are going.
 Truly, my role as the Demon King is over.
 "What's the matter? You seem so gloomy..."
 "Hahaha... just thought times are changing..."
 "Hehehe, that's true. But some things don't change."
 Kabirumba looks at me with kind eyes. The things that never change...? Life and money are important. It's a story that could be true. It's a very easy story to understand.
 Now, on the next day, I immediately head out to the nearby forest to collect some food. But before that, I sold some healing potions. Money is very important, after all.
 "Are you sure you wanted to leave the village?"
 "It's okay. No problem. I'm just going to pick up a few things and then head to the next town. We've got the money too."
 "But it was a very low price... Normally it could be sold for three times as much as that."
 "Three times as much?! Hey, why didn't you tell me earlier!?"
 "Aren't you saying that you were doing it out of the goodness of your heart?"
 Well, the villagers looked at me with a sad look on their face. It was my fault for not asking Kabirumba's opinion, but this guy should have at least told me whether the price was really good. From now on, I would ask Kabirumba without any sense of shame.
 * * *
 After half a day of walking through the forest toward the next town, the only new thing Icould get was mushrooms for "smell-eraser". Well, since I have already gathered enough materials for healing potions, I don't think I will need much more than I have.
 "Still, if I had a magic bag, I could have collected more materials."
 "It can't be helped if you don't have it. It would have been nice if there had been a magic bag in the hut."
 Kabirumba smiles at me. Its eyes were clearly reproaching me. I couldn't help it. I never dreamed this would happen.
 Anyway, when arriving in town, let's buy the materials needed and make a magic bag. If there are enough materials, it is easy to make a small one. Though the capacity is small, it should be useful enough.
 "Well then, let's hurry to the next town. I want to get there before nightfall."
 "What are you talking about? We won't reach the town unless we fly through the night already."
 "What did you say!?"
 "Hey, didn't I already tell you that! I said whether it was okay to leave the village..."
 "So, that's what you meant. I don't know..."
 I looked at Kabirumba as if I wanted help. But Kabirumba shook its head helplessly. It seems that it is too late. Should we go back to the village? But that's not cool.
 "So, we'll have to reach the next town during this night. We may not be able to stay at an inn, but there is less chance that someone will see us flying in the sky. That's quite an advantage, if you think about it. Besides, there's no need to sleep for a couple of days, is there?"
 "Oh, demon..."
 Having no better alternative, I decide to follow Kabirumba's kind words. It is true that there was a time when I kept moving without sleep for a month, if not two or three days. It's a good memory now. But I don't want to do it again. After all, from now on, I will lead a slow life, waking up at any time I want and going to bed at any time I want, free and easy.
 * * *
 The next morning, we entered the town at sunrise. The guard charged me an entrance fee, saying that it was a national rule. Though Kabirumba was not charged. Anyway, the world is a hard place to live in. Apparently, the reason was that I had no identification.
 After entering the town, we went to a restaurant and asked for a breakfast set, and immediately started to have a strategy meeting.
 "I think I need to prove my ID."
 "Yes, I think so. I'm sorry, I forgot. I can just walk in."
 "I don't think that's a good idea..."
 "I'll pay for it when they give fungus human rights."
 Yeah, well, that day won't come for a while. I asked Kabirumba-sensei about the identification.
 "The people who need identification are merchants and people who travel around the different place. The people who live in the town basically don't go outside. If they do, it's probably to the fields."
 "I see. Then, I'll definitely need it. If I don't have it, I'll be charged for it every time, won't I?"
 "Yes, they would. It seems that they don't take money in the village, though."
 It is true that they don't take money in the villages. Then, shall we go through the village only? No, I'd like to see how much the human towns have developed in the past hundred years. And how demons and humans are living together.
 "What is the easiest way to get an ID?"
 "Registering in a commercial guild. This way, you only have to pay money to get an ID."
 "A commercial guild. Not bad."
 But Kabirumba sighed. Did I do something wrong again?
 "Leo-sama, what about the alchemist?"
 "Oh, yes. No commercial guilds. I'll be an alchemist!"
 "Then you should join the alchemists' guild. By the way, there is no alchemy guild in this town, so you can't register."
 Ugh...that's no use. Having a goal is the only way to move forward. I'll change my mind and devote myself to trading healing potions and purchasing alchemical materials in this town.
 But first of all, I need materials for magic bags. There are some rare materials, which is needed, and I hope I can found them.
 Unfortunately, even with Kabirumba's help, I couldn't find the materials I needed. Perhaps it was because there was no alchemy guild, but there were no stores specialized in alchemical materials. This is disappointing.
 "I guess we have to look forward to the next town. By the way, can we get there today if we go there now?"
 "Yes, we can. It's only a day's ride by carriage from this town to the next town, the territory of the margrave."
 "I see. Then we will be fine if we leave in the afternoon."
 "As long as nothing goes wrong."
 "Why are you saying that like it would be a problem?"
 I gave Kabirumba a blank stare, and with a huff, this guy looked away. Is this some kind of a flag? If something happens, I'll blame it on Kabirumba. Let's do that.

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