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Chapter 6 Whose Fault is It?

 After selling the healing potion++ in the town I visited for three times the price I had paid for it in the village, I set out to reach my next destination by nightfall this time. At Kabirumba's suggestion, the flight had to be very far from the road.
 "Is this really safe? Are you sure that nothing strange is going to happen?"
 "It will be fine, I think. I'm trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible. We are off the road, so it's hard to be seen, and I don't think anyone will come to this area, anyway."
 Hmm, that may be true. But the fact that no one comes here means that the number of monsters is increasing. And my fears were soon proved correct.
 "But there are a lot of monsters reacting somehow. By the looks of it, it must be a goblin or orc village."
 "Why do you say that?"
 Kabirumba turned to me with half-moon eyes. It's as if accusing me. Wait a minute. Is this somehow my fault?
 "No, I only said that because there was a response from my detection, and isn't it Kabirumba who told me to fly over this location?"
 "That's true, but... this has become a problem. If the monsters are left unchecked, their numbers may increase and attack the town."
 "Hmm? That's not good. Okay, let's destroy them while they are still around. That way there will be no more damage, right?"
 "No, uhh... yes..."
 After a little hesitation, this guy agreed with me. Huahahahaha, let me show you my revived power. If I shoot magic at them from this position, I can take them all out. Shall I make it a super fireball? Or, Ultra Fireball?
 "Leo-sama, you're not thinking of shooting magic from this position to clear the whole area, are you?"
 "Hmm... Is that wrong?"
 "Of course! Are you planning to become a Demon King again?"
 "No, I want to become an alchemist and enjoy a slow life. I want make lots of people smile."
 "Then shouldn't you keep a low profile?"
 Kabirumba puts on a dexterous expression as if he is smiling but not smiling. The mycelium above its eyes is pulsating. It seems that the method of using a wide-area annihilation magic to blow up the whole terrain at once is not acceptable.
 "Then, let's go down nearby and use weaker magic to defeat them. How about the drill lance you used the other day?"
 "It's a little plain... but I'll do it!"
 The winning formula is set. My drill lance will pierce every monster. Even a black bear's hard skin will be pierced by my drill.
 So, let's get to work. As soon as I get down close to the group of monsters, I see that they are goblins.
 Green bodies, lifeless eyes. They are only as tall as a table, and their ears are pointy. One theory is that they were created by elves, but the elves deny it. Yet there are so many of them. It is not known how they reproduce, but it is rumored that they could "split up", just like slime.
 "One, two, three, four... there are quite a lot of them."
 "How could there be so many? Have the people living nearby not noticed?"
 "It seems so. There is even high-ranking goblin like goblin general, king, lord, and hero."
 "It looks like there will be a lot of material after killing them."
 The "Goblin King's Crown" dropped by the Goblin King, the "Goblin Lord's Necklace" dropped by the Goblin Lord, and the "Goblin Hero's Cloak" dropped by the Goblin Hero. The "Goblin Hero's Cloak" is a material for the Void Bag, which is the superior version of the Magic Bag. If I can get them, I can make the jump to the next level. It seems that my luck has come to me. Lucky me!
 Now, the target, lock on. I'm going on the offensive now. However, I don't chant any magic, so I don't say a word. Anyway, since it would be troublesome if all the goblins start moving at once in a panic at my attack, I decide to kill them all at once with a single blow.
 Farewell goblins. Goodbye, Goblin Corps. Now, all of you are wiped out!
 Immediately, the surrounding area becomes noisy with the sound of spinning drill lances, but it soon becomes quiet again. All the goblins have dissipated as if the fog has lifted. All that remained were a few materials.
 "...You're still so powerful, as usual. But how did you lose to the Hero with such power?"
 "Look, there is no way I would destroy the Demon King's castle accidentally by myself that everyone worked so hard to build, right?"
 "So, you were defeated because you're worried about such things. By the way, the castle was torn down and now becomes the Peace Memorial Park."
 "What the hell!"
 Really, all my efforts were not rewarded. Well... I lost the battle. Rather, I didn't expect the Hero to be so powerful. I remember hearing the hero came from another world. But I wonder how on earth that guy crossed the dimensional barrier.
 "More importantly, pick those materials up as soon as possible and head for the town. If all the good inns are occupied, there's a good chance we'll end up staying in some kind of a stable."
 "Isn't that a bit of a problem? After all, even though my magic power will be restored, my physical and mental exhaustion will not be."
 Thus, I search for dropped materials while avoiding the drill lances sticking out of the ground. The goblins drop nothing but trash, so I leave them alone. Anyway, it takes a lot of drill lances to kill a big one. So, let's search on that area.
 "Hmmm, looks like there is no 'Goblin King's Crown'. But the other two were there. Too bad."
 "It can't be helped. Instead, it is better to think that you are lucky to get two of them. Compared to the other two, 'Goblin King's crown' is easier to get. If there is enough money, you should be able to get it easily.
 "That's true. I'll save up the money and buy it sometime."
 The goblin general had dropped a "Goblin Sword," but I gave up on bringing it back because it was heavy and in the way. And there was only one of us could brought it back. So, giving up is the key to everything.
 After that, I soared up into the sky again and headed for the capital this time.

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