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Chapter 11 [Short Story] The Ideal Partner

Shizuko POV
 It's great~! I have so much fun every day.
 "Shizuko-san, it seems like you are in a good mood. Is something wrong?"
 No, it's not "something's wrong."
 It's because Ceres-kun is here.
 "Heheheh, you know! Because Ceres-kun is here."
 They say it's called a "morning shampoo."
 Ceres-kun washes my hair with his special hair wash and combs it dry with his wind magic.
 It feels so good.
 There is probably no husband in the world who would do something like this.
 Most certainly.
 And I heard that the village head's son and his wife are very close, but that's nothing compared to this.
 So, who wouldn't be in a good mood now?
 "I feel very happy to hear that. It's very rewarding."
 Really, my son and his friends have no manners at all.
 I don't want to speak ill of other people's children, but they didn't even thank Ceres-kun for all the help he's given them.
 If Haruka-san (Lida's mother) saw her daughter, she'd slap her.
 Of course, I'd give Zect a good slap, too.
 "Thank you so much. That felt good."
 "Your welcome, then I'll get the food ready, and you can use the lotion as I taught you."
 This lotion is amazing. It soaks into the skin and feels so good.
 Everything from herbs to medicinal herbs is originally mixed by Ceres-kun.
 I've always thought he was a very good boy, but he's getting better and better.
 After the lotion is applied, Ceres-kun also prepares handmade cologne.
 It smells like herbs and makes me feel so good.
 "Shizuko-san, breakfast is ready."
 We take turns cooking, but... it's funny.
 After all, most men don't do that like Sector and Zect, who would even ask me to cook even though I was lying in bed with a fever.
 They have no consideration for me at all.
 And then there was Ceres-kun.
 He said, "I want to see Shizuko-san's happy face, so let me cook...".
 There's no one like that in the world.
 And since the guy is young and good-looking, how could I not smile?
 How can I not be in a good mood with such a debauched life?
 "Yes, it's so sweet and delicious... it's like eating at a fancy restaurant."
 "It's a little bit of French toast, tomato soup with chicken and vegetables, and Meunier of river fish, so it's completely cut corners. Just like at the inn, Shizuko-san compliments me too much."
 "No, you never cease to amaze me, Ceres-kun."
 "But I prefer the food Shizuko-san cooks for me because it has a nostalgic taste."
 "Yes, I'll make you any food you want if it's that good."
 "Well then, I'll be looking forward to lunch."
 "Heheh, I'll do my best to make it."
 I have always had a smile on my face.
 Even when things are bad, it's better to smile.
 That's what Sayo-san (Mel's mother) taught me.
 But... it was a fake smile, and I rarely smiled from the heart.
 But with Ceres-kun, it's completely different.
 Every day is fun from the bottom of my heart, and I don't think no woman doesn't fall in love with him because he is so kind and wants me so much at night.
 It makes me smile with all my heart.
 Now, I don't care about Sector or Zect anymore.
 No, maybe I'm not a mother anymore.
 If Zect and Ceres-kun were dying, I would take Ceres-kun without hesitation.
 Because I am Ceres-kun's woman.
 "I'm looking forward to it."
 "Leave it to me."
 No one is more important than Ceres-kun, who smiles and smiles at me.
* * *
 'One for four! Four for one!'
 We vowed... to share our joys and our sorrows together.
 If it's Ceres-kun...
 Well, they liked him, so it's okay.
 Still, he would be surprised.

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