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Chapter 20 Three People

Shizuko POV
 After sending Ceres-kun off, I went out to visit the neighborhood by myself.
 However, since I had been living there until a while ago, I only explained the situation briefly... the rest was just talking about Sector.
 The neighbors don't like him too because he doesn't act like a neighbor even though he has money. Furthermore, when I told them how he sold me, I guess his life was over now.
 If he returns from the mine, he'll be a nobody in the village.
 And this is the end of my revenge against Sector.
 If I had been unhappy, I would have killed him, but I'm happy now... that's enough.
* * *
 After that, I went to Misaki's house to have a drink.
 I could have gone to Sayo's house, but her husband is so arrogant that he would have interfered with the gathering.
 And the reason I choose the gathering at Misaki's house is that her husband has gone out with his friends to have fun.
 "Shizuko, it's been a while."
 "I heard you had a hard time this time."
 "Yes, but, heheheh, I'm happy afterward, so I don't think it's so hard."
 "That's great… You remarried Ceres-chan, didn't you? I'm envious of you."
 "Yes, yes, you did a great move by seducing Ceres-san, who's like your own child. "
 Misaki calls Ceres 'Ceres-chan'.
 She is Maria's mother, she has long dark purple hair, big breasts, and big hips, she wears glasses and looks intelligent and kind, but when she gets mad... ugh... her personality changes. Because of this, she is called the "Black Mad Knight." Also, she used to be partying with me.
 Sayo calls Ceres 'Ceres-san'.
 She is Mel's mother. She has long brown hair and long slit eyes, big breasts and hips, and a tear mole under her right eye. She is serious but calm and easily influenced. She used to be in the same party as me, and her nickname was " Teary-Eyes Ice Princess." The name comes from her sad eyes and her skill in ice magic... not that she is really sad, but Sayo always seems to be a bit unhappy.
 But then again, they cover their true colors, so no one can tell.
 "Shizuko, what are you mumbling to yourself?"
 "Heheheh, I'm just talking to myself, Misaki."
 "Really? Nevertheless, I doubt that Ceres-chan and Shizuko are married, considering the age."
 "Hmm? I don't think so, Sayo. Considering Ceres-san's personality, it's normal. After all, he always likes an older woman."
 "That's… indeed. I believe that Ceres-chan likes older women... and I understand that far, but we are almost the same age as her mother, Myrna... Usually... common sense would tell us that a relationship between a man and a woman with that age would never happen."
 "Is that so? But Ceres-san has always been a gentleman. He gave me baked fish and sweet potato, and he was kind to an old lady like me... I also think he was kind to me compared to other grown men... Although a 5-year-old and a 20-year-old can't date, I knew he liked me."
 "But then again... that was a child's affection, just the same as 'I love my mother.'"
 "Misaki... of course, it's not like that. I mean, Ceres-san probably didn't mean it like that. After all, I could really tell that he really liked me. But I couldn't answer him because of the age difference. However, because I felt that way, I felt sorry for him if I treated him like a child... so I called him 'Ceres-san' and treated him like an adult, even though other children call him 'Ceres-kun.'"
 "I understand now, so that's why Sayo used to call him 'Ceres-san' for so long."
 "That's it. Still, isn't it the same with you, Shizuko? Shizuko added 'kun' only to Ceres-san, right?"
 "Heheheh, after all, he was a special boy... but I didn't think of him as a man then. Although I knew how he felt, he was more like my ideal son..."
 "Indeed, I would feel the same if it was about my ideal child. He was much cuter and helped me much more than Maria, who never thanked me and was not very cute."
 "He's certainly a good child, Ceres-san is... but Shizuko, let me ask you frankly, what about the couple's activities?"
 "Sayo, isn't it impossible? Because we are older women, and a boy that young would not be interested in such a figure."
 "Heheheh, you two, believe it or not... he's a beast, he won't let me go until morning... and I'm so happy."
 ""Really? (*Gulp*)""
 "It's pointless to lie about it..."
 "Shizuko, are you trying to deceive me? Even if it's Ceres-san, that's not possible."
 "That's right... Even Ceres-chan, that's ridiculous because my husband claims I'm not desirable enough to still have."
 "Yes, yes... I can't believe that Ceres-san is crazy about Shizuko's body. After all, I haven't been with my husband for more than 10 years, just like Misaki. And you know, when I try to hold hands with him, he says it's too uncomfortable. So, even an old man over 30 doesn't want to hold hands with me... there's no way that a 15-year-old hot Ceres-san would be interested in that."
 Well, usually, people wouldn't believe that a hot young boy is crazy about an old lady like me.
 "Above all, if he were, you wouldn't tell us because you'd want Ceres-chan all to yourself."
 "You two, I didn't lie. I just reported it because of the 'one for four and four for one' promise... and if you don't believe me, that's fine... However, you can't complain, can you? About I was living a passionate life all by myself."
 "If you say that much, Shizuko, it sounds too good to be true."
 "Hmm, well, I believe it now... because Shizuko also went out of her way to show me the hickey on her neck."
 "Heheheh, you did find it."
 "But, what is it? I don't think Shizuko wants to brag about how happy she is or mock us for not being happy!" Sayo continued.
 Heheheh, they're taking the bait.
 "Sayo... Shizuko is not that kind of a person... she knows I would get mad if she did that..."
 "Heheheh, that's right, Misaki, and today, I sent Ceres-kun to Haruka's to do night crawling."
 "Crawl night?"
 "Shizuko, are you making him do that? But why? isn't everything safe there?"
 "Everyone knows it, don't you? Kazuma is kind, but I don't think he sees Haruka as a woman."
 "Possibly that's true."
 "Hmm, I think so."
 "But Ceres-kun sees us as women, so I hope everyone will leave your respective husbands."
 "Did you mean it? If I leave my husband... will everything be alright?"
 "Yes, if I leave my husband... can I expect him to love me as a woman again?"
 "Yes, as far as I'm concerned, I want you two to leave and be with Ceres' wife... how about it?"
 "You're not lying, are you...? If you're lying, I don't know, maybe I'll go berserk."
 "Arara, Ceres-san's wife... it's embarrassing but fun... what you said before it's not a lie, right? It's not a joke, right?"
 "Heheheh, I won't tell you a lie... but if it's not a lie and it's true, we'll go back to being adventurers."
 ""I understand (Okay)""
 "Then, I'll show you the proof that I'm not lying later."
 "You're sure you're not lying, aren't you?"
 "What proof do you have, Shizuko?"
 "Heheheh, I won't tell it right now."
 After all... at dawn, you'll see it, heheheh.

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