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Chapter 21 Shizuko's Plan

Shizuko's POV

 In the end, Misaki and Sayo were so excited about Ceres-kun that the gathering turned into a tea party.
 Both of them, or all three of us, including me, even refrain from drinking when we talk about something serious.
 Yet, despite our seemingly serious attitude, we are surprisingly relaxed.
 "Is Ceres-san truly like that? Even if he were, I don't believe he would adore Misaki and me."
 "That's true, Sayo. But Ceres-chan is an adult now... if he really does it, it's good, and now, although I can accept it, I'm ashamed... no, I can't believe it," said Misaki.
 "Heheheh, nothing has changed, even since he was a little boy... he's still a very good boy, and he's still very kind."
 "Why include us then? I believe you and Haruka are enough… Also, Ceres-san didn't say anything about wanting a harem, did he?"
 "Yes, I don't think it was Ceres-chan's personality to ask Shizuko to approach us... And I don't think you'll say it's because of an old vow, Shizuko..."
 "Well, you know... I'm... angry with my son... because we told Ceres-kun to go with our child. He takes care of all the chores without saying a word and even raises the money himself."
 ""Really? (Is that so?)""
 Then, I told them what Zect and the others had done to Ceres-kun.
 "I understand now... After I requested Ceres-chan to look after Maria... she mistreated him."
 "Ara, ara, so Mel has been doing that... However, I won't take her life because we are parents and children. But she needs to be punished... Still, what should I do?"
 "That's why I've been thinking about what I can do, and one of the things I've been thinking about is that we should marry Ceres-kun and leave this village... then our children won't have any place to stay... Don't you think that's good?"
 "Hmm... That's true. If I'm gone, my husband will buy a slave to accompany himself... and Maria will undoubtedly not fit in there."
 "It's the same as me. Mel won't have a home."
 "Isn't it…? One of the punishments for Zect and the others is to lose their home... and now they didn't have a place if they return as heroes... they'll be surprised... well, he's the kind of boy who'll be okay with that. "
 "Certainly, my daughter might be surprised, but I feel she would be able to stand it."
 "Right. Same as me."
 And here's the thing...
 "Heheheh, that's not all... what if Ceres-kun, the guy who got kicked out, is really strong and more than just a hero?"
 "No way, you want Ceres-chan to play an active role... is that what you're telling?"
 "Hmm, if Ceres-san plays an active role more than the hero party... it would ruin their reputation... but can we do it? We're all old-timers."
 "Heheh, aren't you so timid... 'Teary-Eyed Ice Princess' Sayo...? Shouldn't you say something like 'Everything freezes in front of me' or something like that?"
 "Geez, that was just my youthful excitement… and it's embarrassing to say it now... However, it sounds interesting. —Okay, I will give it a try."
 "Then... Misaki, shouldn't you, the 'Mad Black Knight,' fear nothing... but to slay a demon tribe with your hot sword..."
 "Stop that—it was a youthful excitement... but if it's for Ceres-chan's sake, then maybe it's fine..."
 "If that is your answer, you two can leave your loveless home and have a loving party with Ceres-kun and me..."
 "I understand... and Ceres-chan will be there to make things better, right?"
 "Okay... So, Ceres-san will come for me, right?"
 "Yes... oh, I think it's time... to go."
 "Heheh, I'll show you the proof like I promised."
* * *
 "Shizuko, this is your house, isn't it?"
 "Why should we come to your house at this time of night?"
 "Be quiet... Please don't talk from now on."
 ''I understand (Okay).''
 Well, there are women's shoes other than Ceres-kun's, which means that things are going well with Haruka.
 'Please walk really, really quietly...'
 'Shizuko... should we do this?'
 'I agree with Sayo. It's a little out of character.'
 'Please be patient... You need to see it with your own eyes to feel at ease, don't you...? Eh, Ceres-kun and Haruka?'
 "Welcome back, Shizuko-san, and welcome, Sayo-san and Misaki-san!"
 "How is it, Ceres? Didn't I say so?"
 "But I didn't think Sayo-san and Misaki-san actually agree."
 "However, you believe me now, right? But, more importantly, what are you guys doing here!"
 At this remark, Sayo interrupts Haruka's words, "Hey, Shizuko, ever since we were at the same party with Haruka... I can feel it."
 "Yes, the 'Smiling Ripper Demon' returns alive and lively now."
 "Hey... Don't say that!? I don't like that character."
 "Ripper Demon...? Nee-san?"
 "Ceres... No... it's a misunderstanding. It's a lie."
 "Shizuko, we shouldn't interrupt their fun, you know...? and Ceres-san's a boy..."
 "But, Sayo, if Haruka can do it, we can do it too... and Ceres-chan... I'm glad you've grown..."
 They wanted to talk further, but Haruka interrupted them, "You guys, I'm sorry if you're wondering, but I'm done with 'that act,' and I was just cleaning up with Ceres... that's too bad."
 "Ara, what do you mean by 'that act'? Could you tell me, Haruka?"
 "It was..."
 "Misaki, Sayo... please stop this... and you saw it, didn't you? Ceres-kun and Haruka ended up together without a hitch."
 "About that, Shizuko, sorry..."
 "Haruka, I'm not mad at you. Rather, I'm the one who made Ceres-kun do it, so I'm happy... and Ceres-kun, I'm sorry if it is sudden, but could you take Sayo and Misaki as well?"
 "Ah, that's it... Ceres... didn't I tell you that earlier?"
 "Shizuko-san, Nee-san... and Sayo-san and Misaki-san... my head can't handle it... I'm happy about it... but... can you explain it to me in detail? "
 "I don’t mind. After all, the night is long. So, I'll explain it to you."
 Thus, I began to tell Ceres-kun about my plan.

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