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Chapter 25 a Scum That Cannot Be Disliked

 After talking over the matter, the three women easily parted ways.
 It's a little strange because I feel like in a village society... Like I'm the bad guy... Even though they were good people.
 After all, the people in this village are very kind.
 "Ceres, what's the matter? You look complicated... Let me help you."
 "Ceres-kun... Do you think about something else?"
 "Well, I've had a rough time of it for a while now... But it turns out that everyone here is really nice... That's what I was thinking."
 Except for Shizuko, I felt the rest of the three' women were a little clouded.
 "I'm sorry, Ceres, but I don't have any more feelings for Kazuma-kun... And Ceres, since I wanted an easy breakup, I didn't intervene. Also, I didn't say anything because Ceres loved Kazuma-kun as 'Kazuma-niisan,' but Kazuma-kun is Kuzuma... That idiot is such a scum that I want to slap him."
 "Ceres-san... Don't be fooled, although he talks like a man... He's a raving idiot, and he wants to break up with me as soon as possible, so I just go along with him... He's trash. You shouldn't be fooled."
 "Ceres-chan, that man is a spoiled, neglectful scumbag... But he indeed likes Ceres-chan... However, he just wants to be nice to Ceres-chan, who respects him because he's lazy and a bum."
 "Really? I think they played the villain on purpose... And they didn't even ask me for any money, which I thought was great..."
 "Ceres-kun... I took this back from Kazuma-kun... He apologized and wanted to give it back to you."
 "Shizuko-san, that money, I gave it to Kazuma-niisan. You don't have to do that!"
 "Ceres, you stupid!"
 "Ceres... Cause you're so nice! I'm proud of you as your big sister and as a... uh, wife. Also, I didn't want to interfere at the time because I wanted to be with you, but... you don't have to give Kazuma-kun the money."
 "Ceres-san, you don't need to thank that muscle-idiot too, okay? He has no manly spirit..."
 "Ceres-chan... I feel the same way, so you don't need to thank him for his selfishness."
 Why do they have to go to these lengths?
 "But... If Kazuma-niisan had returned the money to me, no one would've received it... Isn't that the whole point?"
 "Ceres-kun... Let's say those three are good people, okay? Then why didn't Ceres-kun receive the money instead?"
 "Shizuko-san, that's because I'm the one who gets everyone here, so I'm supposed to give them money."
 "Ceres, you idiot! Think about it!"
 "Nee-san, you're hurting me... I thought the person who gets something usually pays for it..."
 "Ceres-san... When Mel became a sage (wise man), she gave us a lot of money... Didn't Shizuko tell you about the money?"
 Speaking of which... Sector was ruined by eating that money.
 "I did hear that... But that has nothing to do with this story."
 "Ceres-chan... That money wasn't given to one person, it was given to a family, in our case a couple... I don't think a good person would give you half."
 "Ceres, since we were so close, I thought we could give you half... But Kuzuma wouldn't give it to you... But even that piece of shit couldn't take money from Ceres, who kicked me out on his own and loves him as a big brother, so he gave it back to you with a little conscience... But he still monopolizes our money and buys slaves... He's scum enough... He doesn't deserve any respect!"
 "That's right, Ceres-san. Kaito is scum too. Don't forget that."
 "It's the same as me, Ceres-chan. Shuuto is a selfish man. You mustn't forget that either."
 "Ceres-kun... I know that memories can be beautiful, and it's true that Ceres-kun, even Sector, was kind to you, but that's more because it was you... Even scum are kind when treated with 'respect' since you were a child... But... Still, he takes all the money and never gives it to me... You have to remember that's the kind of person he is."
 That's right...
 I'm an adventurer, S-class... I don't care about money because it's easy to make it.
 But, if I think about it, they might be bad because they have the house, the farm, and all the money to themselves.
 But still...
 They raised me... For whatever reason.
 "I have something to say to you, Shizuko-san, Nee-san, Misaki-san, and Sayo-san... I don't want more than the four of you, such as becoming a nobleman and living in a mansion, which was Zect's dream. As I recall, I don't see the value in that, and I'm not interested in having an elf girl or marrying a princess or even that... I would much prefer 'life with the four of you.'"
 """"Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""
 You know, when I met the four of you, because I was still a child, no matter how much I liked you, I had no choice but to give up... I tried to give up and look at other girls, but it didn't work… But now that I'm married to all four of you... I couldn't ignore any of them. Well, one of them isn't, but three of them gave everyone here to me, so perhaps that makes them a scumbag, but I'm grateful. I don't want the money so much. I'm going to live happily with the four of you. Even 10,000 gold coins are a blur compared to that, I'm not good at saying it, but this is what I always think…."
 "If Ceres-kun says so, then there's nothing I can do... Heheheh, you'd rather have me than 10,000 gold coins... Thank you."
 "Ceres, if you think so much of me... I guess I don't have a choice then."
 "Ceres-san said money can't buy me... If you say so, I can't say anything else."
 "If Ceres-chan thinks I'm worth that much... I won't say anything... I think that money is just a fraction of what you gave me."
 Maybe it's an extreme view... But I think...
 Why do they want a property or a house or a position...?
 Perhaps it is necessary to attract the opposite sex they like?
 But if the person they love is there for them... I think they should remain minimal.
 I really believe that.
 That's why... I can't hate them, Kazuma-niisan, Kaito-san and Shuuto-san.
 Because they gave me the greatest treasure of all.

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