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Chapter 24 Shuuto

 I parted from Sayo in front of Kaito's house.
 And starting tonight, Sayo will live at Shizuko-san's house.
 That includes Haruka.
 Now I'm going to Shuuto's (Misaki's husband) house.
 I am nervous in a different way from Kaito's place.
 Shuuto's house is one of the few non-farm houses in this village.
 He runs a general store and a food store that handles all the daily necessities in this village...like a small convenience store in the previous world.
 Of course, it is not open 24 hours a day and closes at around 5:00 P.M., but if you knock on the door, it is open even in the middle of the night.
 Shuuto is the opposite of Kaito; he is an intelligent person.
 "Long time no see, Ceres-kun."
 "Long time no see, Shuuto-san, it's been a while."
 "What a formal man you are... aren't you one of the few people I know? And you are old enough to drink, don't you? Let's have a drink together."
 Before, I was prepared to be lectured.
 But I didn't expect to be welcomed back here.
 "Yes, let's have a drink."
 Shuuto-san is a very smart man, which is rare in this village.
 He is similar to Kazuma-san but is not popular among the villagers.
 The reason is that he is 'logical', according to the other villagers.
 This is also because of the village society...
 The village does not like successful and intelligent people.
 Perhaps Kazuma is smart too.
 But he intentionally gives flowers to the other person by saying, 'I don't understand such a thing'.
 Without that humility, the village society might turn on him.
 But even if Shuuto is disliked, it is not that bad.
 Because he is not a stranger but a family member who has lived in the village for generations.
 Because of this, he is protected and can be called a 'reasonable guy'.
 "I wanted to drink with Ceres-kun sometime, and I have a special treat for you."
 "Brandy one?"
 It's a fancy drink.
 "Ceres-kun, you know it, huh? Besides Kazuma, you're the only one in this village who understands me. You're really smart."
 Logical, strange, other people say that to Shuuto... but he's just really smart.
 Perhaps if he had not been born in a village, he would have been a scholar or a writer or some other intellectual occupation.
 "But you are very smart, Shuuto-san... you've always shown me the rarest and finest things..."
 "You, too, have always been so great that I couldn't believe that you are really a kid... You are one of the few people I never get tired of talking with..."
 Shuuto-san taught me mainly letters and mathematics.
 Even though I was a reincarnated person, I had to recall them one by one because my memory was incomplete.
 Shuuto-san praised me for 'absorbing his knowledge at a great pace', and we became good friends.
 Well, since there are not many people in this village who can even read and write, we became friends.
 "I learned a lot from Shuuto-san too."
 "That's true... Still, I was surprised that a five-year-old could read and write perfectly... I asked you to take care of the store, so I could read books... and since you love books, I can't help but ask you to help me out."
 Maybe this person was born in the wrong place or world.
 If he had been born in my previous world, he would have been a researcher, and if he had been born in this world, in the capital city, he would have been a successful scholar.
 "You taught me how to read and lent me your precious books."
 "In return, I let you watch the store... and take out the goods, give and take, yes, no problem... and drink up, this is delicious."
 With brandy in hand, we talked about many things for a while.
 Most of it was about stories I'd read in the past, a bit of math... and my travels.
 I talk and Shuuto-san talks.
 We're different ages, but... it's fun to talk.
 I'm a reincarnated person... and talking to Shuuto and Kazuma reminds me of that.
 Although Zect and Maria are also good.
 But I can't help but think of them as children, and I can't enjoy their stories.
 Now I understand completely...
 "I enjoy talking with you and Kazuma... I don't enjoy talking with other people much... aren't you the same way? When you were talking with Zect and Maria, you looked so bored, didn't you? How's that?"
 I can't deny it.
 I've never been angry in my travels with Zect, Lida, Maria, and Mel.
 'They're just kids,' or 'It's a kid thing, I'll tolerate it,' maybe that's what I thought.
 There was a time when Zect offered me a sneak peek at the three girls bathing in the water.
 But I refused... I didn't want to go that far.
 After all... they were 'totally kids' to me.
 I'm definitely closer to Shuuto.
 "Yes, I enjoyed talking with Shuuto-san and Kazuma-niisan more than playing with Zect."
 "Is that so? But I'm unfit to be a parent and a husband, I tried to keep up appearances, but even my daughter Maria seems like a monster to me... Well, I really hated her when I was a child because she was so annoying."
 "But for me, the only thing I saw about Shuuto-san is that you're doing your best as a normal parent, you know?"
 I think he cared enough.
 "Is that the case? But I've only ever asked you to watch the store and take out the goods. Maybe I don't trust other people, including my family."
 This is... how should I answer?
 "Nevertheless, I understand why you're here today... it's Misaki's case, isn't it? I don't mind. You can have her."
 "Is it okay?"
 "Oh, I told you earlier, didn't I? I'm unfit to be a husband."
 What does that mean?
 "But I don't think so."
 "I'm telling you, I don't love Misaki anymore... maybe my love peaked when Misaki gave birth to Maria. But my love for her has slowly faded, and now we hardly talk at home... I'd prefer it if you'd take her... and you're the one who's been in love with Misaki for a long, don't you?"
 "Did you know?"
 "Hahaha. Did you think I wouldn't? Remember when Misaki made you take a bath when you were little? Your face was so red. I knew you were a Babacon since you were a kid... at least Kazuma and I knew it."
 "I'm sorry."
 "But I didn't think you'd continue to be obsessive until this age. Well, you lost your mother when you were a child, and a boy like that might fall in love with a woman like your mother. It's not perverse. It could happen, don't worry about it. Or maybe you're a kind of mutant mother-con and baba-con... Nevertheless, you could make Misaki happy... couldn't you?"
 Before I knew it, Misaki was standing beside me.
 "I'll leave her to you then... Misaki, is this alright?"
 "Well... thank you for everything until now."
 "Thank you, too."
 "So what are you going to do now, Shuuto-san?"
 "Me? I'm glad you asked! I'm going to buy a slave... since you took over the boring Misaki and Maria is no longer here... I'm going to buy a smart, studious, pretty girl... so we can have a nice conversation... and the high-class one. ...I'm sure some of the higher class slaves are very knowledgeable... like me... a smart person... Eh?"
 "I'm sorry I'm not very interesting to you, Shuuto, but shall we watch the stars for a while?"
 "Misaki... you're not my wife anymore... so you have no right to hit me... Ceres-kun, take her back quickly..."
 "Misaki-san, let's go home."
 "Yes, Ceres-chan... well, that's enough."
 I'm sure Shuuto said these stupid things to avoid any awkwardness.
 Otherwise, he wouldn't have said that. Still...
 'Thank you.'
 I thank him in my heart and leave Shuuto's store.
 "Now, I'm going to read as many books as I want..."
 Is this right? I guess so...

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