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Chapter 29 [Short Story] Farewell to the Heart

Main Character POV
 In the end, Sector will stay with Najim, the village head, until we leave.
 As a sign of reflection, the village head said he would let him take care of things in his house for a while.
 Probably, the village head wanted to prevent Sector and Shizuko from seeing each other.
 The rest is... how to deal with the 'retribution to Zect and the others', which is no longer important to me, but I'm still wondering about it, though I have a vague idea.
 Even if I don't do anything, Zect and the others must be in trouble because they can't take chores seriously. Besides, I haven't taken over the troublesome documents since I was expelled from the party and left it as it was.
 In my previous lives, they are in the same state as 'a kid who never did chores kicked out his/her parents' or 'a person kicked out from a company without succeeding to his/her job'.
 For them, there is no reason not to be troubled.
 But I'll figure out a way to make Shizuko and the others feel better... that's all.

* * *

Zect POV
 "I don't really want to... and I don't want to, but it's the only thing that comes to my mind... I apologize in advance... I'm sorry."
 That's all I can think of.
 To say this to the woman I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with, even if she was my concubine...
 It hurts.
 "I get it... one of us should be Ceres' fiancée or possibly soon-to-be wife... or something like that, right...?" said Lida.
 "To be exact, either Lida or me... since Mel has hurt Ceres..." said Maria.
 The two spoke about their thought.
 "Wait... I was his lover at the time... I regret it, and I apologize sincerely... And if Ceres forgives me... that's the best... And I'm sure Ceres will forgive me if I show her my love from the bottom of my heart."
 But Mel interrupted from the side. However, I didn't agree.
 "I doubt that will be enough... the problem started when I was attracted to you and want you to keep it myself... so I'll give him whoever he wants... if he wants all three of you... Then I'll give him... I'm really bad... I'm sorry."
 "Hahaha, it's okay. It can't be helped. Without Ceres, we're nothing, especially me... I'll be useless without Ceres's care... So, there is no choice... Still, let me think about it for a while," said Lida.
 Lida is in tears, but it can't be helped...
 There is no other way...
 "Huff, I have no choice... since childhood, I thought I'd marry you... well, when you became a hero, I thought I'd be your concubine... but it's not quite possible with how things are... However, I think Ceres is the second best choice since I can't marry you. So, I'll marry him instead of my first choice..." said Lida.
 "It's my fault."
 "Don't be sorry... I mean, it was my fault in the first place... so, Zect, don't apologize... if I hadn't been so stupid that day... and I'm sorry," said Mel.
 "Still, I'm really sorry."
 On this day, I was ready to give up my childhood friend to Ceres.

※ This is a short story... but it will be a three-part story from here on.

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