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Chapter 30 [Quite Talk] Farewell to the Heart: Zect's Case

 Zect POV
 'Now I can push the three of them to Ceres.'
 Everything's gonna be all right... it's okay. It's a pretty great idea.
 And so far, I've been under a curse...
 But I can't believe it's a curse... to ever have liked women of this caliber...
 Neither their looks nor their personalities... are that good.
 Because of these women, I lost my best friend, Ceres...
 It really pisses me off.
 An adventurer once told me to watch out for my libido...
 That's exactly the curse I got.
 This adventurer told me that his childhood friend, a female adventurer and himself a were on a long-term mission...
 Two men and a woman in the middle of nowhere... the woman adventurer was very beautiful. Of course, they fought over her... and after fighting with his childhood friend, the defeated adventurer, himself, spent his time alone while the two flirted... and he even thought he wanted to die... or so he said...
 But the story does not end there.
 'I had a lot of money, so I took some money and went to a brothel... and almost all of them were more beautiful than the female adventurers at that time... After I was finished, I saw that adventurer woman in town... she was ugly... yes, ugly... my childhood friend was walking sadly beside her... but I felt better.'
 This is what I used to talk about with my old man in a funny way.
 And this story applies to me now.
 The 'saint,' 'sage' and 'sword saint'... are just village girls.
 They are not that pretty.
 The reason why they looked beautiful until now is that we were living in an environment where these three were the only girls.
 And they looked beautiful because a person made them look beautiful.
 That's all...
 In the village, their mother took care of them...
 And not long ago, in this journey, Ceres took care of them... making sure they were beautiful.
 That's why they were 'beautiful'...
 Now that it's gone... I see what these girls really are.
 Not so beautiful...
 Not so cute...
 They're just regular girls I could find anywhere.
 That's true even for Maria, the most beautiful of the three and the one I really loved.
 She had beautiful light purple hair fluttering in the wind, white skin, and a slender figure.
 She was my real favorite.
 But when Ceres was gone... her hair was shaggy and dirty... her face was spotted and freckled... even her body was chubby if I remember correctly.
 That's not normal.
 If I have to grade a woman from top to bottom, she's no longer in the middle... she's in the bottom.
 Besides, it would cost three silver coins in the town to make them beautiful again like Ceres was doing before.
 If I don't spend money... they can't be beautiful...
 They were that kind of woman.
 And that's not all... they have bad character too.
 I mean, my mother... never let a man wash her underwear.
 Maybe the other women in the village didn't either.
 Normal women are ashamed and embarrassed, and they don't let men do that.
 The same goes for the food. No woman in the village can't serve a proper meal, even if it doesn't taste good like Ceres' food.
 But so far, all three of whom I thought were my treasures, have turned out to be trash.
 And I don't have a chance to hold them because I'm afraid of getting them pregnant.
 So, they are worthless.
 However... would I want to hold them now?
 I don't want to hold them.
 Once I defeat the Demon King, I'll have the next stage of my life.
 I'll marry a princess and take a nobleman woman as a concubine. That's what awaits me.
 Elves can't be added to that list because they're considered non-humans, but I'll have the best life possible.
 So, I don't need these three.
 But they are necessary pawns in a fight against the Demon King.
 In that case... why don't I give them all to Ceres?
 If I give them to Ceres, I can tell the church and the king that I gave them to my best friends.
 That way, I can keep the trash until I defeat the Demon King, and Ceres can work beside me.
 It's the best thing ever...
 Ceres, you can have them all...
 This is good... no, this is the best.
 I get rid of a woman I don't want, and Ceres becomes my best friend again, and I thank him...
 That's great.
 Surely, this will bring him back... my best friend.

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