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Chapter 8 Loved by Ceres-kun

 Huff... now there's nowhere to turn back.
 It should have been a fake lover until he found the one he really likes.
 This old lady shouldn't want more than that.
 After all, someday Ceres-kun will regret it.
 That's why I said so, but I didn't expect him to give me a necklace.
 I've never been treated like this before.
 My ex-husband Sector cheated on me all the time and hardly ever bought me anything.
 I thought village women were like that.
 Sure, since Ceres-kun was still a little boy he's been saying he loves me and wants to marry me... but I don't think he's serious, right?
 Because Ceres-kun has been saying that since he was about 5 years old.
 And I was an old lady almost 20 years old.
 ※ In this world, the life span of the human race is about 50 years old, and people are considered old in their late teens.
 Maybe Ceres-kun is lonely because he lost his mother early, that's what I'm thinking.
 He said something similar to Misaki (Maria's mother) too.
 But now that I think about it, it does ring a bell.
 He used to give me grilled skewers of river fish, he used to tell me that he found a beautiful stone in the river, and he used to help me a lot.
 It made me think that he was a very good boy...
 But... he was serious.
 Looking back, he was really a child, but he was kinder to me than my husband or my son.
 And this made up my mind to accept him.
 But I haven't cleaned 'it' since I haven't used 'it' for a long time.
 And the last time I did it, I don't know, it was too long ago.
 I guess I haven't done it for about 10 years if I'm not mistaken.
 And even though I've cut off the hair that has grown out, I feel like I'm out of shape.
 I wonder if I can really accept a hot boy in his mid-teens with this body.
 Is it really okay?
 But... it's Ceres-kun who wants me.
 Besides, Ceres-kun have wanted me 10 years ago, even though he was still 4-5 years old by then.
 Okay, I decided not to make him wait any longer.
 I'll just have to make up my mind.
 "Ceres-kun, I'm done with the bath, now Ceres-kun goes in."
 There's no turning back now.
* * *
 I wrap a bath towel around me and wrap myself up in the blanket.
 All I have to do is say "Come here" when Ceres-kun comes out, and the whole thing will be over.
 Maybe this is Ceres-kun's first time... hopefully it'll be a good one.
 "Shizuko-san, thank you for waiting."
 Now... I just have to accept it.
 "Ceres-kun... come here."
 Miruna-san (Ceres's mother), I'm sorry...
 And Ceres-kun hugged me tenderly.
 "Ceres-kun, it's been a while since my last time... can you be gentle? Do you know how to do that?"
 Ceres-kun nodded and kissed me.
 "Yes, mmm..."
 Suddenly he put his tongue in... he seemed to be very skilled at this.
 "Puha, Ceres-kun... aren't you getting used to it?"
 "Puha, I'm not used to it I'm just doing what I want to do to my favorite Shizuko-san."
 "Haah, haah, is that so...? But it seems you're lying... Wait, that part, that part is dirty, you don't have to do that, it's embarrassing, really, ahhhhh—"
 I've never been touched like that... and I'm not used to my dirty places being kissed and licked.
 "Haah, haah... why are you able to do that... such a dirty place... is not normal."
 "I love Shizuko-san, there's nothing dirty about you..."
 It's embarrassing... but it feels so good.
 I mean... Ceres-kun feels so good... and if this is true lovemaking, then it's different from what I've been doing.
 He wants me so much.
 And I know that he loves me.
 It made my body burn and as a woman, I wanted Ceres-kun so much that I couldn't stop wanting him.
 Before I knew it, I had accepted Ceres-kun.
 No one has ever been so crazy about me in my life.
 Really, how could he fall in love with such an old lady... it's not fair for Ceres-kun to think that way.
 Still, Ceres-kun is amazing... for liking me for 10 years.
 If he's going to this extent, I should answer him too.
 "Ceres-kun, now I'll do it for you."
 I accepted Ceres-kun into my body and kept wiggling my hips.
 I thought I was a chaste wife.
 When Sector had me, he used to call me a 'boring woman'.
 But he's wrong... I can be this lewd with Ceres-kun.
 I'm sure I'm only a 'boring woman' because Sector was a boring man.
 And now, I feel so good that I'm starting to get lightheaded.
 I'm so happy that I'm afraid...
* * *
 "Hey, Ceres-kun, did I..."
 Ceres-kun is putting his arm on me.
 "Did I faint?"
 "Yes... maybe you passed out and went back to sleep."
 "And how was Ceres-kun?"
 "Shizuko-san was so cute that I just kept looking at your sleeping face."
 "You were watching me without going to sleep? It's so embarrassing.
 I looked at the window light and it was already noon.
 It's not morning, it's already noon.
 As I was getting up, Ceres-kun grabbed my hand.
 "Do you still want to?"
 Ceres-kun smiled while pulling me to him silently and I nodded my head.
 I was so happy to know that he wanted me as a woman.
 I'm sure I can't live without Ceres-kun anymore.
 Ceres-kun has taught me the true joy of being a woman.

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