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Chapter 9 To Jimna Village

 "Good morning."
 "Yes, good morning~."
 But it's not morning anymore.
 It's almost time to go to bed again.
 Maybe our bodies are compatible, but we've been at it for almost 24 hours.
 I feel a little embarrassed when I see Shizuko staring at me on the messy bed, and I'm finally aware of the relief that what we've been doing is real.
 She must be exhausted too.
 "Shizuko-san, you can stay in bed, I'll cook something."
 "Shouldn't we clean the bed first and take a shower? You're sweating and, well... sticky too."
 I was indeed sweating, but it felt strangely comfortable.
 "Hmm, but I can smell Shizuko-san's scent, so I'll just stay like this for a little while longer."
 "Geez! Don't say such embarrassing things, we're going to take a shower now!"
 With that Shizuko takes my hand and pulls me into the bathroom.
 "I'm a little lonely."
 I let out a sigh.
 "If you like my smell so much, I'll put it on you again, don't look so lonely."
 Shizuko's shyness was so cute that I soon felt energized again, and we ended up having s*x while taking a shower.
 "It's great to be young... and it's still so much..a. Ah... no, I mean Ceres-kun, haah, haah... aren't you so great...?"
 Well, I feel like my mind is being dragged by my young body.
 After all, I thought I could act a little more calmly, but my body reacts to Shizuko.
 Thinking about it calmly, I was a virgin until a while ago with a teenage body that was in the 'prime of its sexuality'.
 And the woman in front of me is 'my first love and ideal woman', so it's not surprising that I can't calm down so easily.
 Still, have I ever been this much of a man with a massive sexual appetite?
 In my past life, no.
 Maybe we're compatible... that's all I can think.
 Besides, Shizuko accepts everything about me, which makes it even more difficult for me to relax.
 In the end, we left the bathroom more than two hours later.
 "I'm sorry about that."
 "I'm glad you want me as a woman, but I'm exhausted, let's just cool down."
 "I agree."
 With that Shizuko started to clean the bathroom and the bed.
 Meanwhile, I start to cook the meal as originally planned.
 I can make omelet rice and soup from the ingredients available...
 It's easy to make and quick to eat, so let's go with that.
 I fry rice with ham and onion in homemade ketchup.
 Break up the egg with chopsticks and cover the rice with the egg like a quilt... Then, write "Shizuko" and draw a heart around it... and voila!
 Love omelet rice is ready!
 "Shizuko-san, the meal is ready!"
 "You're as skillful as ever, ah, you made omelet rice, it brings back memories, but Ceres-kun, you're so good at making such a fancy dish, I can't do it, and even more, there's a heart mark on it! Heheheh, I'm so happy."
 I can't cheat on knowledge, but ketchup and mayonnaise are not available unless I go to a big town.
 And they are not so difficult to make, but they are sold as high-class condiments along with sauces and soy sauces.
 Perhaps they are expensive because they are lumped together with otherworldly condiments.
 Still, although I don't know how to make soy sauce or sauce, I can reproduce ketchup and mayonnaise.
 "Let's eat it before it gets cold... Itadakimasu!"
 I stared at Shizuko-san, who was eating happily, with my hand on my cheek.
 Housewives often say that cooking is "not worthwhile" or "not worth making," but now that I've come to this world, I've come to understand it better.
 Making food for Shizuko-san is completely different from making food for Zect and Maria, who don't even appreciate it.
 If it was for Shizuko-san who eats it with such relish, I would want to make it again, but with those people, I had a strong feeling of 'It's just because I have to'.
 It's totally different.
 And I wouldn't want to write a heart mark on them.
 "Geez, you're staring at me again, aren't you going to eat?"
 "No, I was just admiring you."
 "Heheheh, really, don't say that again! So what are you going to do now? If there's something you want to do, I'll help you and support you."
 What do I want to do?
 Maybe there isn't anymore.
 I'm an S-rank adventurer, and although I can't reach Zect, I'm one of the top 30 adventurers in the world.
 It's enough for me to take Shizuko-san as my wife and live a carefree life.
 "I'm so happy right now, maybe that's enough."
 If I may say so, I am concerned about whether Zect and the others are in trouble because of my paternity, but they kicked me out, so I don't have to worry about it.
 If anything, I don't have anything I want to do, maybe that's the problem.
 "If Ceres-kun doesn't have anything he wants to do, why don't we go back to the village for a time? I'd like to give Sector a little punishment... Heheheh, is that okay?"
 I forgot that I was thinking of going back to the village and becoming a "local adventurer" since I met Shizuko, didn't I?
 I forgot all about it.
 Maybe I could go back to Jimna village (my hometown) for a while.
 "I forgot about it after meeting Shizuko-san, but I was thinking of going back to Jimna village for a while to relax, if Shizuko-san wants to go there, that's fine."
 "Then, let's go back home for now."
 "Yes, let's go back, and then we'll see what happens."
 So we decided to go back to Jimna village for the time being.

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