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Chapter 15 Meanwhile, at the Margrave Mansion

 The gatekeeper, who had been craning his neck while watching the suspicious figure running away like the wind, immediately noticed something unusual. He feels something holy from the thing in his hand.
 The gatekeeper, who is aware that he does not have such a sixth sense, immediately realized that this is an anomaly.
 "Something is definitely going on here. What should I do... Ah, yes! Let's talk to the eyeglass-wearing steward."
 Deciding so, he rushed to the mansion, unable to wait for his shift. In case it was an emergency, he asked another person to take his place as the gatekeeper.
 When the gatekeeper brought something to the mansion, the steward's eyes popped out of his sockets.
 "Where in the world did you get this...?"
 "A suspicious man asked me to give it to the Margrave..."
 "...Did that person say anything else?"
 "Yeah, he asked me to ask an expert to appraise it."
 The gatekeeper stood still for a moment, not knowing what to do, because of the unusual behavior of the steward. He wondered if he had not handled the situation properly. Perhaps he should have brought the man inside the house even if he was forced to?
 "Then, what's wrong with the man?"
 "Yes, I was going to lead him inside the mansion, but he said, 'do you intend to let a suspicious person like me into the mansion so easily...?'"
 "So you asked them to leave. Well, you handled it right. What did he look like?"
 "I couldn't get a good description of him because he was wearing a gray cloak and a mask. He seemed to be an adult by his physique. Yes, his shoulders were very raised, and it was eerie."
 The family steward who was listening to the story was about to think about it when he came back to himself.
 "This is not the time for this. We have to evaluate this 'Curse-Breaking Charm' as soon as possible."
 "What! Is that the 'Curse-Breaking Charm'? I've never seen it before."
 "It's the first time for me to see it in person, too. That must be why the man asked you to appraise it. Otherwise, he thought he would not be trusted. What a calm and precise judgment!"
 After saying these words, the family steward rushed away. The gatekeeper, who had never seen him like that before, felt it was dangerous to get involved with him any further, and hurriedly returned to his post. After returning, his colleagues looked at him suspiciously.
 On the other hand, the family steward went to the vault and took out a pair of glasses.
 For the note, the goods delivered to the Badia family are temporarily brought to the vault room, and after the goods are checked by the glasses, by then, they would be brought officially to the owner.
 The appraisal glasses are one of the indispensable alchemical items for aristocrats and merchants. By looking at an object through the lenses, it is possible to know almost all the features of the item. In this way, it is possible to know immediately whether the item is real or fake.
 Now, after seeing the "Curse-Breaking Charm" through the glasses, the family steward hurriedly left the vault and ran to the office of his Lord. The servants, who did not know the situation, looked at him with strange looks. After all, the family steward was always particular about his manners. To run in the corridor was an outrage.
 "My Lord, My Lord! This is a serious matter!"
 The family steward knocks on the door vigorously. Because of this unusual behavior, Margrave Badia assumed the worst.
 "Don't tell me something's wrong with Elena!?"
 "No, it's not that, my Lord. It's different. Anyway... Please look at this..."
 As if collapsing, the family steward entered the room and put down the "Curse-Breaking Charm" on the desk of the office. Next to it, he also placed a pair of glasses. This was indeed a representative of the family steward.
 "Is this... is this the 'Curse-Breaking Charm'? Where did you get this? No, more importantly, is it real?"
 The Margrave grabs a pair of glasses and examines it with suppressed impatience. There have been countless fakes brought to Margrave Badia's house so far. Of course, he punished them with a complaint, asking why they would do something that would make him get his hopes up when he could immediately tell that it was a fake.
 "It's a real one, and moreover, it's a 'Curse-Breaking Charm++'? I didn't know such a thing existed..."
 "It seems so. I think it should be delivered to Miss immediately."
 "You're right. We have many questions but first, we must heal Elena."
 Seeing the Lord and the family steward running down the corridor, the servants knew that something unusual had happened. Is it possible that something unfortunate has happened to Miss Elena? All the servants fell silent.
 Meanwhile, when they arrived at the room, a woman with waist-length golden hair and blue eyes was lying there, looking as if she was about to die.
 If she had been in good health, she would have been beautiful. But now, her complexion was earthy, her cheeks were thin, and her hair was dry. The servants shared the common view that it was unbearable to look at her.
 In fact, Margrave Badia was so pained when he visit this room.
 "Father...? What about Mother?"
 "Don't worry. Soon Olivia will be fine. Elena too will be fine in no time."
 Elena was about to say that she would never make it when Margrave Badia interrupted her.
 "No, you definitely get better."
 Elena felt something strange when she saw her father's face. His face was full of power. It was a face Elena had never seen since she had discovered that she was under a curse. He seems to have a secret plan.
 While she nodded her head, Elena was laid down on the bed. Then, a piece of paper was stuck on her forehead.
 She was about to ask, "What's this?" when she felt something powerful flowing from the paper to her forehead, and from her forehead to her whole body. "Who?" In Elena's mind, she saw the back figure of a man who was desperately holding his hand toward the magic circle on the table.
 He was a black-haired man with two round, reddish-black horns on his head. He must be a demon. On his shoulders, there is a green-colored round object. Could this be the creator of this mysterious paper? When she thought so, the gentle vibrations of the paper enveloped Elena's whole body.
 Before she realized it, the weariness that had been eating away at her body was completely gone. At that moment, she was sure that she was free from the curse. She felt light. She feels as if she can jump out of bed and leap up and down now.
 "I can't believe it..."
 Margrave Badia muttered in a muffled voice. It's no wonder. Elena who had used the "Curse-Breaking Charm++" had regained her brightness as before the curse, or even more so than before. It was as if she had never suffered from the curse.
 "Hurry up, hurry up, and get Olivia!"
 "Y-Yes, u-understood!"
 The family steward ran out of the room. As she watched, Elena couldn't help but smile. Margrave Badia looked at his daughter with a startled look as she got up from the bed, but he was convinced when he saw her standing up quickly. This was the power of the "Curse-Breaking Charm++". It was truly a divine power.

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