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Chapter 16 Let's Sell the Monster Material

 I think it should be safe to come this far. And the crowds on the main street should hide us. It's like: the best place to hide trees is in the forest, and the best place to hide demons is among people.
 "It seems they're not chasing us."
 "It seems so. Now I can finally catch my breath. But I can't even buy a drink because I don't have any money. Let's go sell the materials for the Giant Death Spider as soon as possible."
 "Right. Monster materials can be sold at the store attached to the Adventurers' Guild."
 I see, so I can sell the materials I got after I finished defeating monsters or something. I wonder if it goes to the blacksmith guild or the alchemist guild from there. It could also go to the commercial guilds.
 "I don't need to prove my identity to sell it, do I?"
 "That's right. Perhaps the materials, which come from the monsters that attacked the village, could be sold to the guild too."
 "Come to think of it, there is a black bear pelt left over too."
 Apparently, everyone is free to sell items. As long as they can get the materials, the Adventurers' Guild does not care how they get them.
 I didn't want to stop by the Adventurers' Guild, but the building next door should be fine. As I headed toward the guild with heavy steps, I saw a good number of people at the purchase counter.
 "Oh, there are quite a few people here. There are a good number of people looking like adventurers. Shouldn't we accept today's request?
 "Maybe there are not many adventurers who accept requests on consecutive days. I think they take a rest in between to keep themselves in good shape. And in the meantime, they probably sell the materials they get for the money."
 Well, it seems that being an adventurer is harder than I thought. It would be nice if the monsters would leave the money as it is, but that is not the case. So, it seems that to get the money, one has to go through the process of "exchanging" it for cash.
 Now, after waiting in line for a while, it was our turn. The receptionist was a big, strong man. He was probably trying to avoid any complaints. Perhaps that is why the pressure was so great.
 "I want to sell this."
 On the counter, I place a black bear pelt, the exoskeleton, and the giant death spider's leg. Immediately, the big man's face goes tight.
 "Where did you get this?"
 "Deep in the woods."
 "Just to be clear, you don't mean around here, do you?"
 "Yes. And, the black bear pelts came from a place near the development village."
 "Development village?"
 He was thinking for a while, but then he seemed to remember. He clapped his hands lightly and started to check with his glasses. And it was over soon. This was indeed a store specializing in buying and selling. They must have known most of the details just by looking at it.
 "I've finished checking. They are all genuine. The sale price will be three gold coins."
 "That's fine. Can you convert some of them into small gold and silver coins?"
 "Yes. I'll get them to you right away."
 That's a good price. I think it's much more profitable than selling the healing potion++. Maybe I can earn money more easily as an adventurer since I couldn't become an alchemist.
 "Kabirumba, wouldn't it be better to become an adventurer?"
 "Hmm, that's true, but I think it would be too conspicuous."
 "Ah, that's possible. I don't know how to add or subtract. Maybe I should go with adventurers and let them show me how they work."
 While we were talking about that, the receptionist brought the money. Now money will not be a problem for a while. As long as I have the money, I can come and go in and out of the town. Huff, I am free!
 But, first of all, I put the money in my magic bag and leave the store. The next step is to sell the egg.
 "So, where do you sell the delicacy egg? In a grocery store?"
 "No, a store specializing in exotic foods."
 "I don't really want to go there... but I can't help it if I have the egg. Let's go."
 The exotic store was located in an alley off the main street. The storefront is quite ordinary. The show window in front of the store was not decorated with anything strange. If anything, the store selling alchemical materials that had a row of cranes seemed to be more peculiar.
 "Welcome. Are you new here?"
 The glasses-wearing clerk talks to me with a pricey look in his eyes. I guessed he was the owner of the store, seeing that there was only one person in the store.
 "I've come here to sell something. Can you take a look at it?"
 "Sure, of course."
 Perhaps because he knew that I was not a customer, he seemed to have lost some of his cautions. Anyway, I placed a giant death spider egg on the table.
 "This is quite a delicacy. The quality is perfect. How about five small gold coins?"
 "That's fine."
 "Thank you."
 I never thought that a simple, disgusting egg could be sold for such a high price. I am amazed at people's insatiable inquisitiveness for food. As a seeker of knowledge, should I taste it? No, I can't.
 After receiving the money, I quickly left the store. Judging from the fact that there were no suspicious items for sale in the store, I guess I need to become a member to buy the delicacies. But I guess not.
 "Well, everything is done now. Now, what should we do? Maybe we should go out to collect ingredients for the potion."
 "That's a good idea. Although our money is getting warmer, it would be better to have a regular income. Besides, if there is a spare alchemical item, it will be useful in case something happens."
 Kabirumba nods with a mycelium of nods, a move completely based on the assumption that something is going to happen.
 "Hey, hey, Kabirumba, can you stop talking like that?"
 "This was an oversight. Well, it will probably be all right. You can't get into trouble so many times, can you?"
 Kabirumba laughed, but I had a bad feeling about this.

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