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Chapter 19 The Adventurers' Guild in Turmoil

 "We can't stay like this. We have to get back to them as soon as possible."
 "Leo-sama, listen to me calmly. What I just said is a metaphor. I don't know if it's true or not. Maybe it's really just a party for those two."
 Is that possible? A party of two girls. Girls who are close to each other, supporting each other and growing up together. No men needed there. And if a man gets between them, he'll be erased.
 "I hope you're right... but I'm still curious. Because I don't want them to be attacked by monsters or something. All right, let's go back after all."
 "That won't be necessary. I'm sure all the monsters in this area have escaped."
 "Oh, is that a joke?"
 "Please forgive me..."
 I think Kabirumba's "silent pressure" is more frightening than my murderous intent.
 Still, I was not convinced, so I extended my search range ability with full power. As a result, I didn't find any response from the infidels who might be running back to the town.
 On the other hand, the monsters were moving as fast as they could away from this place. That which Kabirumba said was true. The monster had run away because of my previous murderous intent!
 But thanks to that, the two girls will be able to return safely to the town. Still, I'll keep an eye on them just in case.
 "Leo-sama, you're like a stalker, you know..."
 Kabirumba smiles.
 "Don't talk nonsense. Call me a guardian, not a stalker."
 "But, you're being overprotective. There are no monsters within range, are there? You don't have to watch over them anymore."
 "I know, but things have come this far and I want to see them through to the end."
 "Leo-sama, you're like a mother watching over her child who's running an errand for the first time."
 "I see. I think I understand how mothers feel now."
 As I watched, the girls has entered the town. Mission accomplished, and Kabirumba and I could return back. I take off my cloak and mask and put them in my magic bag. Now the sky is turning from dusk to dark blue.
 "Leo-sama, you were planning to have an early dinner, weren't you?"
 "Yes. I was going to have a fancy dinner. But, I can't help it, and I don't regret it."
 "That's fine. Then, let's go have dinner. The tavern attached to the Adventurers' Guild is no good. There's a good chance the two girls from earlier will be there."
 "All right. I think let's take a walk in the back streets today."
 I walk down the backstreets feeling a little disappointed. Tomorrow I can look forward to a sumptuous dinner. But now, I should find a nice place in the backstreets. Anyway, at the backstreet, I found a nice restaurant, which served a delicious orc stew with local ingredients. Maybe I'll go hunting for orc meat next time?
 After a long day, I return to the inn early. Today is the day I'm going to take a long-awaited bath. I grab a silver coin and head for the baths. I pay the attendant at the bathhouse and head for the bathtub.
 There was a bathhouse as big as the room I was renting. Maybe, ot would cost a lot of money for fuel to keep the water hot in such a big bathhouse. Even if the temperature was maintained by magic, it would be very difficult.
 "This is it...! This is what I've been waiting for."
 I shouted as I got into the bathhouse, because it felt so good. But Kabirumba tilted its head, as if not understanding how good it felt.
 "How is it?
 "It's something like that. But still, Kabirumba is allowed to enter for free. That's not fair."
 "Are you sure you don't mind if you have to pay for me too?"
 Let's pretend this conversation never happened. If I am charged for both of us, I will be charged for accommodation and entrance fee as well. To avoid such a situation, I did not ask any questions.
 "What should I do from tomorrow? I've got enough to do, so I think I'll just laze around for a while."
 "Leo-sama, that's a good idea. Let's be quiet for a while. Let's do that."
 "...I don't know why... but I'm a bit suspicious... The usual Kabirumba would say, 'Don't be lazy, work'."
 "I don't think so. (ソンナコトナイヨー)"
 I doubt it. The fact that Kabirumba said it in broken Japanese makes it even more suspicious. Should I try tasting Kabirumba? It might taste like a lie.
 As I stare at him doubtfully, Kabirumba sighs a sigh of resignation.
 "Okay, the Adventurers' Guild is in turmoil right now"
 "Turmoil? Don't tell me you're talking about those two girls?"
 "It seems so close, but it's so far. To be precise, the drill lance that Leo-sama used to save those two girls seems to be a problem."
 Drill lance is a problem? Well, I remember Kabirumba mumbling "Ah" when he used the drill lance. Maybe Kabirumba had predicted this at that time? And using the mycelial network, Kabirumba has been monitoring the Adventurers' Guild.
 "Hey, what do you mean?"
 "Do you remember that the adventurers who went to investigate the goblins' village had found traces of the drill lance?"
 "Of course. But then I'm sure their testimony is suspect because the evidence was wiped clean afterwards."
 "Yes, that's right. Such magic has never been heard of or seen. So, the credibility of their testimony was not so good. However, there is in fact a drill lance user."
 Oh, I have a bad feeling about this. Just when it seemed like it was going to be forgotten, there was a drill-lance user. So, they must suspect there's a guy who attacked the goblin village.
 "What do we do?"
 "I can't help it. Now we have no choice but to hide. Fortunately, Leo-sama was in disguise. If you don't dress like that, they won't be able to recognize Leo-sama so easily."
 Kabirumba shakes its head from side to side and casts down its eyes. Maybe if I had used a different magic at that time, none of this would have happened. From now on I must refrain from using the drill lance.
 Fire magic can't be used in the forest, so should I use water magic? No, maybe wind magic would be better.
 "I should have kept my mouth shut. Now we have to think about moving to another town. Kabirumba, plan B. Show me plan B."
 "What? There is no plan B."
 Since there seemed to be no plan B, I decided to stay here for a while.

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