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Chapter 20 Infiltrating

 The next day, Kabirumba and I checked the store, the Adventurers' Guild and the Alchemists' Guild from afar. So far there does not seem to be a big commotion. Anyway, I ask Kabirumba to keep an eye on things.
 "We won't be able to sell anything for a while."
 "That's true. Leo-sama may be asked a lot of questions. In that case, I never know when Leo-sama might slip up."
 "Hey, why are you trusting me in a different way?"
 There's no point in complaining to Kabirumba. I can't sell anything now, and I can't act rashly. The only thing I can do is to make alchemical items at the inn.
 "I should stay quiet at the inn. Yes, it might be a good idea to apprentice myself to a famous alchemist and get a letter of recommendation from him."
 "Is there anyone who can teach alchemy to Leo-sama?"
 "It doesn't matter if there is no one. As long as I can get a letter of recommendation."
 "On the contrary, I think he would ask Leo-sama to be your apprentice."
 Kabirumba laughs at that. The mummy will become mummified. And without the qualifications of an alchemist. I'm a completely unqualified alchemist. Really, I'm going to have to live in the dark.
 "Let's not do this. The world's greatest alchemist will always be a solitary being."
 "I think that's a good idea. But I don't think it's good for your health to stay cooped up in an inn all the time, Leo-sama."
 "That's true. Well then, let's go back to the undeveloped forest. There is a possibility that a new material may be found. Because yesterday we were mainly looking for medicinal herbs."
 Before that, it might be better to find out what kind of materials for alchemical items have been found in the forest. The information on materials is either from alchemy guilds or adventurers' guilds. Neither of them are good. If it's a no-go, should I go to the commercial guilds?
 "Can we stop by a commercial guild for information on what kind of materials are available in the undeveloped forest?"
 "Well, that's good. Then, let's go to the commercial guild. If it's a commercial guild, Leo-sama haven't done anything that would cause a problem yet."
 Kabirumba's words sounded harsh, but I can't deny it because it's true. The alchemy guild has the case of the "Curse-Breaking Charm", and the adventurers' guild has the case of the "Annihilation of Goblin Billage". Both of them are deeply related to me. I have no regrets because I couldn't leave either of them alone, but I don't know how it came to this.
 The commercial guild was located along the main street. It was a good location. It must be because they are so powerful. They probably control most of the goods that come to the town.
 "It's a fine stone building."
 "Yes. The Adventurers' Guild was big, but this one is even bigger. I can understand that the Adventurers' Guild is big since there is an undeveloped forest nearby, but the Commercial Guild is even bigger than the Adventurers' Guild."
 "Is there a reason for this?"
 Maybe there is something valuable to be gained from the undeveloped forests. After all, the commercial guilds are very powerful, and they could be the ones who control it and distribute it. That's possible.
 "It is simply the policy of the Lord. They probably protect the merchants so that their goods will not be scarce on the frontier. As a proof of this, the commercial guilds seem to be getting bigger."
 "It sounds like the Lord is in a lot of trouble. By the way, did the 'Curse Breaking Charm' help?"
 "There is no strong information about it so far. Maybe there is something that needs to be kept hidden..."
 Kabirumba started to think. In this state, this guy is a little creepy. When things are not going well, he becomes silent like this. I am afraid to hear the conclusion. So, in the meantime, I am going to visit a commercial guild.
 There were a fair number of people in the guild. Not sparse, but not many. It seems that they are having a hard time keeping commerce active.
 And this is accelerated by the increase in the price of ID cards issued by the commerce guild. This has certainly made it more and more difficult for people to visit. Without newcomers, the commercial guild may be on a gradual downhill slide.
 On the wall, there was a purchase wish list. By checking it, one can get some idea of which items will sell at a high price. From what I saw, it seemed that most of the items were groceries. Next are the daily necessities. Alchemical items are not listed. Perhaps they have different jurisdictions. Anyway, the area seems to be well organized.
 "It all seems to be based on the principle of bringing in large quantities. It can be managed with the magic bag, but it seems to be difficult to move from town to town."
 "It seems so. And perhaps because the goods can be purchased in large quantities, the purchase price is lower than when selling individual items."
 "I see. It must be hard to be a merchant."
 If I want to be a merchant in earnest, I will need a lot of money. And if the odds are against me, I'll run out of money in no time. It seems impossible for me to do it. Though there is Kabirumba, an extraordinary entity that can instantly know the world's market prices, I am not confident of my ability to use it.
 In the end, there was no information on materials from the undeveloped forests, which I had hoped for. It seems that they do not buy on a small scale. However, it seems that it would be better to come here if I wanted to sell a large amount of stuff.
 In other places, there is usually a limit to the amount of material that can be sold. Therefore, I cannot sell my healing potions and antidote potions in large quantities just because I want to make money.
 By the way, the price to get an ID card issued at the guild had gone up from one small gold coin to ten gold coins. Isn't this a hundredfold increase too much? That's a bit too much, isn't it?
 As Kabirumba says, it would be cheaper to pay the admission fee each time.

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