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Chapter 175 Rescue

 "Baskerville-sama... Uuu, Baskerville-samaa!"
 Ryuna hugs me with tears streaming down her face.
 The feeling of warmth and softness. The touch of a live human woman.
 I hug her back and realize that I have made it in time.
 "I knew you would come to save me. My savior. My beloved..."
 "Yeah, sorry to keep you waiting. I'm sorry I'm late because I had to make a little detour... That's annoying."
 I hold Ryuna's waist and glare at the tactless evil God reaching out to me.
 '(jAY9gqgq:qgg:;―05 "06d\hzg!!'
 "You're noisy. Get the hell out of here!"
 Clad in the overlimit 'Meisho Jigokuyori (Underworld Hell Spirit)', I delivered a powerful blow with all my might.
 An aura of evil spurts out from my sword, slashing the countless arms extending from the mouth of the evil God Illyanka Nobulunaga and cutting the dry female flesh growing out of the serpent's forehead in two.
 The evil God lets out an inarticulate exclamation.
 Apparently, although he had been weakened by the long seal... The God, an existence that transcended human beings, was frightened by the blow of a human.
 "Impossible! A mere mortal's attack on my Lord...!?"
 Guru Rudanaga... or rather, Rujanaga, the Fourth Heavenly King of the Demon King's Army, looks as if he can't believe it.
 It is natural that he is astonished. Normally, an attack by a human would not hurt the Evil God.
 But... I am now activating the overlimit.
 Just like the hero, Leon Brave. However, it's the opposite of the hero's overlimit.
 "The effect of my Overlimit is to multiply status values. And it also grants a special attack against God's dependents."
 This technique is normally used against unique enemies such as heroes, saints, and angels... but if it works against God's dependents, it will also work against God himself.
 This is a great move for this situation. It's so well suiting that it makes one wonder if there's "someone" pulling the strings behind the scenes.
 "I wonder if someone gave me this power to make me fight against the evil God... Haaaa! But I don't care!"
 I laugh with my sharp canine teeth bared and fire a jet-black slash.
 "I don't give a damn who or what you're up to! I'm going to exterminate any and all who touch my woman!"
 "Hellfire Dragon Blast!"
 A jet-black, flame-clad slash is fired at the head of the giant snake.
 The evil God, Ilyanka Nobulunaga, screams and struggles as he is engulfed by the flames that have been given the power of a god-slayer.
 "My Lord! Ah, what a disaster!
 "Now! Retreat!"
 Rujanaga screams in shock.
 Seeing a critical moment, I took Ryuna and ran.
 If I wanted to, I would like to get rid of the evil God right here and now, but I don't want to go that high.
 My priority is the safety of Ryuna.
 "Goodbye! I'll take the Priestess!"
 "You bast*rd... Even though you're just a MORTALLLLL!"
 Rujanaga shouts in rage.
 The old man, whose plans have all been upended by the assault on his master, the evil God, and the kidnapping of the Priestess... is red to the top of his balding head.
 "It is not over yet! Veinrune, get the Priestess back!"
 "FO... Finally, this great me turn!"
 A top-naked young man stands before me, pointing his index fingers at me.
 Veinrune, the Knight of Hell.
 A powerful demon with the ability to teleport and use advanced magic.
 Seeing my hated enemy who took Ryuna away from me, I grit my back teeth.
 "We meet again, at last, my sweet honey! Surely, you would come to see me for sure!"
 "...You're still the same annoying pervert, huh? I didn't come to see you."
 "HYU, you're not being honest. Frankly... This great me don't like the idea of fighting you under fu*cking old man orders. I wanted our gig (intercourse) to be under a honeymoon, with no one getting in the way."
 "Then get the hell out of here. Or better yet, die."
 "FOOOOOOO! You're... super cute when you talk about hateful things like that, honey!"
 Veinrune vanishes before my eyes. He must have used a teleport spell.
 Intuitively, I turn around and reel backward with my sword.
 "I won't get caught twice!"
 "HYU! You're good!"
 Veinrune's right arm collides with my sword.
 Our swords and arms clash with sparks, sending us both flying backwards.
 With Ryuna's body in my arms, I face Veinrune a few meters away.
 "Not bad, not bad... But you can't win with Priestess in your arms, no?"
 In my arms, Ryuna's eyes are shaking with anxiety.
 It's true that fighting with Ryuna in my arms was reckless.
 Veinrune is a demon with fighting abilities comparable to the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Army. Even if we fought on equal terms, it would be a difficult enemy whom I don't know if I could win or not.
 "Damn it... time's up."
 In addition, my overlimit disappeared when the time limit expired.
 The jet-black aura around my body disappears, and my boosted status returns to normal.
 "I think you'd better let go of Priestess-chan, you see? You're sinful honey to bring another woman into your honeymoon with me!"
 "Hmph... I know you're going to take her away from me as soon as you let her go... But that's not going to happen."
 Even if I let Ryuna go first, Veinrune's teleport magic will take her away from me soon.
 After that, the ritual is resumed, and while fighting Veinrune, Ryuna ends up in the belly of the evil God.
 "But... that's not how it's going to be! I didn't come all the way here without a plan!"
 I took out a hidden item.
 Out of my pocket came a bird feather in seven different colors. It was the feather of Horus, one of the items I had asked Salomon to get.
 "What!? Why is that feather!?"
 Rujanaga's eyes widened at a distance.
 Apparently, he knows about this item.
 The monk who had been standing by the wounded God hurriedly twists his magic power and tries to stop me from using the item.
 "I don't know what you're doing... but you're late!"
 "Wait! Waitt!?"
 "FO! My honey!?"
 Rujanaga and Veinrune shouted together.
 "See you soon!"
 The next moment, the scenery around us changed instantly.
 Rujanaga and Veinrune disappeared.
 Ryuna and I move to a rocky place far from the Altar of the Evil Gods.
 "Eh...? Where is this place?"
 "With this, it wasn't just him who could use the teleport magic. Still, we made it out of here just as I planned."
 The royal tomb of Salomon. The reward for clearing the 70th level—'Feather of Horus'.
 I used this item to move to any place instantly, though it is limited to the Kingdom of Maafern, a desert country.
 I risked so much to get this item to make sure that I could rescue Ryuna by using the teleport magic.
 "Ryuna! Thank God you're safe!"
 Shakuna, Ryuna's half-sister, notices us and comes running.
 We had arranged for her to hide in this rocky area.
 The reunited sisters hug each other and shed tears of joy for each other's safety.
 "Really... I'm so glad...!"
 "Onee-sama, I'm sorry for worrying you..."
 It was a moving reunion.
 I rescued Ryuna, who was supposed to die in the game scenario and succeeded in saving Shakuna's heart.
 "Hmph... Good grief, you made me go through a lot of trouble..."
 I smile softly as the sisters embrace each other with tears of joy.

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