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Chapter 68 Hero (Yuusha) Quit

 Zect's POV
 At this point, I contacted Pope Romalis through the communication crystal.
 I asked for advice on how to get the three girls out of the party since they can't fight anymore.
 But in the end, I had no idea what to say to him.
 "Do you want them to quit? If that's the case, Zect-dono also quitting Hero (Yuusha), right? Is that what you mean?"
 "Aren't you too young to shut up? Forget it, you can quit... then goodbye."
 My wish was granted too easily.
 "Um, Pope... are you sure you want to do this?"
 "Yes, I don't care... That's what you want, isn't it? Huff~ Really, Zect, you're pathetic, putting everything on your childhood friend... From now on, the position of Hero (Yuusha) is null and void... and the remaining three main jobs are also dismissed... I accepted your request..."
 Isn't it too simple...? But what is putting everything on my childhood friend?
 "What do you mean?"
 "Ceres-dono and I had a conversation once... And there was more to it... Well, I'll tell you, Zect."
 What the hell is going on?
* * *
 "It's simple... Let all humans fight, that's all... Let all villagers, merchants, prostitutes, nuns, and everyone drop everything they do and march towards the Demon King's castle. Those who don't join the battle and those who flee will be excommunicated and put to death. If I, the Pope, say it like that, mankind will win, all mankind vs all demons... We will win for sure. That was what Ceres-dono said before... Do you remember it?"
 "Yes, I heard it."
 "After that, Ceres-dono said something else, 'And there are people who can give orders without the Pope's permission,' don't you think?"
 "But wasn't no one can do such a thing except the Pope...?"
 "No...Hero (Yuusha) can do that... Hero (Yuusha) absolutist made the 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law', and there was a sentence in it...'Hero (Yuusha) can freely raise forces to fight against the demon tribe."
 "Ceres-dono said with a laugh that if Zect wants to quit Hero (Yuusha), and if we don't accept it, he will order us to 'lend all the forces of the Holy Church, the Kingdom, and the Empire' and then declare war on the demon tribe 'against all mankind.' Huff~ This would bring about an all-out war legally, and since the old Pope signed the 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law' that says 'no tampering allowed', I can't tamper with it... Really, how dare you expel such an existence and let it go unchecked?"
 ※ Like in some nations, the older the king, the greater his authority... such is the custom here in this kingdom.
 "Ceres did such a thing..."
 "And what do you think he said when I told him that... there would be thousands casualties...?"
 "What would he have said?"
 "He said one childhood friend is more important than a stranger."
 "Such a thing from him."
 "After that, I told him many things, but he kept hitting me where it hurts... He said that by giving up the central church, all the people in the slums would be saved... If the royal family gave up all their money, the poor would all disappear... He also says the royal family and the nobles are squeezing money out of the town while they and their family live in luxury... but people in the town are starving to death because they can't even eat... And after that, he said, 'after all, everyone is just like me, the Pope'... Still, he is right... I know people need food, but even I can't make enemies of all the royalty and nobility."
 "Isn't that right...?"
 "Yes... then he laughed and said, 'And, Pope is no different.'"
 "Well, I don't know what to say..."
 "Don't worry... from now on, you're just a Zect... and all three girls also become just village girls... You never again involved with me, royalty, or nobility... So, return to the nearest church with your holy equipment, including the holy sword... Oh, you can keep the money... And thank you for all your hard work."
 Still, who the hell is Ceres?
 He's been negotiating with these people without my knowledge.
 Well, since he was a kid, he's been borrowing books from Uncle Shuuto and studying them...
 So is he can talk to the Pope because of that?
 However, if it was me, I couldn't do it...
 But anyway, we're free now.
* * *
 Pope's POV
 Let's go back in time.
 "There's a problem with Ceres-dono."
 "Don't worry about Ceres... He is good... We can just ignore it..."
 "Archbishop... Is it good? Ceres-dono can hunt dragons. Have you thought about what that means? Simply put, 'If he gets really angry, he can storm into the castle, slay the king, and return home laughing'"
 "Indeed, Pope, a being who can hunt multiple rock dragons single-handedly, is no longer a human being… But a miniature version of Amon. But what should we do?"
 "We'll use a lure method...Ceres-dono's weakness is his childhood friend... And Hero (Yuusha) and the others will try to follow Ceres-dono's wishes. So if he ever says he's quitting, we'll let him quit. But in exchange, we'll make him owe, and 'Ceres-dono won't get away,' that's all we can do."
 "Hmm, that's true."
 "But, wait, Archbishop Roanne… Why hasn't Ceres-dono received the reward yet? Since he's been hunting dragons since then, why didn't we try to make an 'Engagement to Cecilia-sama' as a reward...? Cecilia-sama likes him too, so do it."
 "Originally, it would be ideal to have him challenge the Demon King together with Hero (Yuusha), but... Zect-dono and Ceres-dono... If I had to weigh them, Ceres-dono would be the better choice... Fortunately... 'Hero (Yuusha) can freely raise forces to fight against the demon tribe'... So, this is 'Hero (Yuusha) only'... Also, how to make Ceres-dono fight against the Demon King... That is an urgent matter... Until a conclusion is reached, you all are not allowed to leave here."
 The church is also on the move.

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