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Chapter 36 An Invitation to the Slave Market

 I returned to the village.
 Then I went to the village head's house, Najim.
 "What's wrong? Ceres, what can I do for you?"
 Lucky for me, there are two counselors there.
 Just in time...
 "Village head, can I talk to you for a minute as if I were your grandson?"
 "Oh, no problem... I really think of you as my grandson. Then, are Khasim and Kajina fine, too?"
 "Ah, I don't mind."
 "You helped me at home. Don't mind me either."
 Okay, what I'm going to do now is to get the village head involved.
 Otherwise, there will be problems.
 "Well then, as your grandson, may I ask... do you have sexual desires?"
 "What the...? Hmm, not really."
 "Me neither... why are you asking such a question?"
 "Well, if it's me, I'm lonely."
 Of course... they're old.
 "I see... actually, I have a present for you all."
 "A present? What's the big deal? Ceres always brings me presents. I've had enough."
 "That's right."
 "Every time I go back to the village, I get a gold coin from you too... my bad."
 "No, don't worry about it. It just so happens that while we're going to leave this village, I'm worried about the old men, so I'm thinking of giving you some slaves... everyone's children are leaving. Everyone has no wives, too... so I'm worried about all of you."
 "You... really, is that why you asked that...? Still, thank you so much. You've been thinking a lot about how to take care of us in our old age, I'm sorry... it would be a great help."
 "I'm sorry to trouble you... but thank you."
 "You're right. Even my own grandson and son don't have this kind of filial piety, thank you."
 "Then let's go to the next town tomorrow. I've already made a reservation for you..."
 """Ohh, thank you.""
 "Uncle Sector, you too."
 "I... It's okay?"
 "Well, this time, it's all the people who've helped me..."
 "Huff... You're really like my family... even Zect wouldn't do this for me."
 "Don't worry about it."
* * *
 "Hey, Ceres... what's up? I gave you your money back, didn't I? I'm sorry about that."
 "I don't care about that... but there' s a slave market in the next town. Why don't you go buy some?"
 "I'd love to, but I'd have to think about the money..."
 "What are you talking about, Kazuma-niisan? I'll buy it for you since you gave me back the money... in fact, I have reserved the girl Kazuma-niisan likes... So why don't we go tomorrow?"
 "In that case, I will close the store tomorrow... I'm sorry if this is bothering you..."
 "It's okay... I'll be leaving soon, and I want to do something for my brother... that's all."
 "Okay... Really, you're like a brother and son to me... Also, come eat with me when the restaurant in the capital is doing well."
 "I'll be there."
 "Then, I'll be waiting for you."
* * *
 "What's up, Ceres? Why are you still here?"
 "Kaito-san wants a young companion, right?"
 "Then, let's go buy one tomorrow."
 "Hey, hey, I've already deposited my money. I don't have enough money for tomorrow."
 "What are you talking about? I'll pay for it."
 "No, I don't need it."
 "But you gave me Sayo-san... and you're like a father to me... Maybe I'll leave here with the four of them in a while. Who knows when I'll be back next... So, I'm worried about you being alone."
 "You really are... a good man... even my daughter Mel doesn't send me any money."
 Well, that's not easy at such hero's party.
 "I see."
 "Ah, that bast*rd child. Ceres is more dutiful than her... Okay, I'll accept whatever favor you give me."
 "Then, tomorrow morning in front of the village head's house..."
 "Okay... I'll be there."
* * *
 "Hmm? Ceres-kun, what brings you here today?"
 "Shuuto-san, actually, there's a slave market in the next town."
 "Heh, is that so? Indeed I'm going to buy some slaves... but only a few..."
 "You see, I saw a nobleman's daughter there. She looks smart, and I'm sure she'll be a good match for Shuuto-san."
 "Yes, don't worry about the money. I'll take care of it since you've taken care of me since I was a kid."
 "Are you sure?"
 "Of course."
 Now with this, I can make it look like revenge in a way that won't hurt anyone.
 I'm sure everyone will understand.
 I hope they do...

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