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Chapter 35 Slave Market

 This is depressing.
 I don't hold a grudge... and yet I have to do something to avenge Zect and the others.
 What looks like revenge to those around me is not such an easy thing for me to do it.
 Still, I have to find a way.
 Talking with Shizuko and the others is going to be brutal, so it's better to think alone.
 In search of ideas, I have come to the next town.
 It's a little bit open... if the royal capital is like Tokyo's Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Ikebukuro, then this place is as open as a regional city, with an adventurer's guild, a merchant's guild, a church, and maybe a couple of brothels...
 Maybe there are some good hints...
 While looking around, there is a notice on the bulletin board of a commercial guild that says 'Slave market open... Orcman's Consultation is free for purchase'.
 Such a sign is posted on the board.
 Orcman is a tall man of 220cm height (7'2 ft) and a famous adventurer who buys slaves with his income and lives in a harem.
 Well, he is a celebrity in the capital.
 I remember everyone said, 'he wants to buy all slaves.'
 But should I go check it out?
 Well, I decided to go check out the slave market.
 Wow... the market is a pretty big one, especially since it's held by the slave trader of the capital.
 But it's the wrong time of the year.
 This is the time of the year when the neighboring villages are short of money before the harvest.
 People don't have big money at this time of the year.
 "Hey, aren't you the dragon killer Ceres?"
 I'm a Ceres, but what's a dragon killer?
 "Sure, I'm a Ceres, but what's a dragon slayer, Orcman?"
 "Hahaha, some adventurers call you a Dragon Killer just like they call me an Orcman... and it's a good time, you have money, don't you? I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the chill people... can you please buy me about ten of them?"
 "I have one wife and three fiancées... no way."
 Oh no... now that I think about it, Shizuko and I had a guild marriage, but the other three were not yet married... I had forgotten that in the village, we could get by with a de facto marriage without filing a registration... But If I come here, I should have come with them...
 "What do you mean? Only 4 wives? I have 10 wives, you know? You should have more. You're a good man, after all..."
 "Sure, I can make a lot of money, but I'm afraid of my wife... because I don't want to die..."
 Hmm? But... this is... okay, right...? It could work.
 "Well... I can't buy it, but I might be able to introduce you to someone who can, maybe, can you show me around?"
 "Okay, I'm not busy, no problem!"
 Orcman shows me around the market.
 There are quite a lot of nice girls.
 "There are a lot of young girls here, huh?"
 "Well, these poor girls were probably sold by their parents... and by buying slaves, you're helping them."
 "I see. So there's that aspect too."
 "Yeah, so buy them as if you're helping them."
 "Well... but, aren't elves and dark elves supposed to be expensive... why are they so cheap?"
 "Oh, they are old. Elves can be over 200 years old and still look good. It's not just their good looks that make them expensive. They are valuable because they become the family's property for generations. At that price, they must have about 30 years left to live... the proof is in the living body. Though, there's no bio-guarantee."
 "Yeah, in the case of the slavers in the capital, if the slave dies of a disease or physical condition within 3 years, the owner can get another slave of the same value for free if they present a certificate from a licensed healer... without that guarantee, even the most elderly of elves would have to be very old... If you are sensitive to smell, they smell like old people."
 "Hmm... if they live 30 years, that's enough to consider them as human beings."
 ※ The lifespan of the human race in this world is 50 to 60 years.
 "Isn't that right? It's the same as buying a 20-year-old human if you like elves."
 "Indeed... and that girl over there who looks like a noblewoman... she's cheaper than I thought too."
 "Noble daughters are the classic example of useless people who don't help with the household chores and make fun of people by bringing up their education... and even if they are nobles, most of the people sold in these places have offended royalty and high nobility... they're a pain in the ass. "
 "It's like they're trying to deny all of my common sense."
 "Right? You're gonna suffer a loss if you don't know."
 "Okay... well, can I make a deposit and a reservation? You don't have to return it if I don't buy it."
 "Yes, you can reserve two silver coins for 14 days if it's not a very high-class slave."
 "Well then..."
 Afterward, I went around the slave market with Orcman and reserved some slaves.
 "You seem pretty eager to buy, huh?"
 "Well, yeah."
 With this... Maybe it's all right...

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