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Chapter 38 The Elves and the Old Men

 "Welcome, Ceres!"
 "Orcman, I'm looking forward to dealing with you today! But you don't seem to be busy?"
 "Hahaha, you're right, it's the wrong season, the slaver traders are having a hard time, and that's why I'm giving you my full cooperation to buy more slaves this time... feel free to use those two big tents there... "
 "Thank you."
 "That's fine... so I'll just bring the three of them first?"
 "Oh, yeah, sure."
 "Then, leave it to me."
 "Okay, Village Head Najim, Kajina-san, Khasim-san, you stay in the tent over here and the rest of you over there."
 "Oh? We'll be the first ones up?"
 "I'm nervous. It's like a marriage proposal."
 "That's what Old Lady asked for."
 These three old men were not only loving wives.
 In fact, I don't know how it happened, but they married one woman and remained together until the end.
 Well, they were blessed with good wives.
 And now that their wives are dead... the women I reserverd are perfect for them.
 "I've brought them here. Come on, say hello," said Orcman.
 "I'm Naji..."
 "I'm Surt..."
 "I'm Therea... Are these the people you were telling me about the other day? Are you sure?"
 "At the time, I was just guessing, but I checked, and I'm sure," said Orcman.
 Soon, the village head and his counselors admire the three women.
 "Village head and counselors... it would be rude not to greet them. Even though they're slaves, they're your 'wives.'"
 "A-Ah, I didn't think she was this beautiful... Ceres, you're killing me! And nice to meet you, young lady. I'm Najim."
 "I'm Kazina, one of the three elders."
 "I'm Khasim, one of the three too."
 What? Three elders...? I've never heard of them.
 And maybe it's my imagination, but it looks like the village head's a little more handsome today than usual.
 "Young lady...? What's that... You're embarrassing me..."
 "Hmm… Should I call you big sister...?"
 "Hmm, that's fine."
 It is no wonder the village head is surprised...
 Because these women are elves.
 "Hey... Ceres, are you sure you want to give me an elf? Do you want me to be the next village head? Okay, you're the next village head..."
 "That's right... If it's Ceres, it's fine."
 "I don't mind either if it's Ceres."
 "Listen... I'm not interested in the village head's position... I mean, I'm your grandson..., and I don't want to hear sad stories about how you died... so live long if you want to repay me... I don't want anything else."
 I'm having trouble with their crying.
 "These three are elves, but they're not as expensive as the village head and the counselors seem to think... Elves can age and still look young... and they've all had hard times in their pasts. So, I'm sure they'd make good tea-drinking friends with everyone. So, what do you think?"
 "Are you sure you want an old man like me?"
 "You see, I'm more of an old lady than you are, and you're very attractive to me."
 "What about me?"
 "In my opinion, you're pretty cute."
 "Am I too?"
 It seems to have worked.
 These elves are so beautiful that they're constantly sexually exploited.
 They may be beautiful, but they're old women at heart.
 If they were in the elven village, they would be called elders and tea-drinking old women.
 For them to be held by a man until they die must be painful.
 That is why I think the three old women would be the best choice.
 They are old enough for their age and will get along well with the village head and the counselors.
 Besides, the Jimna village, with its countryside and greenery, is a good place for the elven girls in their old age.
 Now, on the way back to the carriage, they should talk to them as their 'wives,' not their slaves.
 This situation is like I introduced them to an old woman who was kind to me as a child and an old woman who was a good match for my grandfather.
 And after, the six of them had a nice talk...
 It was decided that Naji with the village head, Najim, Surt with Khasim, and Therea with Kajina.
 Because they don't have any preferences, it's easy for the three of them to choose.
 "Ceres, you're the pride of our village."
 "That's right, you've given me what I want most, the counselor, and I'll do anything for you as long as I'm alive and well."
 "Me either... if you'd like, you can be the third counselor."
 "Hahaha... don't worry about it..."
 I know I'm just saying that... but it's a great thing.
 In a village society, the counselor... is the only person in the village who can defy the village head.
 To bring it up even in jest, it must have made him very happy.
 "Thank you, Ceres-san, for being so considerate."
 "Yes, he's my ideal man."
 "Thank you so much for your help."
 "I'm happy for you, be happy."
 Even with their short life spans, the elves will probably outlive the village head and the counselors.
 But, I'm sure the village head and the counselors will ensure their wealth will go to these women after their deaths.
 A happy old couple achieved... it's good, it's good.
* * *
 For Shizuko and the others...
 'I gave the village head and his counselors "elf slave wives." Zect liked the elves, but he's a hero, so he can't take a non-human as his wife, and he'll be upset.'
 Let's just say this is revenge.

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