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Chapter 39 The Villainous Daughter and Shuuto

 After paying the money and getting the documents, I went to the village head and his counselors.
 Since we were in town, I let them enjoy shopping for a while.
 By the way, what are their new clothes...?
 "Hahaha, I'll buy a lot of clothes for you. It's a service."
 Said Orcman.
 Well, he can do that without asking anyone's permission.
 As expected of Orcman, he's good with his slaves.
 Now, the three old men walk out, hand in hand with the elves.
 From the outside, they must look envious.
 As I look toward the big tent, Shuuto approaches me excitedly.
 "Have the village head and counselors decided on a partner yet?"
 "Yes, they have, and they've gone to town to play."
 "I see, then it's my turn now. Please take care of me."
 It seems the order was decided by rock-paper-scissors when I set up the blind date for the village head and his counselors.
 "Well then, Shuuto-san is next. I'll call you when it's ready. Please wait a minute!"
 "I understand. I'll wait for a while."
 "Leave it to me."
* * *
 "Hey, Ceres, are you sure about this 'noble daughter' thing... she's beautiful, but..." said Orcman.
 "Ah, I heard about her from you the other day... 'the classic useless one who doesn't help with the housework and makes fun of people by bringing up her education'... and 'the one who offended royalty and the great nobility,' right?"
 "If you knew it, why would you recommend her to the villager?"
 "Oh, that's all right then."
 Because she's the ideal type that Shuuto wanted for himself.
 He won't complain later.
 Since it's a village, the only nobles he'll have to deal with are the lords, so there's no way he'll get involved with other nobles.
 Besides, Shuuto is Maria's father even though he is a villager.
 Even if something happened, the girl would hesitate a little.
 "Are you sure about this? Although I can assure you of her good character and knowledge, she's a criminal slave," said Orcman.
 "It's alright."
 I mean, I'm not really looking for revenge.
 I didn't choose the weirdos on purpose.
 I just thought she'd be a good fit for Shuuto.
* * *
 Let's go back in time.
 "Are you really going to buy me?"
 No one would buy her.
 If anyone bought her, it would be a nobleman who would buy her to 'torture and kill' their enemy.
 After all, she has killed a 'high-ranking noble's daughter.'
 "Actually, it's not me who spends time with you... it's someone I know."
 Immediately, her face turns pale.
 "Ah, I knew it. That's how it is! You're going to buy me for someone else, then they'll take me in, humiliate me, torture me, and then kill me... Hahaha, that's how it's going to go down."
 Being reduced to a criminal slave means she has legally 'paid for her crime.' From that point on, the other party cannot hurt her... of course, if the other party cannot buy the slave, there is a way to get the slave by having someone else buy it, which is what she is saying. I guess.
 "I don't do that, I'm a proxy for sure, but the man who takes you for his wife is just an old man about 30 years old."
 "Really? You're not here to kill me?
 "The man I'm going to introduce you to... he's an intellectual in the village, a good man at heart... but he's a very eccentric man, and I'd like you to fix his character if you can... "
 Shuuto is a bit twisted, but I would like to think that he is not a bad person.
 However, his self-centeredness is not good.
 Well, he just has lived in the village for generations... but that's why his self-centered can make him a "bad guy"...
 And he's kind of isolated too.
 But that's why this is better.
 "I have killed people, you know? And the nobleman one."
 "The world of the nobility is a world of schemes... where people only see what they can see, but that's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it? It's great that you achieved your goal... it's just that you were 'discovered,' and that's your failure, which is great for a 14-year-old. Maybe it would have been a positive act for your family if you hadn't failed to cover it up."
 "You are very understanding... Although I can't tell you why you're right... I like you... can't I be your wife instead? I'll do 'anything.'"
 "Hahaha, I'm sorry I'm flattered, but I can't because I already have a wife... So, what do you say?"
 "Huff~ You're asking a slave, not ordering me to do something? Okay, you have saved my life, so I'll take it... and don't tell the person who will be my master about this... or something like that..."
 "Of course, I would do that for you."
 "Then, it would be very helpful... I can assure his life, but I'm a torturer... If you want me to fix him, I'll fix him... Though, I think it will be very hard on him... I'll also use medicine... Of course, I won't use poison to kill him because I promised my benefactor I wouldn't. But in some cases, I may use a small amount..."
 She's really a villainous young lady.
 That's the word that popped into my head.
 "I don't mind."
 "You're a very kind man. I had thought I would be bought by a nobleman whom I opposed, or perhaps I was a noblewoman, and I would end up in a brothel for the rest of my life... but now... you chose me. Although I won't say anymore because it would annoy you... you are my ideal... but that won't happen... so, I'm not going to say again. Still, thank you for making my life better than torture and brothels..."
 I indeed felt sorry for her.
 But I didn't do anything to make her feel that way.
 "I promise not to carve you up as a slave, so you'd better discipline him well... or you can run away if things get out of hand."
 "How far... well, never mind... I'll do my best... he may die, but he can't be fixed, you can rest assured of that."
 "My life is assured, isn't it?"
 "It's just a figure of speech... I'll take care of it."
 "I'm counting on you."
 This girl is the best match for Shuuto.
* * *
 "Here she is."
 "My name is Charlotte. Nice to meet you."
 Shuuto's face turned red as Charlotte greeted him by grabbing the skirt.
 "This girl, this girl is my partner... are you sure she's going to be my wife?"
 "Did I meet your expectations?"
 "Of course, she's my dream girl. Ceres, I have considered you my friend and son, but never have I felt as I do today that you are... my best friend."
 "Shuuto-san, I'm glad you're impressed, but you should say hello."
 "Ah, that's right... my name is Shuuto. Nice to meet you."
 "Nice to meet you too."
 Shuuto's dream of having a noble daughter as a wife is realized, and Charlotte's life is saved too.
 It's all good for both of them.
 For Shizuko and the others, I chose a woman who will rehabilitate their character.
 If it is said that way, it won't be a big problem.
 And the other reason, I'm sure they'll consider it revenge if I explain it properly.
 Well, good luck... Shuuto-san.

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