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Chapter 49 Hero (Eiyuu)

 Today I was supposed to go hunting with Shizuko and others...
 But in front of our apartment (アパートメント), there was a unicorn carriage...
 I have a bad feeling about this... after all, the unicorn carriage belongs to Dhamar royal family.
 No matter how exclusive the apartment is, it's a citizen's apartment... and the nobles live in the noble area... so there's a good chance that I'm the one whom the royal family wants to talk to.
 I should have left earlier.
 "Maybe we shouldn't hunt today."
 "What does that mean, Ceres? You promised we'd go hunting today, right...?"
 "Nee-san, you see... look at that thing..."
 I pointed out the carriage through the window.
 "The royal carriage..."
 "Ceres-kun... that's..."
 "I hope this is wrong, but I think I'm the only person in this apartment that the royal family would want to meet."
 This is discouraging... what kind of business do they want?
 Although I meet some important people because I belong to the hero's party, I'm just a villager.
 If possible, I don't even want to meet royalty. Because...
 'You're still a member of the hero's party, so you'll have to defeat the Demon King too.'
 'At least one of the Four Heavenly Kings must be defeated by Ceres-dono.'
 They might say something like that, at worst.
 I mean, they can influence people's lives and send them to their deaths with a single word.
 That's what nobles and royalty do.
 I knew it.
 "Yes, come in."
 I open the door.
 "Ceres-dono, I'm here on behalf of King Zanmark IV. Please come with me."
 My bad premonition comes true.
 "Everyone, it's a pity, but the hunt will be postponed to tomorrow... I'm off!"
 """"Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""
 I hope it's not too bad.
* * *
 "Thank you very much, Ceres-dono."
 It seems that my bad premonition was correct.
 Besides the King, there's Dobell, the prime minister, and his trusted advisor Otta, and... even a princess by his side.
 Under the circumstances, the odds of asking me to do a difficult task are not slim.
 "Yes, I'm glad King Zanmark is pleased..."
 "Good, this time I've called you here to congratulate Ceres-dono on your success, so please make yourself at home."
 From his look, his mood is good.
 If this is the way... I won't be forced to do anything I don't want.
 "Thank you very much."
 "So, Ceres-dono, normally the title of Dragon Slayer (ドラゴンスレイヤー) goes with the medal, and since you're here in the capital, I thought I'd give you the medal..."
 "It's my great pleasure..."
 The King came down from his throne and put the medal on my chest.
 Normally, Prime Minister Dobell would have given it to me, but the King came to give it to me himself?
 Is there something going on here?
 "But, it is an impressive battle record... you have fought more than a hundred dragon species, including higher species, and many nobles call Ceres-dono the 'protector of the kingdom'."
 "That's... Well, it just so happens."
 "Ceres-dono, don't be modest. The King is right. I, the Prime Minister, have heard of your achievements. Many call you 'a true hero'. Isn't it, Otta-dono?"
 "Yes, I was surprised when I heard it myself."
 "So I thought how could a man who has done so well not have any title just because his job is 'magic swordman'?"
 This doesn't sound good...
 "So, in this kingdom, there were many people who were given titles apart from their jobs in the past... The name of those titles was 'Hero (Eiyuu)'... a title given to those who served their kingdom and people regardless of their natural job... like now. So, for Ceres-dono's achievements... even a 'Dragon Slayer' is not enough, therefore, you shall be given the historic title of 'Hero (Eiyuu)'."
 "I cannot accept such a grand title."
 "No, Ceres-dono, the King has always been concerned about your disadvantage as you have fought alongside with the best and the bravest Hero (Yuusha), but never received any support money for your deeds and never received your due recognition. Therefore, given that you have done more than the four main job, you have been given the title of 'Hero (Eiyuu)' which is equivalent to the four main jobs... please accept it."
 "Prime Minister Dobell... is there something special about holding that title?"
 "I will tell you... this title is not a job, but it is equivalent to the four main job... In other words, it can even be used against Hero (Yuusha)... and in Dhamar, in case of emergency, you can directly ask for help from me, my vassals, and the noble... In short, it is a title that allows you to do anything you wish, and ask for their cooperation without going through any formalities."
 To meet kings and noblemen at any time and ask for their cooperation... it's unbelievable.
 It seems to me that even this title exceeds the hero's (Yuusha) authority.
 "Such a title..."
 "Don't worry. I have high hopes for you, and depending on how well you work I may even consider marrying you to the princess and bestowing upon you the rank of nobleman... so keep up the good work."
 That's funny... Princess Marin is supposed to marry Zect after defeating the Demon King... there can be no other princess.
 "Such a..."
 "Ceres-dono, this is a decision made with the consent of all the nobles of this kingdom, including not only the King but also myself."
 That means that if I refuse to accept it, I will no longer be able to stay in this kingdom.
 "I thank you for your kindness, and I humbly accept, but won't it be a problem since Princess Marin is going to be the wife of the hero Zect?"
 "The princess who will be married to you when you are successful will be Mariane-sama, not Marin-sama, and I know Ceres-dono's taste in women... I look forward to Ceres-dono's success in the future, 'Hero (Eiyuu)'. And Ceres-dono... you now have the chance to be treated like other 4 main jobs, and even more than the Hero (Yuusha) if you work hard... this Dobell is counting on you... if you have any problems, please come to me at any time."
 That's right, as long as I don't play a part...
 I'll end up with only the title of  'Hero (Eiyuu)'...
 But that is better...
 While I was stunned... the conversation was over.

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