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Chapter 48 The Dragon was Hunted Down

 "Ceres... just let us work!"
 "I don't mind... but why don't we go pick up your equipment today, and tomorrow we'll go hunting together?"
 Now that we're all set up, maybe it's time to get to work.
 "Ceres-kun... is it okay?"
 "Ceres-san, are we really going out then?"
 "Ceres-chan... First of all, we need to prepare our equipment."
* * *
 Now, we're at the weapons store.
 "Ceres-kun... what is this equipment?"
 "Shizuko-san's equipment is a replica of the 'Goddess Healing Staff' and a robe of water spirit... I really wanted a real staff, but I couldn't find one, so I had it made with Mithril, and I had it made by the best craftsman in the town, so it should be pretty close to the real thing."
 "Ceres... this thing of mine... is it real?"
 "Nee-san weapon is a 'Black Rose Rapier,' the real one is lost in history and doesn't exist, so I had a master craftsman make one that is close to the original based on the literature, and Mithril light armor that won't get in the way of fighting, that's it."
 "Ceres-san... this staff... what is it?"
 "Sayo-san's weapon is the 'Swan of Freezing Ice,' the best staff used by ice mages, but it is only a replica since it has disappeared into legend... Still, it should be very close to the real thing since it was made by a master craftsman and has the same water spirit feathers as Shizuko-san's... This one should be fine."
 "My one looks amazing, too."
 "Misaki-san's is the 'Great Sword of the Flame Emperor.' It is made of Mithril combined with Flame magic. But this is also a replica. And for armor, it's reflective armor. Although it can't repel magic, it can repel most normal attacks, so it's safe."
 Even though they used to be S-class, they had been married and living as villagers, so there was a gap, and it would take time for them to get back into shape... However, someone might talk behind their backs if they started out as goblins or something.
 Considering this, they should at least start with orcs or ogres.
 And they need equipment to fill the gap so they won't be swept off their feet.
 Also, they needed time to make the equipment to fill the gap.
 Leaving the other three aside, Haruka prefers to be physically active... and with her character like that, she may be near the end of her rope.
 "Ceres-kun... we are not going to fight against the Demon King, is it? Because this equipment is too…."
 "Ceres, this is great equipment... But what are we hunting...a dragon species?"
 "Ceres-san... what kind of prey will we be hunting?"
 "Wyverns, maybe?"
 "No, since everyone has a gap, let's not push too hard and start with orcs. Besides, there's plenty of money to spare, so you can take it slow. Well, for me personally, I don't need a big goal. And my goal is just 'living happily.'"
 "'Living happily' with Ceres-kun... that's good!"
 "Ceres, you're right... it would be great if we could live happily."
 "Mmm~, that is great!"
 "Sounds great!"
 "Then, tomorrow, we'll go hunting together."
 Now that we are equipped and safe... we can go hunting together without any problems.

* * *
 The King’s POV
 "You mean that all the dragon species around the royal capital have been hunted... is that true...?"
 "Yes! Ceres-dono seems to have been hunting them for some unknown reason."
 "Tell me the report..."
 What... is this battle history?
 Six flame dragons, a higher species of fire dragon... just one of them would require a battalion of knights... and yet six of them...
 Four rock dragons, a higher species of earth dragon...
 Three water ice dragons, a higher species of water dragon...
 Five Wind King dragons, the higher species of Wind Dragons...
 And he has hunted more than a hundred ordinary dragons and wyverns.
 But they say that dragon species are rarely seen in this area nowadays.
 "And Ceres-dono did it all alone... you mean... so..."
 "Yes... there are no more dragons around the capital... perhaps because they were afraid of being hunted... they have fled and are not seen anymore."
 What, that kind of strength...? A person can get a "Dragon Slayer" medal for killing one dragon... but to hunt down all the dragon species... existence...?
 Is he really inferior to the four main jobs in the hero's party?
 I cannot believe such a being is inferior to a hero or a demon king.
 "Otta... Have I lost my mind? I can't help thinking that Ceres-dono is stronger than the hero and the Demon King."
 "I do not know what will happen in the future... But before, the hero can hunt wyverns alone... However, I have heard that they have been struggling against the Ogre King because of their recent poor condition... And there is a bad rumor out there."
 "A rumor?"
 "Yes... the truth is that the hero's party is really weak... and that Ceres-dono is to be credited for all of its achievements. Many people believe so."
 "That's impossible."
 "But it is a fact that a being that used to be able to hunt wyverns is now struggling against the Ogre King... And the fact is stronger after Ceres-dono was expelled that they have become weaker."
 It seems I must get Ceres-dono... It was the first priority for me.

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