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Chapter 53 The Black Dragon

 Bauer, the Underwold Dragon's POV
 "...And one by one, they're hunting our people?"
 "Yes! More than 100 of our race are being hunted as far as is known."
 We dragons are rarely hunted.
 Not even the wyverns and other subspecies of beings whose blood is so thin that they cannot even be called dragons in our eyes and whose intelligence is so weak that they cannot be taken seriously.
 "How many men, five thousand, ten thousand?"
 To hunt that many dragons, it must be that many.
 "It's only one man."
 "Just one?"
 No way, there's no such thing as a one-man dragon hunt.
 If it were, I could only think of the four main jobs, such as hero, sword saint, or demon tribe leader.
 Even if they were, there is no way they could attack us.
 That's because a dragon is a powerful being.
 Natural born strong... the top of the species.
 The idea that no race can defeat a dragon is deeply rooted in history.
 Even in the case of one against one, the one who fights and wins is praised.
 There is even such a rule that we dragons must praise the victor as a strong man even though our comrades were killed, saying 'Well done, you who defeated our brothers, O strong man,' and so on.
 This is true.
 Only a few of the best can reach us, whether it be demons or humans.
 And of those superior ones, they can only fight the intermediate class of dragons.
 Besides, if it were me, Bauer, the Underworld Dragon, or even the Five Great Dragon Lords, my subordinates, they would be instantly killed.
 That is why I cannot move.
 "Throw away the existence which can be defeated by another race... whose blood is so thin..."
 "But Bauer-sama, the dragons that have been slain include Flame dragons, Rock dragons, Ice dragons, and Wind King dragons..."
 "Are you sure about that?"
 The dragon he just mentioned is a real dragon.
 I don't consider earth dragons and wyverns to be dragons.
 Unless they're above that.
 However, I cannot do anything about it because of the law.
 Still, it can't be helped... it's a problem to be hunted like this.
 "Black Dragon... Are you here?"
 "Yes, I'm here..."
 "Actually, many of our kind have been hunted in the last while."
 "Huff... A being that can be defeated by another race is no dragon... it's better to leave it alone."
 "Even if it was only one person who did it?"
 "You're exaggerating again..."
 "Even if a hundred of our kind are being hunted by that one person?"
 "A-Are you kidding me? Bauer-sama... Are you saying that the Demon King himself hunts dragons? I'll go and purge him myself."
 "No, it's not even a demon. It's just a human. I'm sorry, but you need to investigate yourself and depending on the situation... please."
 "I won't delay it... and kill him, is that it?"
 By law, we must give him credit, but we can't let a man who hunted such a dragon go free.
 "No... As dragons, we cannot openly accuse... but as dragons, we must show respect to those who have fought one on one and won... investigate and then warn... But if that is not enough... I'll leave it to you."
 "I understand... I give him a warning, and if he still doesn't back down, I can do what I want to do... that's what you're saying...?"
 "Yeah... Please..."
 One of the five great dragon Lords, the Black Dragon, will not be outdone.
 Really, I never thought I'd be sending the pride of the Dragon Kingdom, Dragonium, The Five Great Dragons Lords against a being who is neither a demon king nor a brave warrior.

* * *
 Black Dragon's POV
 Still, has Bauer-sama become an old man?
 Why would he send me, who can even destroy a country, for the sake of a single human being?
 Human kin said Hero (Yuusha) and Demon King are strong... but to us true dragons who've lived for over 5,000 years, they're as good as insects.
 Or has Bauer-sama forgotten that I slaughtered an entire kingdom of heroes 1,200 years ago?
 Really, exterminating those insects... what a pain in the ass.
 Let's finish this quickly and have a drink...

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