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Chapter 34 Studying History

 I turn the pages of the history book further. Since the existence of the demon tribe was confirmed, there have been fewer conflicts among the human nations. From what I have read in the book, it seems that the people have come to a consensus to join hands against the new threat.
 "This is like the human nations coming together because of the demons, isn't it?"
 "Yes, it is. Then the demons and humans began to fight. And that war ended a hundred years ago."
 "I see. So there's no conflict now."
 "There are some skirmishes, though."
 I see. So that's what happens when there's peace. Those in power start fighting for profit. They never seem to grow up.
 The book also describes the events after the demon tribe and humans became friends.
 After the overthrow of the Demon King, the heroes appealed to the nation for coexistence with the demons. They thought that if they could not coexist, something similar would happen sooner or later, and the human side would be defeated. It seems that the nations strongly appealed, saying they would not be there when the time came.
 So, the human side seems to have taken this seriously and tried to reconcile with the demon tribe. Of course, the demon tribe without a Demon King followed them. All the demons wanted was not to be eliminated.
 "I see. So that's why humans and demons have become so close in a hundred years."
 "That's right. Well... it's all because the Demon King was defeated."
 "So my battle was not in vain. By the way, what happened to the Hero? Did they go back to their own world?"
 Kabirumba shook his head. It seems that they could not return. Come to think of it, that's not so surprising. They said they were summoned to our world. If they wanted to return, they would have to be summoned to the other side. I guess they had no way to do that.
 "It was unfortunate."
 "Well, who knows? He married a princess and lived happily ever after."
 "...Maybe it wasn't that unfortunate."
 Maybe he became a member of the royal family and sipped the delicious nectar. Perhaps he married a beautiful princess, had children, and had a good life.
 "Do the hero have children?"
 "No, I don't think he ever had any."
 Maybe their bodies are not made the same way. It seems that the blood of the Hero did not remain in this world. According to Kabirumba's story, the Hero died about fifty years ago. According to Kabirumba, he was in his late teens when he was summoned, so his life was 70 years. Human life is short, after all.
 "What happened to the holy sword that the hero had?"
 "Holy sword? Was there such a thing?"
 Apparently, Kabirumba didn't know. Is it hidden somewhere by the royal family, just in case? Or was it retrieved by the Creator after its role of defeating me was over? Yes, this possibility is more likely.
 If the sword is in their possession, they can defeat the demon king again even if the demon king returns. That's why they would never mess with the demon king.
 Longer life span than humans, stronger power, stronger magic, advanced knowledge, and technology. To avoid being overthrown, they would have eliminated me.
 "No, it's okay. Don't mind it."
 Kabirumba twisted his head but didn't press the issue.
 It had been a hundred years since the demon had reconciled with the humans. I'm sure there are children born between demons and humans. Their bodies are basically the same. The only difference is that they have horns.
 It is not only humans. Nowadays, elves, dwarves, dragons, vampires, and giants live together. Naturally, there must be children among them.
 Then, was the village chief a child born between a Dwarf and a human?
 It seems that the Hero actively worked to reconcile humans and other races. It must be because I told him I would return in a hundred years. I think he wanted to displace me in the meantime. And his plan worked. Now I'm just a demon.
 "Well, that's quite a feat. He's from another world, after all."
 "What's the matter, Leo-sama?"
 "Nothing. I just thought he's a very impressive hero."
 "Well, you seem happy to have been beaten."
 "Maybe so. Now I think it was my destiny to fall there."
 I don't want to believe in a fate that someone else has made, but if this world and the people feel good, I'm starting to think it's okay.
 "Leo-sama, your bath is ready. Let's take a bath together!"
 "Ah, thank you. ...Huhhh!?"
 Said Miss Elena, who came into the room with a cool expression. Is it normal for a man and a woman to take a bath together among the nobles? Besides, she's an unmarried woman. I wonder if it's safe.
 I looked at Kabirumba, shaking his head from side to side. It seems that this is a trap for Miss Elena. But there is some tasty-looking food hanging on the trap.
 There's no point in thinking about it here. Let's go to the bathroom first. Maybe the baths are separated for men and women, and she is asking me to take a bath with her in the separated bath. It is quite possible.
 But no. There was only one entrance and one changing room in front of me. There was only one bathroom, too. This is not good. I have to stop Miss Elena at all costs.
 "Umm, Miss Elena, I'm sure Margrave Badia will be angry..."
 "No, he won't. Although my father said I shouldn't, my grandmother gave me permission."
 "No, you can't do that! I don't want Margrave Badia to stab me off from behind!"
 "Don't worry. As long as she doesn't find out. Grandmother said so..."
 "What kind of education is that old hag giving her grandchildren?"
 I couldn't help thinking that she would make her thinj that way. That old hag is terrible. In times like this, I must rely on Kabirumba. Help me, Kabirumba.

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