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Chapter 60 Ceres VS Black Dragon, Part Two, Defeat and Death

 "Come on, come at me any time you like."
 The Black Dragon turns back into a man and says to me.
 Damn... not even trees around here.
 There are only rocks in this crater.
 People can't fly... but this skill lets me walk in the air for a little while.
 I use this skill... and run to the rock and hide behind it.
 It reminded me of when I was a little boy, catching crabs in the river.
 At that time, I said, "I'm sorry I caught you... you must have been so scared..." and now, the crab that came at me with those little scissors... it's me now.
 "Where did you hide?"
 No way... it's coming at me, spitting flames.
 And... the flames are melting rocks.
 I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the rocks melt at temperatures approaching 2,000 degrees Celcius (3632 Fahrenheit).
 If I were to be hit by such a thing, my body would melt with the rock.
 Not even a hero could defeat such a thing.
 Maybe even Tokutsatsu hero from outer space would be killed by this dragon.
 Still, it's hot... maybe because the rocks are melting and the temperature is rising, it's hot despite the distance.
 "Hey, how long are you going to hide? I'm going to melt all the rocks if you don't show!"
 No way... it sprouted wings and soared into the sky.
 He'll find me for sure... and I'll die if he spits fire from there.
 "Wait... you promised not to turn into a Dragon... after all, humans can't fly and those wings belong to dragons!"
 If he doesn't keep his promise I will die at this moment, but this man has pride and is a man of his word.
 "Indeed... This wing belongs to the dragon... I'm sorry, but I'm getting off."
 He puts away his wings and comes down.
 But he's already found my place.
 I have to get out of here as fast as I can...
 Really, my heart pounding so much right now.
 I'm probably faster in this world than I was in my previous life as an Olympian... probably running the 100 meters in the 7s.
 This is not vanity, but faster than Hero's Zect.
 "Haah, haah... A little bit..."
 "Unfortunately... you're too slow... you won't get away with it."
 I had already thought of four countermeasures against the Demon King's army.
 But three of them were just ideas and could not be used against the Black Dragon.
 And the one that I thought would work could only buy me time.
 Still, I never thought I'd have to use it this early in the game.
 "Ultimate Technique..."
 "Heh~... now you're ready to attack a little...!"
 "Anti-demonic counterattack... Carolina Attack..." (NB: Carolina Reaper)
 I threw the hottest chili pepper and wasabi powder in the world at the Black Dragon's face.
 I named it after the hottest chili pepper in the previous world.
 So, what do you think...
 "What's this...? Ughhhhhhhhhh... It hurts... My eyes, my eyesssss..."
 In the previous world, chili peppers used to attack molester and it was in the spray to repel them.
 And not surprisingly, it was also used to repel wild beasts of prey long ago, even lions... and here's how it's applied...
 Well, someone must have thought why didn't I just use poison?
 Poison is meaningless... There is magic in this world, and Maria, for example, can nullify it with a single spell... and of course, for Demons and Demonkind, they also have an easy way to nullify it.
 But... the sense of taste cannot be nullified... this is something I noticed by chance.
 Perhaps just being spicy is not considered an 'abnormality' by magic and does not work.
 This may be exactly the kind of technique that exploits the weakness of this world's magic.
 Still... If it's a dragon... it will heal in a while.
 Now I must run away as fast as I can.
 So, I ran toward the forest, leaving the Black Dragon crouching in agony and fainting in agony.
 There was nothing else.
 The methods I've devised for dealing with Demons... are still out there, but they will never work on the Black Dragon.
 The black dragon still won't move.
 "Skywalk, Skywalk, Skywalk, Skywalk, Skywalk!"
 I used it continuously, and got as far as the forest.
 "Hahahaha... You did it, you bast*rd... But you'll die..."
 The Black Dragon's claws tore me up and down... My upper and lower bodies separated... My guts also sticking out of my body...
 It's over... now... but...
 "You coward... Your claws are dragon claws... and this is the forest too... Gghhhh!"
 My eyes go dark... and the lower half of my body is shredded beside me...
 Maybe I'm... going to die.
* * *
 Black Dragon's POV

 This is the forest... and I killed him with my claws...
 I, the five Great Dragon Lords... killed the victor out of bitterness.
 It's a great dishonor...
 But what's dead is dead.
 Still, he has defeated me, the Dragon Lord... So, I will give him the honor...
 'Ceres the victor... I give you my liver and blood to prove it.'
 I pulled the liver out of myself and forced it into Ceres' mouth... and then I cut off one of my hands and sprinkled blood all over his body.
 I don't know what this means.
 But for a long time, people who beat real dragons wanted the blood and the liver.
 This is what the victor, Ceres, deserves...
 Besides, I have to pay for my broken promise.
 I took the life of this man who could have lived.
 Even I can't bring him back if he's completely dead.
 And the afterlife is the world of Bauer the Underworld Dragon.
 So, I, Black Dragon, will give you my blessing as atonement.
 If Bauer-sama finds out he's related to me... He'll give him a little mercy...
 I don't want any hard feelings Ceres.
 So I buried Ceres in the ground.

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