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Chapter 59 Ceres VS Black Dragon, Part One

 Lately, I've been being followed by someone.
 And it's a terrible presence.
 This person sometimes tries to kill me without making me feel anything, even though I'm as skilled as Shizuko and the others.
 Just feeling his murderous intent is enough to make my body start shaking.
 Who is this man?
 He terrifies me more than any man I've ever fought.
 Is he a demon king?
 No, a demon king would never move from his castle in the demon kingdom.
 Then... the Four Heavenly Kings are the only ones I can think of.
 But... there's no point in targeting me alone if I'm not with Zect and the others.
 Shizuko and the others must not be involved.
 However, this enemy is targeting me alone.
 I don't know what that means, but it's convenient.
 Worst-case scenario, I'm the only casualty.
 "Everyone, I'm going shopping a little bit."
 """"Yes... Have a good day.""""
* * *
 After that, I walked out of the town and headed for the woods nearby.
 "You're following me, aren't you?"
 "Heh~, did you notice?"
 "As expected, I'd have noticed if you were trying to kill me like that!"
 "Well, anyway, since you've come to a deserted place, that means you'll fight me... is that right?"
 The moment I saw him, I knew.
 Even if it were me... even if it were Shizuko and the others and Zect... even if we all got together and worked in perfect coordination... we'd never win.
 "I can't beat you... with your terrifying spirit, are you the Fourth Heavenly King... or the Demon King?"
 That's the only person I can think of who'd try to kill me.
 But when I said that, he looks really unhappy.
 "The Demon King... the Four Heavenly Kings! No! My name is Black Dragon... One of the top five Great Dragon Lords... A Dragon Royalty... Don't treat me like one of those lowly races!"
 It's funny... The top of dragons is the Dragon King... he reigned like a Demon Tribe long time ago... but he was defeated by the hero of that time.
 "But, didn't the Dragon King's family vanquished a long time ago?"
 "The humans may not know it, but they were only a intermediate-rank dragon... In human terms, they only mere soldier... The lowest of the mighty... There are thousands of dragons more powerful than that one. A half-breed who has not even attained immortality."
 That's not very nice... isn't he a terrible man?
 If what he says is true... He's as good as the Demon King... far better than the Dragon King as legend has it.
 Definitely, I'll avoid fighting him...
 Still, why is it...? When I was so happy to get out of the trip to defeat the Demon King... and then it seemed like I was going to be sent back again...
 Why am I facing an existence that seems to be stronger than the Demon King?
 What should I do?
 I don't know what to do...
 "Then, what does such a near-God being want with someone like me?"
 "God? I'm above God... And the underworld Dragon Bauer-sama is far higher in rank than a Human Goddess... and he rules the underworld... but it's true I'm closer to a Divine Dragon... However, even a Goddess is below me in simple fighting power... So, if you call me a Divine Dragon instead of a God, I'd be flattered."
 This is not good... not just a Hero or a Demon King... but even a Goddess is no match for him...
 "I restate... What does such a great 'Divine Dragon' want from me, Black Dragon-sama?"
 This world is too scary... There was a being who could say that even the Demon King was a small fry?
 Such a being was not even found in the history books.
 But the trembling in my body tells me it's not a lie.
 That's what it's telling me.
 "Well... You've slain countless dragons while being a human... I admire you."
 Did I survive...?
 "Thank God."
 "Well, dragons are powerful beings and are admired for their strength, they can be defeated even in many-to-many battles. But you alone have slain countless dragons, you are a 'hero (Yuusha)' of the human race and I will never forget your name, but it is also true that you have slain countless dragonkind... So with the greatest respect, I, Black Dragon, challenge you a duel as one of the five great dragon lords Therefore, You should be honored... You can fight with the Great Dragon Lord."
 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... I can only see a future of death.
 Even though I'm so close to living happily ever after...
 "It's not possible. A novice like me cannot challenge a Great Divine Dragon to a fight..."
 "Then, I will give you a handicap... we will fight in the crater on the mountain beyond this forest... And you win if you can escape to this forest again... I also not turn myself into a dragon during the battle... That's my handicap… So let's go... Dragonification."
 How can I win against this being...? It's like a mountain... bigger than the Royal Castle... it's like Tokusatsu hero fighting a giant monsters...
 Its mouth that could easily swallow me... dropped me into the crater at the top of the mountain.
 From here... to the forest, which is several kilometers by all accounts... it's over.

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