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Chapter 74 Hero (Eiyuu) Absolutism

 Pope Romalis' POV
 I can't hide my surprise.
 I was just watching the Ceres-dono battle on the communication crystal.
 But it was a toothless battle, the odds were against us, and the world was coming to an end.
 However, just when I thought it was over... Suddenly, Ceres-dono started to turn the tables.
 But the problem is...
 "What a monster... to grow a hand in an instant..."
 "He's not a human... He could eat Mammon, who's stronger than Mithril..."
 Everyone inside the central church was watching the footage, which was bad.
 They said Ceres-dono was not human.
 Indeed, no human could grow hands in an instant.
 In fact, to my eyes, he looks like a monster too.
 "Surely this is an inhuman monster. Ceres-dono, or Ceres, is not a hero (Eiyuu), but a monster."
 I couldn't help saying that.
 After all, I did not know if we could treat such a monster as a hero.
 "When this battle is over..."
 "What were you going to say? Pope Romalis!" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Pope Emeritus Rothman?"
 "What do you mean, Ceres has turned into a monster...?" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "I'll pretend I didn't hear what you said just now... Then, Holy Knights, kill the Archbishop and the Sisters who called Ceres-sama a monster from now on! And in the future, we will address him as 'Ceres-sama' and not 'Ceres-dono'..." said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 """"Nonsense... that's no way...""""
 "Holy knight! Cut them down!" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 Before my eyes... The Holy Knight chopped the heads off four Sisters...
 "Pope Emeritus, why are you doing this? For that monster!"
 "If you insist, you too will not be forgiven," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 Really, he's crazy...
 "Why, why did you...?"
 "Pope Romalis... Why do you think the 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Act' was created? What is Hero (Yuusha)?" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Hero (Yuusha) is supposed to be a 'Messenger of the Goddess' and is, therefore, to be respected..."
 "No... that's just a public expression... 'Hero (Yuusha)' is the most powerful weapon of mankind that can defeat even a Demon King... 'Hero (Yuusha)' has been forgotten since no real Hero (Yuusha) was born for a while. And the 'Protection Law' is suitable only for the 'real' ones like Ceres-sama... Moreover, this strongest weapon has a 'heart'... If Hero (Yuusha)'s heart is depressed and loses, it will cause great damage to the human race... That's why the 'Protection of Hearts' law was made for the Hero (Yuusha)," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Not but! We can't even win against Mammon on a national level... we are like insects... like ants! And the ants need to give everything... power, money, women... everything... because Ceres-sama is a 'Hero (Eiyuu).' So, replace 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law' with 'Hero (Eiyuu) Protection Law'... The greatest in the world is Ceres-sama. So, Pope Romalis, you are no longer the greatest!" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 I already knew that...
 When Ceres gets angry, he'll storm into the castle, cut down the king, and go home laughing. He's the person who can do that, don't forget that.
 And... a law to be protected by such a being, 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law'?
 That was useless. After all, the national government is powerless against Ceres.
 Besides, from the beginning, no one can bind him.
 Still, if a "monster who can defeat even the Demon King" becomes our ally, we can prevent thousands of knights from being killed. In that case, we'll be happy to give up our women, money, power... anything.
 "The most sacred being in the world, the Supreme Being, is Ceres-sama! Don't turn away from him. Look at his majestic form and pray!"
 "Pope Romalis... that is good," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 The real 'weapon that can defeat even the Demon King' has appeared... we have no choice but to respect him.
* * *
 "Pope, is he Ceres-sama...? Ah, wonderful, he is the one I deserve to serve for the rest of my life... Ahhh!" said Cecilia.
 Hey, how can she blush at the sight of that terrifying figure?
 "Yes, Cecilia, he is the one whom you will serve for the rest of your life," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Pope Emeritus Rothman... I hope you will join us when this battle is over."
 "Of course, I'm planning to send a team of healers to save the town," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "If it's healing... It's my time to shine, so let's go," said Cecilia.
 He is the 'True Hero (Eiyuu)' everyone has been looking for.
 Now, Hero (Yuusha) Absolutism is changed to Hero (Eiyuu) Absolutism.

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