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Chapter 75 VS Mammon - Crabs Can't be Eaten if Overcooked

 "How dare you devour my flesh...!? How dare you hurt me...!? But you are strong... and I respect you...! I may forget the name of the Demon King... but I will never forget yours..."
 Why? Why is he telling me this?
 "I-I see..."
 "So, I'll use this. However, I'll lose a lot of power, and I won't be the Fourth Heavenly King anymore... but still... I really want to fight you."
 Mammon breaks his own two horns and begins to eat them to pieces.
 I have a bad premonition.
 I grabbed Mammon and threw him away.
 His body crashes, destroying more than twenty-four-story brick houses, and finally, he stops.
 "Guha, you've done it, huh?"
 I looked at Mammon, who had turned slightly black and tripled in size.
 "But with this... With the demon horns that are the symbol of power! Especially my horns, which contain a large amount of magic power... by absorbing it, I can wield power many times greater than usual... Even if I do this, I won't be able to use this power again for a few decades. Still, here we go!"
 After saying that, Mammon punched me.
 "Ugh... Is that all you've got? Come on...!"
 I threw back a blow.
 "Guhaaaaaa...! What the hell are those claws?"
 At the moment, I thought I was going to defeat Mammon... A claw grows out of my hand.
 The claw had pierced Mammon and snapped off... but the broken claw was already regenerating.
 "I don't know."
 But I already know what happened to me.
 It must be the black dragon.
 My claw collides with Mammon's fist.
 The claw pierces Mammon but breaks... and grows back.
 Neither one of us is decisive.
 We hit and hit, and every time we hit, the town collapsed.
 Fortunately, the people of the town are fleeing when they see the power between Mammon and me.
 "I don't care what happens next... But I will not stop..."
 I focused on my mouth like the black dragon used to do.
 "Mammon, eat this!"
 Flames came out of my mouth and attacked Mammon.
 "If I had been the same person a moment ago, I might have been burned by this, but it won't work on me now!"
 Mammon emerges from the fire.
 Even the fire that melts rocks doesn't work on him...!?
 But I felt my instincts awakening.
 "Don't act like a big shot from a demon tribe...! Dragonwing!"
 Wings appeared on my back... but they were quite small.
 Normally, I wouldn't be able to fly with such wings.
 But contrary to the laws of physics, I can fly.
 I move behind Mammon and thrust my claws into his back.
 "Ugh...! What the hell are you doing...?"
 I look around and see that more than half of the town has been destroyed.
 People look at us with frightened eyes, and quite a few are dead in the battle.
 "We're going to have to change places."
 I floated up to the sky with Mammon... and took off.
 My plan is to get to the Fire Dragon Mountains...
 "You bast*rd...! How long do you plan to keep doing this...?"
 "Who knows...? I'm just going to go where it's appropriate for you and me to end up."
 Soon, I see the Fire Dragon Mountains...
 "Well, you want to settle this where no one can get in the way, is that it? I'll wait for it!"
 That's one thing, but it's not what I'm here for.
 Now, I'm going to the volcano at the top of the Volcano Range.
 "It's time to go, right?"
 "Yeah, it's time."
 I was sure my body could handle the heat better than a fire dragon.
 And so, I dove into the magma with Mammon.
 "D*mn you...!? Is this your goal...!?"
 Even though he shouting, I don't let go of Mammon.
 The magma's temperature exceeds 1,000 degrees Celsius (1832 Fahrenheit).
 For a moment, we're exposed to magma like a flame.
 It's pouring in through the eyes and nose...
 And from what I know, in the past anime, no enemy couldn't be killed by this.
 Even humanity's most deadly weapon wore a suit of armor.
 "Mammon, let's start overrrrr...!"
 "You bast*rd...! Aaaaaa!"
 So far, it's a battle between races.
 Previously it was human versus demon... But now, it's dragon? vs demon.
 Anyway, I don't care how strong Mammon is... his organs shouldn't be able to withstand the heat, right?
 But my body is a dragon... it can probably withstand the heat all the way down to the organs.
 And it could be seen... because Mammon's movement is getting slower.
 "Mammon... Hey... Wait..."
 'Cooked crab is very tasty.'
 I don't know why that thought popped into my head.
 I ran over to Mammon and pulled him out of the magma.
 He has almost no external injuries, but his face looks desperate, with no eyes and hair.
 I try to insert a fingernail through the eye socket, but... it doesn't budge.
 If he was alive, he should be able to move a little.
 Well, I think magma got in through his eyes, mouth, nose, and butthole and burned and melted its internal organs... or something like that.
 Maybe he is like a crab left with its shell after being roasted.
 Or something like that.
 Still, Mammon's outer skin is amazing... it's like he's alive.
 When I scrape the magma out and look into its body through its mouth and eyes... everything inside is gone.
 When I remove it from its eyes, it also seems to be missing its guts.
 Then I tried to put it in a storage bag, but it easily fits into the bag.
 He seems to be completely dead...
 In the end, I guess I failed to eat Mammon.
 Well... it's all over now, and it's time to go back.

 ※ This is the climax of the story.
 The story will continue for a while longer.

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