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Chapter 178 Must Kill and Settlement

 With the help of the reinforcements and the demon I summoned, we arrived at the 'Altar of the Snake God'.
 On that place, there are two people there.
 No, technically speaking, they are not human beings, but an evil God's Follower and a demon.
 "HYU! I knew you'd come back, my honey!"
 The knight of hell, Veinrune, was waiting for me.
 As if he had been expecting my return, he strikes a mysterious pose and greets me.
 Rujanaga was down on his knees a short distance away from Veinrune with his arm crossed.
 This bald-headed old man looks more than ten years older than before, with his face wrinkled all over.
 Seeing around, there was no sign of the evil god... but a black blur was clouding the stone altar. The crack in the dimension that had been pried open also not closed, and the evil god was peering from the other side of the hole.
 "Gnn... Priestess is not here... Where have you taken our God's offerings!?"
 Rujanaga groaned hatefully as he prayed.
 His body, which is twitching and convulsing, is leaking magic power and stretching toward the sky.
 It seems that this monstrous monk is maintaining the total eclipse of the sun.
 He looks older than before, probably because he has exhausted not only his magic power but also his physical and mental strength by invoking the great magic that interferes with the movement of the astronomical phenomena.
 "You... bast*rd...! At last, my Lord return is about to come true, but you're getting in my way...! Veinrune, do something! Kill him and take back the Priestess!"
 "FO... Sorry, but my contract with you expired when I brought the army to you earlier. Haven’t I worked hard for what I've been paid?"
 Veinrune shrugs at Rujanaga's plea.
 "Cause this great me is a demon, I don't work for more than I'm paid for. The only reason I'm staying here instead of going back to hell is a personal one, don't get me wrong."
 Veinrune looks at me and licks his lips.
 "Right, my honey? It's time for an exciting dance. Let's settle this!"
 "I'll do exactly what you want. I'll beat you to death and send you to hell!"
 "FO, good answer! Honestly, this great me knew this would happen from the moment we met. We're like sun and moon. We're drawn to each other, but we'll never cross paths! But the ground and the apple are inseperable, so we are destined for each other!"
 "...Goshujin-sama. What's with that creepy guy, desu~no?"
 "I don't know how to say it...he gives me chills just by looking at him..."
 Urza and Levienna's faces scrunch up in an eerie manner.
 After all, he seems to be a creepy guy to everyone's eyes but mine. I must break off the relationship with him here for sure.
 "Well then, let's have a fun, fun gig (s*x)! My sweet, sweet honey, I'm going to hold you till death!"
 "Shut up and die!"
 A moment later, I slash Veinrune from behind.
 I slash at his back, which is unprotected by clothes or armor.
 "Instantaneous movement! You're relentless!"
 Veinrune shouts as he moves away from me.
 But I shrug, my lips pursing sarcastically.
 "I don't have that thing. Did you see it earlier and forget it?"
 In my left hand, I hold a feather with seven-colored lines.
 It is the feather of Horus, an item that can be used to teleport anywhere in the Maafern Kingdom.
 The very same item that I had given Shakuna earlier in order to help her escape was in my hand.
 And yes... there had been two wings of Horus from the beginning.
 "The one given to Shakuna was from Salomon. And the one I had was a gift item from treasure room that was given to Urza and the others. If I hadn't dropped the magic bag when I was kidnapped by the monster bird, I wouldn't have left it in such a messy situation."
 I mutter bitterly.
 When I was kidnapped by the monster birds in the desert, I dropped the magic bag in which I had been carrying my equipment and items.
 But if I had not dropped the bag, I would have been able to escape from the beak of the monster bird by using the feather of Horus inside.
 "But if I had, I would have never met Shakuna and Ryuna... Life never knows how things will turn out, does it!"
 "Come to think of it, you used that feather to escape a while ago, NA! I was so careless when I attack you!"
 "The attack from the teleport... Did you think I couldn't do what you can do?"
 I teleport in front of Veinrune and slashes again.
 Veinrune tries to avoid the attack with his magic. But I immediately move to chase after him.
 Now, Veinrune moves behind me and attacks again, but I move behind him with feather of horus.
 "Take this!"
 "Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can't get me easily!"
 Veinrune moves to avoid the attack.
 It was an expected action. And taking advantage of the small gap in the fight, I shout to my companions behind him.
 "Urza, Levienna! Leave him to me and finish off the old man!"
 "Yes, desu~no!"
 "I understand!"
 I sends instructions to my companions and slashes at Veinrune again.
 Now, I will not let him get in the way of defeating Rujanaga. The knight of hell must be killed here.
 "D*mn you... you will not kill me!"
 "Goshujin-sama's enemies are dead, desu~no!"
 "By order of Zenon-bocchama! That is the duty of a maid!"
 Urza and Levienna are heading for Rujanaga, who is enchanting the total eclipse of the sun.
 Rujanaga, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, was a powerful enemy, but he was certainly fatigued by the application of his great magic.
 Now, even two of them would be enough to win.
 "I will concentrate on destroying this perverted demon! That's why... you can die!"
 "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's great! Let's keep it up!"
 Teleport to attack.
 Teleport to evade.
 We move and attack again. And evade.
 Over and over again, countless times, we repeatedly teleport and attack each other.
 Back and forth, back and forth. A fierce battle in which neither side gives an inch continued. Swords and arms clashed, sparks flew continuously.
 "Hey, hey, hey! That's so COOL!"
 "Tsk... Why are you not so easy to kill?"
 I clucked my tongue loudly as I repeatedly teleport and attack.
 This knight of hell. It seems that he won't be defeated just by using teleportation ability in the battle.
 "However... it's only a matter of time before I win! You look tired."
 "I can't believe that this great me, the demon, is getting tired... Huh?"
 Veinrune was repeatedly attacking and defending himself by teleporting his body, and because of that, his body started to crack.
 "Did I run out of magic...? Even though this is a good time, this is tactless timing...!
 "Well, you've been too reckless with your contract expired. You used too many teleport magic in a row, didn't you?"
 "I see! So this is what honey was trying to do..."
 In the world of [DunBrave], the bodies of monsters summoned by summoning magic are composed of the summoner's magical power. For them, HP and MP are the same value.
 And when their energy is exhausted, they are forcibly returned to their original world.
 Also, for them, HP and MP are common status. Using magic and consuming MP was synonymous with having one's life cut short.
 "You said that the contract with Rujanaga has already been terminated, right? In other words, your master no longer supplies you with magic power. It's obvious what will happen if you use magic as you like in such a state, isn't it!"
 "HA! You're such a little devious that you were planning to do such a thing... Well, that's one of your charms, my honey."
 Even while he is whispering like that, Veinrune's body is crumbling like a lump of salt.
 The remaining time is not long. And my victory was already decided.
 "But... This great me will not end so easily... I'll have one last session before I die! Let's have a hot danceeeee!"
 "This guy... still has this kind of power...!?"
 Veinrune puts his right hand forward.
 And an enormous amount of magic power is concentrated in his palm, creating a spark like a supernova explosion.
 At the same time, Veinrune's body crumbles into salt at an accelerated rate. It seems that he is squeezing all the magic power out of his body and putting it into one attack.
 "This is the last attack! Don't expect you to run away from me!"
 I glance behind me.
 Right now, Urza and Levienna are in the middle of chasing down Rujanaga.
 If I use feather of Horus to evade the attack, Veinrune's attack might hit them.
 "Okay...I'll be your opponent!"
 Overlimits 'Meisho Jigokuyori (Underworld Hell Spirit)'
 An aura of evil, as if from the depths of hell, envelops my body.
 As the cool time has already expired, I will play my best trump card against him.
 "Blast my lifeeeee! Blow away, the scorching heat of hell―'Gehenna Cannon'!”
 "Secret Technique— 'The Sword of Decapitation (冥王斬神剣)'!"
 I use the best move I can use at this moment.
 And now, at the same time as a ray of light from Veinrune's palm shooted, my jet-black slashes unleashed from my sword collide with each other.
 Two energies collide, canceling each other out.
 And an explosion is created, shaking the atmosphere and raising a violent cloud of dust.
 Now, a deadly collision between two deadly blows.
 But who wins the battle to the death and who is the final victor?

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