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Chapter 179 End of Solar Eclipse

 "...It looks like I won after all. Just as I expected. The result was not as interesting."
 In the end, it was me who won.
 Veinrune's magic was broken by my magic, and the enemy's body was swallowed up.
 The storm passed, and all that was left was Veinrune's body on the ground. Almost his whole body had already crumbled into salt, and all that was left was his head and a part of his upper body.
 "If you had been in a state of full magic power, I would not have known the outcome. The fact that you were wounded all over seems to have been the difference between victory and defeat."
 I speak to the fallen Veinrune, but the salt demon does not answer me. Perhaps he is already dead.
 Well, it's obvious because he is drained by the repetitive teleport magic. On the other hand, I have used an item to teleport, so I am not drained.
 The difference is the amount of magic energy left until the end. This difference decided the winner.
 "That was close. If it had been single combat, I would have given him credit for being one of the strongest enemies I've ever fought."
 "HAHA...I'm honored to be praised by you, honey..."
 Looks like he is still breathing. After all, Veinrune murmured weakly.
 "That was the best f*cking gig I've ever had... Ah, it was so fun..."
 "No, I didn't enjoy it at all. You were an assh*le to the end."
 "HAHA... so cold. But that kind of tsundere is also very... cute..."
 Veinrune's body turns into salt and crumbles down.
 His disintegrated body is blown away by the wind. There will be no resurrection.
 "Goshujin-sama...! We won, desu~no!"
 "Zenon-bocchama! Are you all right!?"
 I heard my companions' voices behind me.
 When I turned around, I found Rujanaga lying behind Urza, who was waving her spiked kanabō.
 As I get closer, I see that his head is crushed by Urza's kanabō a wound through the heart.
 Surely he is dead... but just in case, I decided to set the corpse on fire with magic to burn it.
 "You did a good job, I commend you."
 "Hehehe~, Goshujin-sama praised me, desu~no~"
 "I am honored, Zenon-bocchama."
 I pat Urza's and Levienna's heads in turn, and they both smile with delight and embrace me.
 Even though Rujanaga had been weakened by the great magic that interferes with astronomical phenomena, they have defeated him, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army without me.
 Both of them have really become strong. It is hard to believe that they would never have appeared in [DunBrave] in the first place.
 "It's our victoryyyyyy!"
 """"""Yey, yey, ohhhhhh!!"""""
 A battle cry can be heard in the distance.
 It seems that the Royal Army and the Revolutionary Army have won the battle against the forces under Rujanaga's command.
 This means that we have successfully rescued Ryuna and eliminated all the enemies, both bosses, and minnows.
 "Well, it looks like it's settled over there too... We've won completely."
 Looking up overhead, I see that the hole in space-time that had sealed the evil god has vanished.
 It seems that the total eclipse of the sun has already ended with the defeat of Rujanaga. The sun is gradually shining on the ground.
 "I never thought I would miss the sunlight so much... it has been a long eclipse, indeed..."
 "Goshujin-sama is more suited to night than day, desu~no. Bright places don't suit Goshujin-sama, desu~no."
 "Shut up. Leave me alone."
 I lightly pat Urza's head and bites the lingering memory of the long battle that has ended.
 Child abduction in the Slayers Kingdom.
 This led to an expedition to the Maafern Kingdom. Then began the battle to defeat Rujanaga, who had invaded the royal palace as a Guru.
 After that, I was separated from my companions due to an unexpected attack by sand bandits and a monster bird. But as a result, I met two women (heroines) named Shakuna and Ryuna.
 However, this is the beginning of an unexpected adventure. I attacked one of the most difficult dungeons in the game, 'Salomon's Tomb'.
 In the process, Haddis and his fellow priest-knights were mourned, and once Ryuna fell into the hands of the enemy... it was not a battle that could be praised.
 "And yet... we won."
 We may have lost but we won.
 Ryuna was rescued from being sacrificed as a Priestess, and Shakuna's heart was saved from being captured by the darkness.
 The evil god's resurrection was stopped, and we were able to defeat Rujanaga, the brain of the demon king's army, which should have been impossible to defeat at this stage of the war.
 This is a great achievement.
 I am sure that our companions who died on the way will praise us.
 I am sure that even Hadiss, that rugged and strict priest-knight, will say, "Well done!"
 "Anyway... it wasn't so bad in its own way. I enjoyed it."
 With a wry smile, I pull out my feather of Horus to pick up the two sisters who have taken refuge in the 'royal tombs'.

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