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Chapter 100 Hometown Story

 Main Character's POV

 "So... this is the town where Ceres-sama was born, huh?" said Mariane.
 "It's a very open town," said Frey
 "I didn't expect such a town to exist," said Cecilia.
 Neither did I?
 After all, it was still a village when I was growing up.
 Besides, nowadays people don't know if Jimna is a town (町) or a city (街).
 They say that Jimna is developed as a 'city (街)' now because of its commercial district.
 On the other hand, the number of houses and residential areas is increasing, so it can be called a 'town (町)'.
 Therefore, both 'Jimna-Cho (town/町)' and 'Jimna-gai (city/街)' is correct.
 However, due to its rapid growth, some people still call it 'Jimna village (ジムナ村)' or 'village (村)'.
 Even the mayor sometimes says 'Jimna village (ジムナ村)' or 'village (村)', so it can't be helped.
 "When I lived here, it was just an ordinary village, but it seems to have developed a lot."
 Today, I take a walk with Mariane, Cecilia, and Fray, as Shizuko and the others are very considerate.
 Well, Shizuko and the others are going to talk to Mayor Najim some more.
 "But it's amazing... There's the Fountain of Heroes in Ceres Square, Ceres Bridge, Ceres Square... and the statue of Ceres... so many things have the name Ceres-sama on them... " said Mariane.
 "It's really amazing... no one else has their name to be associated with a place like this," said Frey.
 "I really think so, it's a different kind of saint," said Cecilia.
 But I didn't do much.
 I just send money to the village...
 And Mayor Najim said to me...
 'It's time to stop sending money to the village... we've all been fattened up enough... we owe you so much that we won't be able to repay you for the rest of our lives.'
 That's what he told me.
 It seems that the Lord, the church, and even the country are now supporting this town.
 This means there is nothing left for me to do in this village, or rather town.
 Still, it makes me so sad.
 My name is everywhere but this is not the Jimna I know.
 "I didn't do much I just worked a little bit harder to send money."
 That's really all I did.
 "No, that's not true," said Mariane.
 "Yeah, yeah," said Frey.
 "Umm... you see, people are looking at you this way," said Cecilia.
 Well... the village may have changed, but it's still the same...
 "Ceres-kun, although it's hard to talk to you in the company of the princesses, would you like to have a drink with me this evening? Also, I brought a lot of rice balls that Ceres-kun suggested..." said Shuuto.
 "Uncle Shuuto!"
 "Hey, hey, if it's drinking you want, come to our guild's tavern and we'll drink and eat as much as you want," said Kaito.
 "I don't like to show my face but thank you for the care..." said Sector.
 "Uncle Kaito, Uncle Sector."
 "Ceres-sama, who are they?" said Mariane.
 "They seem very friendly..." said Frey.
 "Are they your relatives?" said Cecilia.
 Maybe I should say something...
 "They're my wife's ex-husband... well, they're like a best friend... and most of all, they are like a father to me."
 """Ceres (Ceres-kun)"""
 "It's pleasure to meet you, my name is Mariane, Ceres-sama's new wife."
 "I'm Frey... You should know me from the Adventurers' Guild."
 "I'm Cecilia as well, nice to meet you."
 The three uncles are embarrassed to be greeted by two princesses and a former saint, but...
 Aren't they forgetting that their sons and daughters are ex-saints too?
 Anyway, the atmosphere has changed completely... and there is no trace of the past...
 But I know a lot of people.
 I know that uncle, that aunt, everyone.
 Hey... isn't this the Jimna Village I know?
 It made me say...
 "I'm hooome!"
 """Welcome home, Ceres (Ceres-kun)."""
 After all, this is my hometown.

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