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Chapter 99 Mel's Return Home

 Mel's POV

 Mayor Najim told me that my father became a master of the Adventurers' Guild.
 But that rough father?
 Anyway, I need to go to the Adventurers' Guild.
 "Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild!"
 "Father... what do you do?"
 "Oh, if it isn't Mel? It's been a long time! How are you?"
 What's going on?
 My father was a little rough around the edges, but he wasn't this muscle-bound guy.
 He used to be a farmer, not an adventurer or a mercenary... but he looks like an adventurer to me now.
 "You look so different father, what happened to you?"
 "Well, when Ceres came back, I wanted to start an adventurer's guild to make things easier for him... and my wife told me to get in shape... and here I am now... a D adventurer... even though I'm not as good as you. But it's better than before."
 "Your wife?"
 Don't tell me, it's the girl my age standing right here beside me...?
 "Nice to meet you, my name's Eleanor... but I guess I'll be your stepmother?"
 "Is she... my stepmother?"
 "Well, I'm doing what I do and I'm married to a guild member, so I guess that makes her your stepmother."
 Wait... what's this? Ceres and my mother are all right... but a girl younger than his daughter... nope, seriously, that's just gross.
 I can't forgive lolicon... I mean, Eleanor-san, she looks a lot like me... we could be sisters...
 Somehow, I think I'm starting to get cold sores.
 "Nice to meet you, my name is Mel... please take care of me..."
 "My pleasure."
 But this guild is pretty big.
 It's quite spacious with a tavern attached.
 "Still, it's quite a big guild."
 "Well, I was fine with a small guild, but when I talked to the mayor and revitalized the town, the population suddenly grew... a small guild of fewer than 30 people is now this..."
 It's still pretty big though... this place.
 "Then, what did you do now?"
 "I'll explain... the mayor, who thought about our case, introduced a new system: 'For experts only if they promise to live in the village for 10 years, we'll give them 3 gold coins to buy a slave on the assumption that they'll marry them as a bride.'"
 "That means if someone is a veteran adventurer, he/she can get a slave as a wife if the slave will be exclusive to this village?"
 "Yes, of course, not only adventurers but also craftsmen and all other veterans are eligible... And if a person lives in this village (town) permanently, he/she will receive a newly built house... isn't that great? "
 That's great, but... why?
 "That's great, but won't the town lose money by doing something stupid like that?"
 "Well... the mayor talked to Ceres about it, and the mayor told me that he had been hearing about it from Ceres for a long time, that it would start out in the red... but that it would definitely make the village prosper... Ceres is amazing... It's actually going to be this good."
 I have no idea... although I'm a Sage, I've never heard of such a method.
 "That's great... indeed"
 But... perhaps that's why.
 Because every man and woman, every veteran can buy a slave for free...
 Maybe that's why so many of the couples in this town are lolicon or shotacon?
 "Right? Now that we have more young people, the town has grown so big."
 "That's true, it's really great."
 And my father, who used to be so violent, has become a real human being.
 He used to yell at me and my mother no matter how hard we tried, and he used to be stubborn and unaccepting... but now he's talking cheerfully to me as a Guildmaster
 But... it's frustrating...
 My father who couldn't be changed even by his own family... smiles this kind smile.
 "Well, you could take your time. I'm taking the rest of the day off."
 "I'm Ceres' vassal now. I'd better get back... And it's good to see you happy... Well then, take care of my father, Eleanor-san"
 "Yeah, I'll take care of him."
 After that, I left the guild.
 I can't stay in a house for too long... After all, it's more like a 'newlywed's house' than a family home.
 Besides, my father has become a much better person... but seeing him flirting with a wife who looks like me... it's disgusting to watch.
 Anyway, I shouldn't think about it, but... 'did my father look at me like that too?'
 I hope not, but I can't help but think about it.
 Really, I don't want to go there anymore.
 And... the town is full of lolicon and shotacon.
 It's a little... gross.

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