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Chapter 104 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Four - Slave and Food

 Zect's POV

 "Well, let's eat dinner, shall we?"
 The room's a mess, and she can't do the housework?
 Well, I don't blame her.
 "Uh... Okay."
 After all, Luna is like a child... she doesn't know anything.
 She's been living in a pig pen like a livestock... maybe less than a child.
 But is being different really such a persecution?
 Luna has translucent white skin, white hair, and red eyes.
 If her skin color were normal, she would be a beautiful girl.
 She looks fantastic like an elf, partly because she is skinny and scrawny.
 But she just has an unusual color... and that's why people don't like her.
 It is true that there are some types of demons whose appearance is close to that of human beings, but their body color is different... however, they are not white.
 'It's nothing to worry about.'
 I really think so...
 But why does this girl look so sad?
 "Hey, you looked so happy earlier... why do you look so sad? We're going to eat, you know? !"
 "I've only eaten once a day... and seeing you eat alone... it's hard..."
 "Luna... Do I look like the kind of guy who eats alone...? No, that's not true... So, listen to me, I'm going out to eat with you... and I'll order one for you... Let's go!"
 I'm different from Luna, who's been treated badly.
 Even if I told her that, Luna, who has been treated so badly in the past, wouldn't believe me easily. Still, I would convice her.
 "Does that mean I get a food too...? Is that what you're saying...?"
 "Yeah, that's what I mean."
 Finally, after all this, Luna thinks that she can eat too.
 "Uh... thank you."
 Though she still has her usual sullen expression on her face, I noticed that her mouth relaxed just a little and she seemed to smile.
 Just like when she was wearing clothes... she is surprisingly cute when she smiles.
* * *
 Until now, she hasn't eaten anything good...
 And thinking that I should give her a good meal at least for today, I chose a luxurious restaurant.
 It's not the kind of place where even the nobles go, but the kind of place where adventurers go to eat when they have a little bit of money.
 And normally, Luna would be happy to eat at the diner next to the Adventurers' Guild.
 Maybe it's just a pretense to come here.
 "Come on in, take a seat at any available table!"
 What's that look on those eyes? Well, whatever.
 "Come on, sit down."
 I pull out Luna's chair.
 "But I heard slaves are supposed to sit on the floor."
 Well, just because they're slaves doesn't mean they have to sit on the floor.
 It's just something vain people do on their own.
 "Just sit down and eat normally..."
 I called the waiter to order.
 "Hey, two mino steaks, with bread and soup."
 "Yes, please wait a minute."
 What's with that waiter attitude?
 Anyway, a mino steak is a 'minotaur' meat.
 The minotaur is more difficult to hunt than the orc, so it's a luxury food.
 "This is a set of minotaur steaks."
 After a while, a set of minotaur steaks was served.
 Luna's eyes light up at the steak in front of her.
 "Listen Luna, there is a rule when you eat in a place like this, so, you should eat while imitating me."
 "Okay... but the meat... it looks so delicious..."
 It seems that she has eaten meat before.
 "Listen, pierce it with this fork and cut it with the knife."
 "Hey, there's a monster eating..."
 "It's a slave because it's got a collar... but not a high-class slave like an elf or something."
 Good grief... If I were the old me, I would have jumped on him.
 But now I'll live with it.
 Luna doesn't care too.
 "Okay... so you're saying I should just copy you."
 Unexpectedly, she's very adept.
 She manages to imitate me even though she's not very good at it.
 And what she spills is charming.
 "What the hell! A monster is eating monster meat!"
 "It makes me really sick. It's ruining my meal!"
 But suddenly, Luna's hand stops at these words.
 "Am I... Am I not allowed to eat here...?"
 "Don't be stupid! I'm the one who pays for the food, so you're free to eat!"
 "Ah, yes... that's right..."
 Well... let's eat and get out of here before things get worse.
 "Still, can't you guys see how much pain you're causing?"
 "Boy, before I start beating the sh*t out of you get yourselves out of here and take that monster with you... Hahahahaha..."
 "No, I've got the money, and I'm not the only one with slaves... So, there's nothing wrong with that... Right, waiter?"
 There was a waiter nearby, so I called out to him.
 And if there's a problem in the restaurant, it's the restaurant's responsibility.
 So, I decide to involve the waiter.
 "Hey, waiter, we're saying it for you because you can't say it... and you think so, too, right?"
 "How about it, waiter...? There are other slaves, and you're only complaining about me?"
 "Don't listen to him? We'll protect you, so say it!"
 "I... I don't mind ordinary slaves, but having a monster is a nuisance..."
 So this is what those unpleasant eyes are all about.
 Well, there are quite a few adventurers in this restaurant... about 20 of them.
 All of them are acquaintances of this guy...
 "Really? You said that? Well, I'm an adventurer, so you can rest assured I won't hurt you..."
 'Adventurers don't touch civilians.'
 That's the rule.
 After all, adventurers are stronger than normal people.
 "Luna... you can keep eating... and what class are you guys? You must be really strong, huh?"
 "Understood... Munch, munch...!"
 How can she eat while trembling in this situation?
 "Hahahaha, I'm Zorba-sama the B class, and these guys are all B to D class veterans... so get out of here."
 Well... They're small fry.
 And there's a good word for it... 'Adventurers are responsible for their own troubles... including the cost of their lives.'
 In other words, what I do to these guys is no problem.
 "What if I say I won't leave?"
 "Do you want to fight me?"
 "That's not just for you, but for the rest of you, too."
 """""Ah, you're so annoying."""""
 "Well... you're pissing me off too. So, if you guys start picking at me, I'm gonna pull out my sword."
 "If you pull it out, I'll kill you half."
 "Really? Then, I'll give you a handicap, you all could pull out your swords first. It's all you versus one of me."
 "You're a stupid son of a b*tch... You're gonna get your ass kicked with that monster."
 No, they're the ones who are stupid.
 "So? Let's go."
 I drew my sword and rushed among the adventurers.
 "What the hell did you do...? You're quick, but you can't do anything!"
 "Maybe this guy got scared and tried to run away with the slaves... Still, he's quick even though he's a rookie."
 Well, I'm young. It's not surprising if I'm a rookie.
 "I suggest you all clutch your stomachs now... if you don't want to die."
 "What's wrong with my stomach...? No way... Ahhh, what's this blood... my stomach's been cut..."
 For the note, this is Lida's technique, not mine.
 It's a clean slice to the stomach... that's all.
 But if they don't clutch their stomach, the wound will widen and they'll be gutted.
 On the other hand, if they want to heal, they can easily do so with heals and potions.
 It is a good technique for interrogation.
 "I've slit all of your stomachs, if you don't want to die from being gutted, hold your stomachs tight because you'll die from being beaten by you call boy before."
 "Ahhhhh, my stomach, my stomach... Who the hell are you?"
 "Why are you doing this to me?"
 "Don't you know my name? My name is Zect! So you still want to do this?"
 "Z-Zect? That S-class adventurer and former Hero (Yuusha)..."
 "Ahhh... I'm sorry... I don't want any trouble with you."
 "Then, the other guys don't have a problem with it anymore, right?"
 Well, no one complained anymore.
 "Then, we're square."
 I took 20 potions out of the bag and put them on the table.
 "There... you can use them."
 Everyone who received the potions immediately sprinkled them on their stomachs and quickly ran away.
* * *
 "Luna, what do you think? Did you enjoy the mino-steak?"
 "It was very good."
 She even licked the plate.
 "Then you can have the rest of mine."
 "Can I?"
 "Eat it."
 "Thank you."
 After all that noise... the owner's here, too.
 I asked the waiter to order on purpose.
 "I'll have an ale and a fried white meat chicken."
 "Eeek... Yes, sir, right away."
 "And to the owner... you are a civilian so I won't touch you, but I can touch 'adventurers', and if they make us uncomfortable again, I'll have a fight with every adventurer who tries to enter in front of this restaurant... Remember... this is 'legal'..."
 Perhaps Ceres would say something like this.
 "This incident was our fault, and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again, so please forgive us."
 "I accept your apology."
 Well, this is another lie... the owner has been looking at me since we first started quarreling.
 Perhaps if I had lost he would have just stood by and watched me get beat up.
 Anyway, I shared the meat of the white chicken meat with Luna for now.
 "Hey, this is delicious, too."
 "Good for you."
 Still, she really looks like she's enjoying her meal.
 And thinking it again, it's been a long time since I had dinner with someone.
 Surprisingly... this is not so bad.

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