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Chapter 180 Cleanup and Tropical Night

 The Guru Rudanaga, the supreme leader of the temple, rebelled and tried to sacrifice Priestess Ryuna to the evil gods.
 But Princess Shakuna was the first to realize this and rescued Ryuna, and Rudanaga was defeated by the knights led by the king and a brave group of 'vigilantes'.
 All the people who had been controlled by Rudanaga's magic have come to their senses, and those who had willingly followed him have been captured.
 And so, it seemed that all was settled... but the world is not so sweet that everything can be settled in one piece.
 It takes much longer to deal with the aftermath of a war than a war.
 After all, rebuilding a country that had been played at will by Rudanaga will take a long time.
 In addition, the responsibility of the king and the nobles will not be small.
 Though they were manipulated by magic, they imposed heavy taxes to the extent that the people starved and punished those who defied them without mercy.
 Not a few people lost their lives due to the oppressive regime. So, it is natural for their friends and families to turn their hatred toward the king.
 The king himself also took his responsibility very seriously.
 He was manipulated and helped to kill his daughter. The king, who loved his daughter as much as anyone else, was extremely disappointed at his own foolishness.
 So, after days of discussions, the king decided to give up his throne.
 And princess Shakuna Maafern was chosen as the new ruler, who had done a great deal of work in putting the situation under control.
* * *
 "The accession of the king and the establishment of the parliament... what a bold move!"
 The center of the spacious room.
 As I relax on the fluffy carpet, I murmur, half in admiration and half in dismay.
 Two weeks have passed since the defeat of Rujanaga.
 I was still in the Maafern Kingdom and had been invited to the royal palace as a guest of honor.
 I was given a room in the royal palace, served with rich food and drinks, and forced to live a luxurious life as if I were a drunkard.
 I should clarify for the record that I did not ask for this treatment.
 After all, to all appearances, Shakuna and the king are responsible for the defeat of the Guru, but I am also counted as one of the contributors.
 After all, I, a nobleman of the neighboring Slayers Kingdom, saved a nation from extinction. It's obvious it cannot end with a "well done".
 So, I was treated as a guest of honor with the highest honor until the official award is decided.
 "Oh, wasn't it Baskerville-sama's idea to set up the parliament? Is it such a surprise?"
 Ryuna, who was pouring drinks into a silver cup, tilted her head curiously.
 She is a princess and a Priestess. She is one of the five most powerful people in this country, but she has taken it upon herself to be my hostess, and today she was preparing the meal as a feast.
 She was so skillful that I almost forgot that she was blind, as she poured the sake and served the dishes on the plate.
 By the way, only Ryuna and I were present at the dinner table.
 Shakuna has royal duties, and Urza, Levienna, and the newly joined 'other companion' are also absent for some reason.
 "Well, if there is no solution, I won't be able to return to my country anytime soon. But... I didn't think a parliamentary system could be implemented in such a short time. Normally, it would have taken more trouble."
 It was quickly decided that the ruler would take responsibility and abdicate, but there were objections to Shakuna's accession as the new ruler.
 Some were concerned about a woman becoming king... but some argued that the monarchy itself should be abolished before that.
 It was the members of the revolutionary army who advocated the abolition of the monarchy. They used the voice they had gained by helping to defeat the Guru and advocated the dismantling of the royal family with all their might.
 'If a small privileged class is in power, the same thing will happen again. So let the people, not the king, run the country! '
 This argument of the revolutionary army was supported by some wealthy merchants, mercenaries, and priests, and was not ignored by the royal family and aristocrats.
 It would be easy to suppress them by force, but Shakuna shook her head.
 She was unwilling to expose her country to the flames of war after having overcome the evil intentions of the Guru and won peace.
 And so, the discussion was heated with conflict... But, finally, seeing the situation, I proposed the introduction of a parliamentary system, which settled the issue.
 The royal family will continue to reign, but the power of the royal family and the nobility will be limited by establishing a parliament of influential people as a legislative body.
 This was the birth of the first introduction of parliamentary government in this world of absolute monarchy.
 "In a monarchy, everything collapses if the king goes out of control. However, people in this country are not interested in politics enough to adopt democracy. So, while the king continues to reign, a small group of intellectuals in the parliament saves the king from going out of control. This is a good solution."
 The parliament of influential people existed in the Middle Ages in Europe.
 This country could somehow accept it.
 "And so, if there was an agreement, there's no reason for me to stay in this country. After all, once I get my reward, I'll get the hell out of here."
 "...So you are leaving, after all, Baskerville-sama..."
 Ryuna says sadly.
 She does not hide her affection for me, but she also has a role as a princess and a Priestess. So, she cannot follow me to the Slayers Kingdom.
 But I also had something I couldn't give up.
 Even though I killed Rujanaga, there are still two of the Four Heavenly Kings left. And the Demon King is still alive and well.
 Besides, I had my duty as a Baskerville's Demon Dog and I couldn't stay in the Maafern Kingdom.
 "It's not like this is goodbye for now. I'll come to visit you when I have time."
 "Please come and visit me when you have time, I'll be waiting for you."
 Ryuna gently pulls her body close to mine.
 The soft touch of her breasts against my chest and the sweet smell that tickles my nostrils, making me startle, and the sake spills from the silver cup. But Ryuna still leans her weight on me without worrying about it.
 "Hey... Ryuna, you're too close..."
 "Isn't it good...? After all, our parting day is near?"
 "But that doesn't mean... Nggh!?"
 Ryuna takes off the cape she has been wearing.
 She takes off the cape before I can stop her...or maybe I couldn't stop her at all.
 And underneath the cape is bikini-like underwear. It is colored light blue and has an exotic design with gold thread ornaments sewn into it.
 Of course, the sensational underwear catches my eye and makes me gulp.
 "I've always wanted to do this... even Baskerville-sama knew what I mean, didn't he?"
 "Well, it's..."
 "Fufufu... you're surprisingly shy, aren't you? And don't you want to humiliate me when a woman has gone to such lengths?"
 When she said this much, I couldn't stand it any longer.
 I grabbed Ryuna's shoulders and tried to push her down on the carpet... But, at that moment, the door to the room was opened with a bang.
 "That's enough! Both of you!"
 As if timing it right, the person who jumps in is the one I've been waiting for. It is Shakuna Maafern, the big sister who loves Ryuna very much.
 Shakuna's arrival at this point was expected, or rather, the usual development.
 But what was unexpected was that even Shakuna was wearing underwear just like Ryuna.
 "...What the hell are you wearing? Did you run down the hallway dressed like that?"
 "Of course not! I took off my clothes in front of the room!"
 "So what!? Why do you need to be in that underwear?"
 "That's... Ah, gosh! Ryuna! Didn't I tell you to wait until your big sister came?"
 "I'm sorry, Onee-sama."
 Ryuna stuck her tongue out at her sister who scolded her.
 More importantly, did Ryuna know that Shakuna was coming?
 "Yes. We were talking about having Baskerville-sama embrace us as a thank you for saving this country."
 "D-Don't get me wrong! I'm just trying to ease your burden. I don't care about you!"
 "I see... If I can have the bodies of the princess sisters, it's a reward equal to a whole country!"
 I shouted like a desperate man.
 The Maafern sisters were all exposing their brown-skinned bodies to the fullest.
 Their exquisite, fragrant bodies were certainly a reward enough for saving a country. It would be worth much more than gold or territory.
 "I also asked Levienna-san and the others to move to another room because we wanted you for tonight."
 "So, that's why they didn't show their faces... Well, if they're here, they'll make an extra fuss about it."
 Both Urza and Levienna seemed to be very considerate.
 They left the two of us alone at least for the first time, or maybe just the three of us.
 "Well, boil us, bake us, whatever you want! So, let's get this over with!"
 "Fufufu, please eat my body too... And do you know what I'm talking about? It's called a 'sister bowl (Shimaidon)'."
 "Well, you're not wrong... but I don't know where you learned that word."
 Now, Shakuna and Ryuna lay side by side on the carpet.
 The most beautiful women are lying side by side, inviting me to "eat," they say.
 But I didn't think I'd ever actually encounter such a thing as a "sister bowl (Shimaidon)," but I was ready for it and covered both of them with my body.
 And so, the night in the desert, which is usually much colder than the daytime, turned out to be surprisingly hot that day.

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