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Chapter 106 Be a Hero (Yuusha)! Be like Zect!

 Main Character's POV

 "Ceres-kun, lately you've been playing with Lida a lot."
 "Hmm~, yeah, Ceres has been close with Lida since she was little... but aren't you giving her a little too much attention?"
 Somehow, their eyes are scary, Shizuko's eyes are narrow and Haruka looks like she's going to slap me if I talk back to her.
 "Shizuko-san, Nee-san... Lida is my best friend... you know that, right?"
 "I know that, but every day you complain about it, don't you?"
 "Ceres, we're still newlyweds... you should leave her alone a little bit"
 "I know Ceres-san is kind and Lida is your best friend... but which is more important, your best friend or your wife?"
 "Ceres-chan... friendship may be important, but Lida is also a vassal... it's hard to make up for the fact that Ceres-chan, the master of Ceres-chan, is only playing with one vassal. ..."
 "Shizuko-san, Nee-san, Sayo-san, Misaki-san... I'm sorry."
 I looked at Lida, but she put down her fishing rod and ran away.
 How she runs away so fast in such a situation...? It's not fair that she uses her sword saint's speed to escape.
 Aren't vassals supposed to protect their masters?
 Well, there are still two vassals Maria, and Mel.
 I looked at them, remembering our old party days.
 And they both looked at me.
 Now... if it's this way...
 "You're right, Mama... we're on the same side of the family and Ceres always hangs out with Lida, never with me or Mel..."
 "That's right... he's always with Lida. Isn't he terrible!"
 Why it's like I have two more enemies.
 Fortunately, Mariane and the other two are out.
 Still, there are six of them... I'll have to settle this before they get back.
 "Ceres-kun, it's okay to apologize... but what are you going to do now?"
 "Yeah, yeah, that's what I want to know, Ceres!"
 "Ceres-san, what are you going to do now? If you apologized, then you must feel bad about it, right?"
 "Then, if you feel bad, you should not only apologize but also make amends, Ceres-chan!"
 Well, their mother mode in this situation is cute but a little scary.
 And this is when I've come up with 'The Orcman Way of Love... (1)'.
 ※ This is a story before Orcman became a vassal, so he's speaking casually.
 "Listen Ceres, if you have any trouble with your wives, suggest that you share a bedroom with them."
 "Why? Is there something wrong with that?"
 "Well, most guys with a lot of wives make the mistake of making them feel lonely... that's why it's necessary to sleep together... After all, for women, it means a lot more time spent together... And it's quite effective."
 (End of flashback)
 "Well, it's true that I haven't spent much time with you all lately... And for me, I love you all so much so I should have shown it to you... But I'm sorry... I'm really sorry... So, I'll think about it now and I think it's not good that we don't spend much time together... So, from now on I'm going to sleep with all of you, my wives... what do you think?"
 "Ceres-kun, what does that mean?"
 "Yeah, Ceres, what do you mean?"
 "You know, we've been sleeping separately, but why don't we put all the beds together and sleep as a couple? That way we can spend more time together and talk until we fall asleep... What do you think?"
 "Ceres-kun... that might be a good idea."
 "That's very thoughtful of you, Ceres... It's good, it's good."
 "Ceres-san... that's good."
 "Ceres-chan, that sounds fun."
 "I like it too."
 "Yes, I think it's good."
 Good job, Orcman, I'll have to thank you when I get to Kohane.
 "I'm happy to do it, but Maria and Mel are not my wives, so they'll have to stay in separate rooms, and instead, I'll go shopping with them, so please forgive me."
 Hmm? Why are they so disappointed?
 "Well... okay."
 "I-I see. I have a lot of things I want too. So, please, buy them for me."
 "I understand, I can afford to splurge a little."
 "Then, if it is like this, let's all go shopping together, Ceres-san."
 "Mama, don't be so childish."
 "That's right! After all, Misaki-san and Mother spend every night in bed together with him. But if it like this..."
 "Mel-san... Do you enjoy disturbing your newlywed mother? Your mother will be furious..."
 "Mother, I-I know, it's definitely more fun with everyone else."
 "Good girl."
 It's not very mature... but I think Misaki-san is cute in this way.
* * *
 However, the door suddenly opens.
 "Huff, huff, something terrible has happened, Ceres-sama."
 "Something terrible... Huff, huff... has happened, Ceres-sama."
 Frey and Mariane returned breathlessly.
 It was unusual to see the two princesses running back home.
 Mariane, in particular, does not usually run.
 "What's the matter with you, you're gasping for breath..."
 "Ceres-sama, former Hero (Yuusha) Zect has invaded my castle."
 That Zect guy, did he lose his mind?
 "The castle is half destroyed, and the empire is badly damaged."
 "Did anyone die?"
 "Strangely enough, no one died."
 Then Zect wasn't so crazy.
 "Then, Zect probably didn't do anything wrong... maybe the empire did?"
 "Ceres-sama... the castle is half destroyed!"
 "Calm down, Frey... You used to be a sword saint, you know that, don't you? If Hero (Yuusha) is serious about fighting, there will probably be a thousand to ten thousand casualties, if not all of them... if not, Zect must have taken it easy on them."
 I'm a yellow dragon, so I'm different, but the only way to stop the four main jobs is through sheer force of numbers.
 Even a saint, who is probably the least powerful fighter, can destroy a knight.
 So, the fact that he managed to do it without even a single casualty shows that he took it easy on the knights.
 "But the castle is half destroyed and the knights are injured... don't you think that's a bit much?"
 Well, Frey isn't a childhood friend... So, she doesn't know about Zect.
 "Listen, Frey. You know Zect is a womanizer, and he's not a good guy, right?"
 "Yeah. I knew it."
 "But he's still Hero (Yuusha)... a man of justice! He's a friend of justice! He wouldn't do that without a reason."
 "Well, my son is even more stupid and half-witted, but he's not that bad, at best he's a little thug."
 "Well, Zect is afraid of Shizuko, so he won't do anything 'really bad'."
 "Zect-san, he has a bad character, but he doesn't do anything really bad."
 "That's true. Zect-chan wouldn't do such a bad thing without reason."
 Though, he's got a really unlikable side to him.
 But... he's a Hero (Yuusha) at heart.
 He's reckless, but he fought the dragon hordes, and he even fought Mammon, though he lost.
 And because of that... I can trust him.
 "Well, he's still a Hero (Yuusha) too."
 "Of course, I know it."
 After all, we've known each other since we were kids.
 "So, what happened? If Zect had fought, the result would have been known by now..."
 "You see, the emperor, my father, apologized and issued a decree saying that anyone who disgraced the S-class adventurer Zect and his slaves would spend a year in jail."
 What does she mean by that?
 "Is the slave a woman?"
 "Apparently so."
 "Then, there is the document that contains the history of the slave, right...? can you show it to me?"
 I looked at the book and understood everything.
 Shizuko and Maria were also looking in.
 "Ara ara, that's just like him."
 "Yes, yes, it's just like Zect."
 "I guess it can't be helped now, can it?"
 "It's indeed like Zect-chan..."
 Now, Frey is looking at us like we're crazy.
 Mariane does the same.
 "Well, he did it for the slave girl... that's all."
 "But to destroy half the castle for one person is too much."
 "Is that so? Then it's the same for me... if I had to do the same to one of my friends here I might do the same... so he's not wrong."
 "So you're saying that Ceres-sama would do the same thing like Zect if I was in trouble... that's what you're saying...? Then it's not Zect's fault."
 "Mariane, even you."
 "Then I ask you, Frey if Ceres-sama was in trouble, would you not draw your sword?"
 "I'll pull out my sword, sure... Hahaha... Well, I might do the same..."
 "Then you can't blame Zect."
 "I can't help it... I understand... Well, in the empire, the strong man is the man... I shouldn't complain even if it's my own people..."
 "I'm glad you agree."
 Anyway, Zect is living life as Zect...
 And I'm glad to hear he's doing well... keep up the good work!

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